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Diamonds are Women’s best friend. That’s what people say. To tell the truth, I admire Diamond Jewelery but were never a fan of it. I like things like gold, crystals more.

Yet, the Diamonds from Hearts On Fire which are exclusively available at Tian Po have stolen my heart. You might ask why? Ain’t most diamonds the same from the shop display?

I’ve seen many diamonds jewelery back in my retail days when I’m working at a jewelery store myself. Plus I work in a department store and I’ve seen many diamonds from many brands but none caught my breathe like the ones from Hearts on Fire.

I’m pretty sure that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me when I find the diamonds from Hearts On Fire shine more brilliantly than the usual diamonds. We all know that diamonds have different cuts and grades and some does not shine as much. But every single piece of Hearts On Fire diamonds were shining equally brilliantly.

Why is this so? It’s because Hearts On Fire diamonds are the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. Each diamond is cut with precision and so well polished that it just shines more brilliantly than others. Also, Hearts On Fire only uses the finest raw diamonds to craft out the best. And you need too know that less than 1 percent of diamonds in the world make the cut for Hearts On Fire.

I had the privilege to be shown the raw diamonds that Hearts On Fire uses, in the shape of a prism or better know as the Diamond shape. Raw diamonds in this shape are usually kept unearthed longer then others. Which is why there’s time for this shape to be formed eventually before it is dug up by humans.

Diamond in it’s best cut, the round cut. Crafted from it’s original diamond shape.

To simplify things, at Hearts On Fire, you will find the finest, and most perfectly cut Diamonds.

The Master Diamond Cutter at Hearts On Fire, Brian McHardy is as his title suggests, the master of the trade. With more then thirty years of experience and being on board with Hearts on Fire since 1999, the diamonds crafted out by his and his team is bound to be the finest.

The Master showing us the process of polishing a diamond. If I did not remember wrongly, it takes around 60 days or more to cut a diamond to it’s perfect cut.

It was definitely an honor for me to be able to meet the Master behind Diamond cutting in person.

Moving on, it’s time to talk about the Illa Collection designed by Ilaria Lanzoni, the Director of Design from Hearts On Fire. Illa collection was born from her love of the night sky of the northern Italy. Her love for the night sky have made wearing a piece of the sky on us, possible. What’s the most brilliant thing about the night sky? Stars and more shining stars of course. We can all wear a brilliant star now with the Illa Collection.

I remembered lying on the grass in Pula Ubin during camp about 9 years ago, admiring the starry night sky which is rare on mainland after a long day. It was such a beautiful sight that it’s almost impossible for me to forget. I’ve always love stars for the fact that they shine on their own light. Wearing the Illa Constellation bracelet below, is just like wearing a piece of the sky from that very night. It’s beauty cannot be described in words. 

I remembered a yacht captain telling me that the stars are always in the sky. However, the street lights prevented us from seeing the night sky in it’s full starry glory. That’s why when we are out in the sea with minimal light from the surroundings, we are able to see the awesome starry sky filled with stars. 

The Illa collection and all other Hearts On Fire diamonds are able to shine more brilliantly in dim light, just like the stars up in the sky.
One of my favorite piece from the Illa collection is the Illa Right Hand Ring as seen below.
It’s designed in a way that it wraps around your finger and covers another.


Wearing this on the hand would instantly capture the attention of others. I also like that it has an edgy feel to it that you can be both elegant yet edgy while wearing it.

I paired the Illa Right Hang Ring together with a Single Row Prong Set Diamond Bracelet worn on the same hand. This is because I want the attention to be on one place only. I only chose two pieces as less is also more. Plus I believe the Illa Right Hand Ring is brilliant enough and  the whole look is enhanced with the Diamond Bracelet.


As the Illa Right Hand Ring is already of an intricate design, it’s best paired up with something simple. I think this combination is best for a party or dinner when I want to stand out from the crowd. A simple action like putting my hair behind my ears would definitely capture the attention of those talking to me.


Do you like how I paired the Illa Right Hand right and the Single Row Diamond Bracelet together?


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