USS with JQ and KX!

I’ve been to USS twice in 2010 and I’ve never blogged about it. This 3rd trip, I tell myself I die die must blog! And so here’s the post!

This trip is meant as a Birthday celebration for KaiXin. Thanks Jiaqi Meowmy for getting me involved in this ultra fun plan!

We did not take a lot of photos this trip as our aim is to conquer all the rides. We managed to except for the Enchanted Airways as it was close due to rain.

The time we had to take photos was during the short waiting time before the WaterWorld show starts. We are in THE LOST WORLD!!

With the Happyygolucky Birthday girl! XD

Group photo! With dino and blue sky as back drop~

Lovely weather in the morning! Sadly, it began raining in the afternoon! ><

The Rapids Adventure ride. This ride was close in the afternoon due to lightning, but we manged to take it in the end. Was actually given express tickets for the ride as we queued pretty long while the ride is close. But when the ride was opened, waiting time was only 10 mins so we just queued. And we used the express tickets for a 2nd round, more on that in awhile.

USS OOTD. ­čśŤ Top from JRunway!!

“Look who just hatched!”

“Haha! You’re ancient, you can’t eat me!”

We met Dr Rooney and Diane the baby Triceratops! Diane can actually react to your touch! It tried to bite me when I tried to pat it! Mad realistic!

When we went into USS, our route goes Transformers –> Cylon –> Human –> Revenge of The Mummy. By that time we are a little hungry and so I suggested getting a Turkey Leg to share! And it’s so yummy, I’m craving for it as I type this.

WaterWorld Showtime!! This is the 3rd time I’m watching it and it never fail to amaze me! There’s a little difference each time I watched it and this time round, I find it slightly more┬áhumorous. They even included a short segment of Oppa Gangnam Style!

Mad in love with the effects and explosion and all!

Next stop is Far Far Away! As you can see, the sky turned dark and umbrellas are popping out! ><

The magnificent castle where we enjoyed the Shrek 4D show~

After that, we went to try out Crate Adventure at┬áMadagascar, which turned out to be quite interesting. We got a shock at the end! Haha! We also went to Lights!Camera!Action! which was amazing. That’s why I say, if you want to do film, go to the real Hollywood!


As I mentioned earlier, we went for a 2nd round on the Rapids Adventure ride. And guess what happened? We got stuck in the dark building at the part where you can see T-REX!! It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience getting stuck on a ride! So I could not reach for my camera safely tucked in my bag under my poncho, but I manged to dig out my iPhone for some photos. Haha.


It’s really dark in there and oxygen seems to thin down as time goes by and it gets warmer. There’s a total of 4 to 5 boats stuck and we kind of self entertained by shouting for help joking. It goes something like this : ” Help! The T-REX is coming for us! ” Haha! We are not worried as we see technicians coming in to check on the rides and we just nice got stuck near the emergency exit.

Ended some of the rangers, including a really cute one came to our rescue! It was like a real mini adventure of the day. And once again, we were given express tickets for another ride so we went for the Canopy Flyer!

It was 7 plus by then and the rides were close for the day. So we went around taking some more photos~

Tired us by the end of the day.

We decided to settled down at the Celebrity Cafe and Bakery for dinner of cakes, ice cream and breakfast! ­čśŤ

Birthday girl with her mini birthday cake! ­čśŤ

Me got her a Snoopy Plush and Cardholder. I’m glad she likes it!! Makes me happy~

One last group photo in USS! Yes, I brought Cookie Monster home!!

Do you know USS Annual Pass is only at $188 now? I’m super tempted!!

Ending this post with a photo of all 4 Sisters!! Wj was at RWS too so he came to meet us for awhile and bought us treats from Candylicious! Hee~~

P.S: It’s Legoland with the Cousins* tomorrow!! Super excited!!


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