Sentosa Spooktacular 2012: Get spooked at Fort Siloso

It’s the Halloween season again and it’s time for Sentosa Spooktacular once more! I’ve always been wanting to visit Sentosa for Spooktacular and I’ve finally got the chance! Thanks OMY.SG!
Though, I did not know for sure whether it’s good or not. Haha. I’m those 怕死还要玩 type of person. I am very sure I would be scared till death at the event but I still die die want to go. But hey, I’m survived it, which is why I’m here typing this post. 😛

Brought along Weijie, my dear Sista to be my Human Shield. Good choice cause he 不怕死, bad choice as he like to chiong. Lol.

Take heed of the warning. Lucky for us, the 11 of us that stick together all made it back alive. 😛

The poor dude died there waiting. Look at how YingZi is laughing happily but not for long.

Trying to act like I’m scared while making my way to take the Ghost Rider to Fort Siloso. I did not have to act, cause I was pretty much screaming away the moment I stepped into Fort Siloso. Haha.

After reaching taking the train to Beach Station, there’s the Ghost Rider waiting to pick up and and bring us to Fort Siloso. But beware, there might be something else catching the bus with you too…

This year at Spooktacular, prepare yourselves to brave through 5 Horror Trails at Fort SIloso. They are Ouija Board (碟仙), Camp Berhantu (冤鬼聚集营), Deadly Doll Studio (死亡娃娃工作室), The Land of Lost Souls (幽魂地带) and The Last Sequel (最后续集). If you do not have the guts, you can choose to skip the trails and just roam around Fort Siloso, though I do not think that it’s safer.

Do you know that Fort Siloso have never been opened to the public at night before? It have closed at 6 pm and for the first time, it’s going to be open at night to you. How’s Fort Siloso at night? I’ve bet you never seen it before right? I’ve heard and met some 200 ‘residents’ that roam around Fort Siloso at night. They are pretty friendly and would love to meet you all.

The long road up to the trails at Fort Siloso is not a quiet and peaceful walk at all. There’s many friendly residents there, too friendly I would say.

Here’s me, WeiJie and Ying Zi~ Taken after meeting some of the residents, before the trails.

Some of the tombs around. I’m pretty sure I met some of the owners. Hmmm…..

I found this beside a stall selling drinks… So I’m not sure what happened to it? Maybe one of the ingredients of the drinks? Anyways, drink at your own safety.

Do you remember YingZi smiling happily earlier? She met someone who seems to love her that she was being followed everywhere. And getting screamed on for several times too.

三缺一, want to join them for Mahjong?

Welcome to Sawadee Airlines…
Taken at The Land of Lost Souls, one of the horror trails and one of the good ones I must say.

I actually never did read this poster at the trail but I was telling myself I need to take some photos while hiding my face behind Weijie’s back. I gave up taking photos at the trails, trying to prevent myself from getting a heart attack. But now that I’ve read this poster, I fully understand the encounter right after. It’s one humor part out of the horror.

After surviving all 5 trails, we slowly made our way back out of Fort Siloso, taking the same long route. This time, I’ve already been scared until sian already. So can happily go take photos with the friendly residents. That was a smile which I forced, I’m actually thinking there better not be anything coming from the back.

This guy! He managed to scare the hell out of me when I first make my way up to the Fort. That’s why I die die must take a photo with him before I leave the place. I think he scared me at least 3 times. Damn.

That’s Weijie acting shocked when he’ve been laughing throughout the whole night!

Eh? Long lost brothers?

Something coming out from the smoke. And she does not belong to Fort Siloso, she lives at Bedok Reservoir…..

A group photo with some of the more friendly residents. Haha, look at Smith~

Sentosa Spooktacular was pretty awesome. Come play if you dare. I survived it, can you?

Fort Siloso will be open on the 19,20, 26 to 28 nights for you all, to visit. Over 200 friendly residents are waiting for you there, some might like you too much that they don’t want you to leave… Visit at your own risk. You don’t want to be stranded at the Land of Lost Souls nor become a doll. Or do you?

Standard tickets are at $48, Islander card holders are entitled to 15% off! I would highly recommend you to get the fast pass to speed up your death. Ops, I mean make your experience more enjoyable. I mean you don’t want to be queuing for like 1 whole hour to meet your doom right? 😛

More information can be found at .

Do say hi to that yellow face dude in tiger prints who scared me for like 3 times ok? But to be honest, he’s nothing compared to those at the trails. But if you’re lucky, you might catch some of the residents dancing to the most hit song recently. Did I mention Oppa, Zombie style? Or was it Jiang Shi style? Hmmm, I’m pretty sure I met a Jiang Shi when I came out of the Doll Studio in one piece.

Get Spooked at Sentosa Spookacular~ I’ve survived it, can you? Or will you?


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5 Responses to Sentosa Spooktacular 2012: Get spooked at Fort Siloso

  1. Elrica October 16, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    That day was really hell of fun!

    • forensia October 17, 2012 at 10:47 am #

      Haha! Indeed! And sorry that you have to bear with my screams! 😛


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