Bsoul Facial Treatment Final Update

Bsoul Facial Program Review

Hi everyone! I’ve since ended my 10 sessions of the Bsoul Facial Treatment Program kindly sponsored by Hygeia. So it’s time for a review of the whole program.

First, let’s look through the before and after photos of the 9th and 10th sessions.
bsoul facial 9Before Photo – Bsoul Facial Treatment 9th Session
bsoul facial 9 afterAfter Photo – Bsoul Facial Treatment 9th Session
bsoul facial 10Before Photo – Bsoul Facial Treatment 10th Session
bsoul facial 10 after
After Photo – Bsoul Facial Treatment 10th Session

Does The Treatment Works?

Yes, it does work. However, I must say that the results varies for individual. Personally, my results is not really obvious visually as I’ve Rosacea and it also take time for the scars to heal up and disappear totally. But I can feel that my skin texture improved by a lot and my skin seems to be able to absorbs products so much better now. Acne takes a lot faster to heal without even using any additional pimple cream. The Bsoul Comfort Cream is like my best friend for calming down my skin and to provide moisture to it at the same time.

I would say the treatment really helps in nurturing my skin back to an optimal level where it can work better to push out the impurities on it’s own. Lesser clogged pores and blackheads lessen by quite a bit.

I won’t say it will cure the root of acne and I don’t expect it to as I know that my acne are triggered by my hormones. But I’m happy that the process of the acne healing is so much faster nowadays.

If you feel that no products work on your skin and it seems to get worse everyday regardless of what you use, or eat. I would recommend you to give Bsoul a try, to help normalize your skin and get it back to optimal health!

I’ll be reviewing the Bsoul Facial Products that I’ve be using as part of the home care program in a separate post. Stay tuned for that!

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