Going Braless…For A Day!

I vaguely remember reading this article on buzzfeed about going braless for a week sort of thing. (Or was it on some other sites but similar topic? Doesn’t matter.) But being someone who started wearing a bra since 10, it’s quite hard to imagine going out without wearing a bra.

Though I must admit that sometimes I go without the bra at home in the recent years. Is it sort of a rebellious act? I think I just prefer to give my boobs some rest when I’m at home, in my home clothes, without makeup and contact lense. Why can’t my boobs rest if my eyes and skin can? Right?

What Made Me Do It?

It just happens that I’ve this dress with thin straps in sort of a halter design. So wearing a bra kind of makes it unsightly and the part where the straps meets the cup can be seen. And no, I don’t own a strapless bra because there’s no sizes for me anywhere; even the online shop I found only have strapless for small sizes. Nor the bras that I own have changeable straps that I could swap for transparent ones. Nubras are expensive and I think no size also.


Spot the bra strap digging into my shoulders.

So the thought of just wearing the dress without a bra comes to my mind. And it looks fine. The dress is not made of a thin material, not super thick but thick enough to prevent see throughs. I tested it out at home to make sure that it looks ok. (Or rather made sure that my nipples can’t be seen.)

Going Braless

All checked. No one will know.

How Did It Feel?


I ran for the bus and I don’t feel my boobs bouncing upwards against my neck because they are free to be bobbling in any direction.

It feels good to not have straps digging into my shoulders. Though I probably wear them tighter than I should. But when you’re wearing something, rather tight than loose.

Not having to adjust the bra for once is a good thing. Don’t have to worry about nip-slips and what’s not. 

Nobody notice anyways.

One would have thought that in an Asian country people would call you out for not wearing a bra. I got called out once wearing a top with a back opening at the MRT station, just cause my bra can be seen. I think the rule is nobody will call you out for something they can’t see.

Will I go braless again?

I think once in awhile is ok. I won’t be going braless for a week. I still need that support and extra push most of the time. You can’t deny that that extra cleavage just makes one feel more confident. But when it comes to certain dresses, I guess I have another option now and don’t have to worry about straps and all…


No unsightly straps! And I’m gonna work on that collarbone.

Have you tried going out braless?

If so, share your experience with me!

If not, will you try to see how it feels?


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