Klenspop: Madonna Lens

Hi, I’m back with another lens review from Klenspop! This time, I’ve received the Madonna lens in both brown and blue variants.

Here’s a close up look at the lenses. The design is such that there’s a thicker black rim blended into the colors. The colors are bright and vibrant but not overly bright so it’s still pretty natural when it’s worn on the eyes.

Here’s me wearing the Madonna Brown Lens. The graphic diameter of the Madonna lens are of 13.5mm which fits nicely over my iris. The lens diameter are of 14mm.

I like the Madonna Blue a lot as it looks very natural as compared to some of the blue lenses I’ve worn in the past. I think partially it is because the blue is of a darker blue and it blends well with the natural color of my iris.

I think no one will realized that I’m wearing lenses with the blue pair as it is indeed very natural.

Don’t forget to check out Klenspop for more comfortable and natural looking circle lenses!




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