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Thanks to the invitation from OMY.SG, I got to visit Alive Museum located at Suntec City level 3!
Hailing from Korea, Alive Museum is where we can interact with the artwork! Touch all you want and take many photos! It’s is the original 3D Vision Illusion Museum and Alive Museum Singapore is the 15th outlet!


I was with Andy who also got the invites and we brought along Don and Angie to explore Alive Museum!


You can spot the Museum quite easily when you head up to Level 3 of Suntec. There you can purchase your tickets and proceed inside! Left side is the entrance and you will eventually exit from the right.


Here’s the ticket prices! They have promotion from time to time so check their website for more information on promos!


Mandatory shot of posing with the tickets. 😛

halfnaked lady

One of the very first artwork when you entered. I would say this shot is quite fail. Haha. There’s instructions and photo point stickers all around to guide you to take the photos. But I must say, camera angle is very important also!


So how do I look with my new Bikini Body or the one on my blog banner looks better? Hahhaha!


Help me! There’s a dragon chasing after me!!


“Ahdugen!” “Eh, wait! I not here to fight!!”


Do I looked convincing as a doll? Hahaha!

tabletennis throne teeth pulling

A little acting is useful while taking the photos. Haha. Make things more convincing. LOL!


I like this one a lot! Think it’s fun that the sizing are different with just angles. HAHA.


This is a challenging one! Haha! And I must say quite tiring but it’s fun!


Your next circus star! *claps*

mirror1manymemirror mirrorselfie

This mirror room is one of my favorite! They have disco lighting, club music and many mirrors to camwhore from all angles! I managed to capture 3 of me in one shot! Haha!


“Woah! Where did that come from!”


It’s good to know that Alive Museum will actually change 30% of their artwork annually. giving you reasons to visit the Museum again even if you’ve been there.

save me polar off work upflying paperboat

I like the boat one, pretty pretty! Haha! And I would say my acting not bad ah. Hahahaha.

riding a bird

For ladies, best to be wear pants or shorts as you will be climbing over things and lie on the floor and stuff. Or you can be like me, wear skorts and still look pretty without worrying about getting exposed.


I can be an angel too! Hehehe.


And lastly, my favorite photo of the day! Being a Mermaid! “Under the sea….”

I think it’s worth to go visit Alive Museum at least once to take these fun photos with the artwork! Best to go during weekdays to avoid crowd! Also note that you do have to crop the photos or rotate them to get the actual illusion!

Alive Museum Singapore
Location: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)
(Free WiFi access inside the museum.)

The last I check, you can book tickets online at 20% off with the promotion code ” aliveopen“. I’m not sure when this will end so book your tickets now!


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