Hello Kitty in McDonalds’ Land!


Look what I’ve in my hands! It been 12 years and now once again, Hello Kitty is back to McDonalds’ Land for a visit!

Look what they are wearing! Cosplaying as the main characters of McDonalds! In place of Ronald, Birdie, Hamburglar and Grimace, it’s Hello Kitty!!

Looking smart in their suits! And they are of such adorable sizes! Kitty-Burglar will look better with a mask though. But still mad cute nonetheless!

Just slightly taller than the new refreshing smoothies in McDonalds’ Land~ Grimace Kitty can transform! Let me show you…

Tadah! Grimace Kitty can be Super/Captain/Avenger Kitty with the cap down which will looks like a cape. 😛 I’m have a little Kitty Ribbon on me too. 😛

Not only me, everyone else are sold loving Kitty! Guys included too!!

I’m not in the frame but I can has Kitty! 😛

Kitties posing at the back. So I took a self shot and caught them all. Yes, it’s a self shot. 😛 And I do not own a swivel screen camera. 😛

I want them all!!!

Hamburglar Kitty will be roaming around from 17th May to the 23rd May! Catch her before she’s gone!

Grimace Kitty will come out to play on the 24th May and will go back to maybe sanrioland after the 30th May so go find her before that too!

Birdie Kitty will land on the 31st May and will fly off after the 6th of June! Don’t miss her!

Ronald Kitty will be out looking for children to play~ Visit her at Mcdonalds’ Land and invite her home from 7th June onwards and she will not be accepting any invites after the 13th of June!

Ops, forget to mention that you do have to pay a small price of $3.60 after buying an Extra Value Meal to get the kitties. You can also purchase Kitty at $9 each without the meals. But I will say, treat your friend a EVM and get yourself the Kitty if you’re on diet. 😛

Be sure to get your hands on Hello Kitty while they’re in McDonalds’ Land! XD

Joyce.Kitty.Forensia <3


3 Responses to Hello Kitty in McDonalds’ Land!

  1. Gerrard June 4, 2012 at 5:34 pm #


    I missed the sale of Birdie X Hello Kitty and it was sold out after I return from business travel.[My wife’s gonna kill me]
    Please email me at myrs306@yahoo.com if you are willing to sell yours. Thank you.

    • forensia June 5, 2012 at 1:46 am #

      I’m so sry, but I only have one birdie. perhaps you can ask around?

  2. kester June 7, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    Hi I have an extra Birdie for sales but its not going to be cheap…contact me at 91077136 to discuss

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