Cineleisure Next Online Sensation Revealed!!

So it have finally ended. The final event held just outside Cineleisure on the 21st has marked the end of the 1 and a half month long competition. Finally can rest liao. 😛

It was definitely a fun experience and I believed each and everyone have gained something from this competition.

I definitely enjoyed myself at the finals, though Andy and me wasn’t really prepared for the 3 minutes performance on stage. LOL! But I did enjoyed the performance put on by other contestants! I’m stuck to the tune of Roly Poly now which Sphinxxx performed a dance to! I support fellow Andersonians. 😛

Here’s just some on stage photos! 😛

And of course, congrats to the winners! KOAS, Ruth and Taffi! Great job!

Did anyone capture Shutter’s walk? I hope not! LOL!



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