Review: Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water

Are you a user of facial mists?

If you’re, you would know that there’s many different variants out there for us to choose from!
Which do we use then?

As a regular user of facial mists, I have tried several brands and I decided that the spring water ones are better for my sensitive skin. However, I realized that over the time my skin got used to the mist and it’s not working its magic anymore.

Hence, I’m glad to receive the market’s latest Bio Spring Water for review.


One thing that I’ve noticed about this mist that is different is that this can be used on the hair too!!
It promises to deliver 20 good results for the skin, hair and body. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and even babies can use it!


I tried it for the first time after a long day out in the sun, and I was pleasantly surprised. I am one who gets burnt easily and my skin turns red easily be it the body or skin. At first spray, it instantly soothes the burnt skin and I noticed that the redness subside after awhile.

Having super sensitive skin, I love how this mist soothes my skin. I’ve reacted to some mists before and I’m super glad this doesn’t cause my skin trouble.

Having super dry legs, the skin there tends to scab and itch and this mist managed to calm and sooth the itch. To be honest, I’m really pretty amazed by this all in one mist!

This product is worthy of a 4.5/5 rating!!

Here’s a chance to try it out for yourself!! Simply tweet me @forest330 saying that you want to try out the Miracle Bio Spring Water! I’ve 3 samples of this miracle mist to give out!! Fastest fingers first!!!

Please note that this giveaway is open to Singaporeans only!


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