Bsoul Facial Treatment Update 4

I’m back with another update for my Bsoul Facial Treatment!

As mentioned in my previous update, I had a sudden breakout before my 5th session and it toned down a lot after the 6th session. But there’s still some very obvious bumps to be treated as shown in the photo before.

bsoul facial joyce

Before Facial 7

I always am happy to see how my redness and bumps toned down so much after each session. And remember, this is all achieved with just Bsoul products and unique facial massage techniques.

bsoul facial joyce forensia

After Facial 7

Let’s take a better look at my skin through the “magnifying glass”. Of course, excess oil is clear and you can notice that my skin seems so much finer and smoother in the after pictures. Even the bumps are flatten. It also looks so much softer after treatment. It looks like it and definitely feels so.
bsoul skin analysis

Here’s how my face looks like after the 8th session. Definitely clear up a little more as compared to the 7th session. The bumps you see are healing scars from the previous breakouts. I hardly have new acne coming up except during my period week which is pretty normal due to my hormones. But Bsoul products definitely helps to speed up the healing process of any new acnes.

bsoul facial joyce

After Facial 8

I’ve actually done my 9th session as of this post and my skin has further improve. But that shall wait till I’ve completed my 10th and last session of the Bsoul Facial Program and I write a separate post after that. I must say that so far I’m pleased at the results I see after every Bsoul facial session at Hygeia. It have been 4 months and I’ve seen my skin improved by a lot.

Till the next update!

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