2 Degree Ice Art

I made a trip down to the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition along with Andy and Limei last Saturday before I start on my new job. It’s actually located outside Exit A of Bayfront Mrt rather then in MBS itself.

Tickets are at $32 which are inclusive of a pair of gloves. Andy booked the tickets online and got us a 10% off. Rental of jackets are at $5.

With Limei and Andy~

I must say it’s not a huge exhibition but it’s pretty interesting and surreal to see large ice sculptures of various world landmarks.



Singapore Landmarks~





They have 3 snow fall timings at 11am, 4.30pm and 7pm. We caught the 4.30 pm one but it’s actually just scooping the snow on the floor into this machine and blast it out. Still quite surreal though as this is the closest we can get to real snow!




Personally I think this is my favourite ice sculpture at the exhibition. This is the Nine Dragon Wall or something from Beijing if I’m not wrong.

They have an Ice Bar at a separate area where they serve drinks in a Ice Mug at additional $3. You can throw this ice mug on the ice wall as show for a cheap thrill I guess. Haha.

For me, it’s an interesting exhibition and I get to experience how does it feels like to be in -15 degrees temperature. (I was wearing shorts some more, cold die me.)

Group Photos and Ice Bar Photo Credits to Andy~

Find out more at their FB page! https://www.facebook.com/iceart


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