Maison 21G – Cashmere Wood

New year, new scent. Parisian Haute perfumery house Maison 21G has launched a new addition to its array of scents. Cashmere Wood will be its 35th core scent, a signature of elegance and outstanding charm, it is the mark of highly charismatic characters. A leathery, smooth, creamy, sophistication, this scent is very elegant and extremely memorable. 

Maison 21g Cashmere wood

Available from 22nd February 2021 Cashmere Wood embodies the allure of natural, sensual aromas of sultry tobacco and leathery notes, lifted by a mossy woodniess. It makes anyone truly irresistible with its magnetic, woody, and distinctive aroma. 

Check out the scent profile of Cashmere Wood here.

Maison 21G 35th Scent: Cashmere Wood
Cashmere Wood is a more woody and leathery scent that will definitely stand out from your usual scent choice!

I’ve paired the Cashmere Wood scent with Ginger for a more vibrant scent with a little spice. But there’s so many combinations available that you can pick and create your own individual scent with Cashmere Wood.

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