A Day At Ola Beach Club

Due to the pandemic, many people have been Working From Home. I would say it’s both a good and bad thing depending on your home environment.

I will say that it works in my favour as my Mum’s cancer spread and she had to go for immediate Chemotherapy during Circuit Breaker. Being at home allows me to keep an eye on her incase anything happens.

But the thing about staying at home 24/7 even while you’re working takes a toll on your mental well-being I must say. When I finally returned to office one day, my colleague even mentioned that I got fairer. I mean I love being fair but I enjoy my dose of Vitamin D too.

I was under stress from both work and home. I need a break from that environment because home is no longer a place when you can tune off work now. Thankfully I’ve a friend who is willing to accommodate to my chill at the beach and do nothing request!

We were looking at the Beach Clubs available and the popular ones are mostly fully booked. I had a good experience at Ola sometime back for a work off-site event so I suggested to head there. Plus minimum spending there was just $50 per pax for the daybed during weekends. This is very reasonable as compared to some other popular ones. $400 for a weekend day bed. Woah. That one if a group of 5 still ok la, but it’s only the 2 of us.

We booked a 4pm to 8pm slot and when we got there, there wasn’t much people so we get to choose a daybed with pretty good views of the beach. And to be honest the spot we choose was great, because the sunset that day was a view to behold.

Look at that Salted Egg Yolk.. I mean Sunset

I guess it’s also a good point to note that if you made any booking at any of the Beach Clubs, you don’t have to make a booking for a time slot for Sentosa beach. Did I also mention that the Monorail are free till the end of the year? I cannot decide if Covid is a good or bad thing now. I guess I rather pay $4 for the Monorail and bid adieu to Covid.

Anyways my main point of this post is that going to the beach to just chill and sip cocktails does wonders to your mental health. That few hours of just staring at the beach and the horizon and just chilling with a friend. Talking about nothing serious. It helps a lot. To be honest, it does not have to be the beach. Anywhere that connects you to nature, or just fresh air helps.

Oh, I must say Ola served pretty good cocktails. Me and my friend each have 2 cocktails and a beer and a coconut ice cream. Each cocktail is about $22 so it’s not that hard to hit that $50 min spending.

4 hours at the beach. Staring at this view, I can do this often.

I liked that we have moments where we just do our own thing. It’s not like we have to constantly talk during our outing. And it’s quite interesting how we have the same name, similar Chinese names and similar experiences.

Thanks for the great day! Looking forward to our next beach date!

This one day out at the beach made me think through a lot of things. And I’ve decided to just focus on both my mental and physical well being for the short term. Because the most important being on this Earth is yourself. If you’re down, how can you expect people to love you and you to love someone else?


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