Onboard the Joyride! To Joyville!

One fine Saturday afternoon…

This bus came along and me with a group of bloggers decided to go on it.

Hmmm, where is this weird guy bring us to?

Oh hey! We have this sweet lady handing out chocolates to us!

A ticket to Joyville and a bar of Marvelous Creations from Cadbury! This is getting really exciting!

Reached our destination and our humorous bus hosts posed for us for some photos of the Joyrider!

In we enter to a magical afternoon of Joy in Joyville!

3 new flavors of the Marvelous Creations Chocolate bars means 3 ambassadors! We have LadyIronChef representing the Jelly Crunchie Bits, Beatrice representing the Jelly Popping Candy Beanies and Maureen representing the Peanut Toffee Cookie.

Hitting the pack each to reveal many bars of chocolates!

I was looking at them searching through the many chocolate bars. Wanted to join them but ended up eye power-ing as I was in tight jeans and tall heels which made it difficult for me to squeeze in.

This was the special chocolate bar they were searching for and there were 3 of these. But apparently there was only two in the pile somehow. So Kelvin, PR for Cadbury found the third bar and wanted to throw it in the pile for grabs. Remember I was near the pile but was just standing there? So I somehow managed to catch the bar of chocolate before it landed in the pile. 😛 Lucky lucky~

Magician in the house! We have Huron Low who performed some pretty mind blowing tricks that day. How did he managed to switched the place of a piece of card that is personalized with a piece of chocolate in a sealed pack. I’ve no idea.

The star of the day! The Marvelous Creations Chocolate bars!! Available in 3 flavors but for the small bars, it’s only available in Jelly Popping Candy and Beanies and Jelly & Crunchie Bits. The Peanut Toffee Cookie one is only available in the big bars. I personally love the Jelly & Crunchie Bits one after eating a few bars.

Here’s Mint munching on a Jelly Popping Candy and Beanies Bar! Look at the chocolate bar, each piece is of a different shape!

Then it’s photo taking time! What’s an event without cam-whoring! 😛 Here’s a photo with the funny bus host who tried to charge us for the bus ride all in good humor.

And a photo with the pretty balloons and almost empty chocolate stand which was swept away by us blogger. 😛

Loads of photos were taken at a photo booth by Hello Stranger. But instead of spamming you with the photos we took, here’s a shot of the hard copies with the chocolates!! XD

Do you want to have a ride on the Joyrider? You can! Simply spend $20 on Cadbury chocolates and you get to charter the Joyrider for an hour! How cool is that? The bus is really fun!! Log on to Joyrider.Sg for more information!

Don’t forget to also check out Cadbury’s FB page for more updates on Joyville!

Writing this post reminds me that I need to go try that bar of Peanut Toffee Cookie!


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