FJF’s Film Adventure

Film cameras have slowly make their comeback these years and lomography is huge these days.

I had my fair share of fun with the toy cameras and after nearly 2 years, I finally got my 2 rolls of films developed.

First roll of film is taken by the Superheadz Wide and Slim 35mm film camera. This camera works best in daylight. The beauty in this camera lies in the vignette effect on the corners of the photos.

Rainy day at Robertson Quay

View from my Window

Selca. 2011 Cousins* Annual Picnic

With Don, my bitching partner.

Kite flying at the Barrage.


The second roll of film is taken by the Diana F Mini. This is a square format/half frame camera that works on the 35mm films. This camera is a little tricky and I made the mistake of mixing up my half frames and square frames. But some of the outcomes are really nice.

Double Exposure.
Walking down the lanes.

Vintage Bicycles.

Double, Triple Exposures?

I really like this shot though I can’t decide whether its a double or triple exposure shot. Plus it got a little cut off and a bit of the previous frame.

Snapping down moments in a camera.

Girl on the bench.

I’ve stopped at 2 rolls as I’ve gotten out of the novelty. But after developing these films, I think I want to buy more films to play with my cameras once more. The beauty behind film photography is that you’ll never know the outcome till you developed the photos.

Let’s hope, this is just the beginning of my film adventure.


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