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Bsoul Facial Treatment Final Update

Bsoul Facial Program Review Hi everyone! I’ve since ended my 10 sessions of the Bsoul Facial Treatment Program kindly sponsored by Hygeia. So it’s time for a review of the whole program. First, let’s look through the before and after photos of the 9th and 10th sessions. Before Photo – Bsoul Facial Treatment 9th Session […]

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Bsoul Facial Treatment Update 4

I’m back with another update for my Bsoul Facial Treatment! As mentioned in my previous update, I had a sudden breakout before my 5th session and it toned down a lot after the 6th session. But there’s still some very obvious bumps to be treated as shown in the photo before. I always am happy […]

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Bsoul Facial Treatment Update 3 

Here’s another short update on my bsoul treatment. I’ve a bout of breakout before my fifth treatment due to hormones. I think I have a huge hormonal imbalance issue which in turn affect my skin. In order to optimize the facial treatment, we need to take care of our body too. Some issues might seems […]

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Bsoul Treatment Update

I’ve just ended my fourth Bsoul Treatment at Hygeia so I think its time for a small update about my progress. Before I go on, here’s a shot of me when I just got back from Hong Kong. The whole face is so bloated and round! This is right after the third session, my V-shape […]

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