Mcdonalds’ Real Fruit Smoothies

I’m pretty sure many of you have seen these Real Fruit Smoothies when you’re queuing your Mcds Meals! These smoothies are blended using fresh fruits and yoghurt! Available in two flavours, Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Banana!

These icy, refreshing smoothies are great for the Hot Singapore weather! These smoothies will be permanent and is available in 2 different sizes at $3.45 and $3.95.

I was having the Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Angie had the Mango Pineapple one. I took a sip of the Mango one too so I got a taste of both! 😛 In fact, I was secretly wondering why nobody mixed Strawberry and Mango together?! I love these 2 fruits, on their on though. Haven tried them mixed before. 😛

I like how the smoothie is not too sweet(even Birdie Kitty likes it!), some drinks out there are like super sweet cause of the sugar added! But fret not, Mcdonalds use fresh fruits here! I feel that the banana taste is more prominent but I like it that way as it balance out the sour taste that all strawberries have. The Mango one is a tad sour to me as both pineapple and mango have sour taste but it’s quite refreshing though.

I enjoyed the smoothie and it’s a nice choice to have in Singapore weather. Plus points that it’s healthier since it’s made from fresh fruits! 😛

Thanks to OMY.SG and Mcdonalds for the Hello Kitty and smoothies!



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