Review: Beauty Clinic 2-Step Masks!

It’s masking time!!

I was “prescribed” with a weeks worth of Beauty Clinic 2 step Masks to try out a month ago!

I’ve received 2 doses of “Whitening Smart Laser” and 2 doses of “Aqua Smart Filler” after stating that my current skin concerns are dehydration and pigmentation/scars.

The Aqua Smart Filer series would help in hydrating my skin while the Whitening Smart Laser will help lightens my scars and pigmentation.

The 2-step masks like its name suggest comes in 2 steps. Once, apply the mask ampoule all over your face, pat it lightly to ensure that it’s absorbed. Then followed by applying the mask sheet.

The texture of both ampoules is thick yet can be absorbed into the skin easily with patting. I usually chill my masks before using it and the cooling sensation helps calm the skin too if you have sensitive skin like me.

The mask sheet itself it super thin and it felt like skin on skin when you put it on. It adhere to the skin pretty well and definitely won’t fall off when you go about doing your chores while masking.

It is recommended to use this mask twice a week so technically 4 dosage can last you for 2 weeks. However, I am an intensive mask user who masks every other 2 days, which is why this is a 1 week dose for me. I alternate the mask, using the Aqua then the Whitening one as recommended for best efficiency.

After using the masks, I noticed that my skin tone is brighter overall, some of my scars do seem to be lighter too but I feel that it’s more of an overall brightening effect. My skin is also much plump up and feels less tight after using the masks.

Overall I rate these masks a 4/5 as my skin does have a difference after using it. I really like how the essence are more of a thick and slightly gooey texture.

Beauty Clinic have a wide range of masks to cater to different skin problems! Available at Sephora, BHG, SASA and selected Guardian outlets!

Do check out Beauty Clinic’s FB Page for more product information and beauty tips from time to time!

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