Endo Sushi: Osaka Central Market

Endo Sushi: Best Sushi Place in Osaka


When I googled for the best sushi place in Osaka while doing my research for my trip, Endo Sushi came out as one of top searches. Based on what I read from online reviews, the sushi served at Endo are of good and high quality at a very affordable price. As a huge sushi lover, I knew I had to put it as one of the must try food places in my itinerary. Endo Sushi is one of the two shortlisted sushi places to visit when in Osaka, and my next pick was Koyoshi Sushi. (I’ll write about Koyoshi in a separate post.)

On my first morning in Osaka, I made the effort to wake up early at 7am to get ready as Endo Sushi only operates from 5am in the morning and closes at 2pm in the afternoon. I didn’t want to squeeze with the lunch crowd, hence Sushi Breakfast it shall be. Endo sushi is located at the Osaka Central Fish Market which is located at the JR Noda Station. I’ve followed very clear directions from this travel blog accompanied by visuals to navigate my way to Endo and it took me about a 15 to 20 minutes walk from the station.

Joyce forensia at endo sushi osaka

Selfie time while waiting for seats at Endo Sushi

We arrived at Endo Sushi after a pretty long walk to find a short queue forming outside the place. There’s tourists like us and also locals. Waiting time ain’t too long, I think I only waited for about 10 minutes and I manged to get a table for 4 of us.

Menu at Endo Sushi

4 plates of sushi to choose from at endo sushi

Over at Endo Sushi, there are 4 plates of 5 sushi to choose from. For all the 4 choices, one out of the 5 pieces will be Tuna/Toro. I forgot to take a photo of the menu but I’m pretty sure the menu is subjected to the fishes availability too! We ordered all 4 plates for a start and many more plates after. I can’t remember the actual price of each plate and honestly I did not ask but I vaguely remembered that I read online that it was about 1050 yen per plate which is about SGD $12.

Endo sushi

Here’s one of the plates served and it consists of Salmon, Tuna/Toro, White Fish which I can’t remember, Ikura and Ika. One thing to note is that wasabi is already added to the sushi itself. They will ask you if you’re ok with wasabi at the point of ordering. Also, I guess it’s an Osaka thing, the Shoyu sauce is being brushed onto the sushi instead of us dipping the sushi into the sauce. Which I feel makes it more easier to eat too.

akadashi miso at endo sushi

This is the Akadashi Miso soup served at Endo and it’s also a must order according to reviews online. And I must say I’m glad I ordered this. There’s many mini clams in this miso soup and the taste of the soup is really thick and not too overwhelming. I ordered 2 bowls to share between 4 but I kind of wanted my own bowl after having the first sip. Haha.

uni sushi at endo sushi

Uni Sushi! One of the 4 plates came with the Uni option and take a look at the Uni. I’m salivating as I’m typing this and looking at the picture. It’s so fresh and flavorful that I felt that I could taste the sea.

uni and hotate at endo sushi

My Verdict on Endo Sushi

When 1 is not enough, you order more. Yes, you can customize your order to your preference like what I did here. But do take note that customized orders are not priced like the usual plates.

otoro at endo sushi

I also ordered a plate of all Otoro/Fatty Tuna and a plate of all Unagi for my mum and her friend who doesn’t really fancy the raw stuff. The sushi served at Endo Sushi is nothing short of fresh and we just can’t stop eating piece after piece till we are full. My Mum especially loves the rice too, and she enjoys most of the cooked selection.

If I’m not wrong, I ordered 5 plates of the normal choices, 3 customized plates and 2 bowls of Akadashi Miso Soup and the bill came up to 12,020 yen which is about SGD$140. That’s for 40 pieces of sushi and 2 bowls of miso soup. It’s a hearty breakfast I must say and worth every single cent. Or maybe I should say, this is quality sushi made affordable. You can never get this kind of quality in Singapore at the same price range.

I highly recommend Endo Sushi, do visit it if you love sushi and happens to be in Osaka for a trip.

Endo Sushi (Osaka Central Market) Information

大阪府大阪市福島区野田1-1-86  (1-1-86 Noda Fukushima-ku Osaka City Osaka) (Nearest Station: JR Noda)

AM5:00~PM2:00(日曜、祝日休み)Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

Phone: 06-6469-7108


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