CineSensational Trilogy: The Real Hunger Game Begins

Have you read part 1 of my CineSensational Trilogy? If not, check it out here!

So Team Shutter had spent a day exploring Cineleisure Orchard the other time before attending the Gala Premiere of The Hunger Games. Andy mentioned that he spotted quite a few F&B outlets and that we should head back to Cineleisure and check it out!

So this time round, Team Shutter presents to you The Real Hunger Game where we checkout out some of the F&B places in Cineleisure!

Standing at Lvl 2 of Cineleisure, I noticed that most of the F&B outlets are situated at one side of the mall. There’s A’venue Bistro on the 3rd level, Pastamania on the 2nd, Billy Bombers on the 1st etc. Not forgetting B1, where there’s the  food court and some other F&B outlets like Graffiti Cafe. Andy and me eaten at the food court the previous time as we are on a budget! 😛 But this time round we are on the lookout for good food with good ambiance.


Here’s a GIF image to show you the several F&B outlets you can find in Cineleisure! From restaurants to cafes and even snacks like Best Fries Forever, Frolick etc.

So I allowed Andy to decide where to eat and to my horror…

All he choose is FAST FOOD!! I mean fast food is fine but I’m on a diet and there’s so many other nice cafes and restaurants in Cineleisure! We can choose to have Korean at Seoul Garden Hotpot, Western at either A.venue Bistro or Pastamania! We are literally spoilt for choices and he had to choose fast food. (>.<)


My immediate reaction was of course to say NO! Giving him that look at the same time. 😛 So he gave up the fast food idea and we decided to take a look around before making our decision.

I spotted Shokudo and I knew that it have been there for the longest time since my secondary school days. However, I have never had the chance to try out their food. And being a lover for all things Japanese, I suggested to eat at Shokudo. Andy agreed as he also have not eaten at Shokudo before.

Soon, we were looking through the menu and there’s so many choices! From pastas to pizzas, burgers to sushi and many more! Prices are also affordable along the range of $3.80 to $20 over dollars. We spent a good 10 minutes before deciding what to eat!

Here’s Andy while waiting for the food! Actually the food did not take long, just that Andy was too hungry.  😛

And I was on my Iphone, instagramming, tweeting and FB-ing. The Iphone is just so convenient, allowing me to share information almost immediately on the go!

We ordered drinks first as we were really thirsty! Andy order the Lychee Float while I ordered the Milk Matcha Float. Both priced at a reasonable $5.80.

Being bloggers, the first thing we do is of course to take photos of our food and drinks! People around our table were like looking at us and wondering why ain’t we eating as we took a bit of time taking the perfect photos. 😛

Our drinks in tall glasses.


My Milk Matcha Float comes with Vanilla  Ice Cream topped with Matcha Powder. Andy’s Lychee Float comes with the fruit and lychee sorbet! I tried his drink and it was very refreshing and the lychee taste is very concentrated which is good. My Milk Matcha Float is a must order for all those who love Matcha! I actually felt that it taste more like a smoothie due to the mixture with milk and the ice cream.

Here’s the main course that Andy ordered! Teriyaki Chicken Cheese Burger! This is only $8.80 and it’s served with thick fries! There’s a sunny side up egg, succulent chicken and fresh greens like cucumber and lettuce! It actually comes with wasabi mayonnaise but Andy requested it without as he don’t take mayonnaise. The staff even offered to change to a different sauce which is really nice of them. Andy decided to take it without any sauces though, as the burger already have teriyaki sauce.

Andy also ordered a Plain Rosti which is only $5.80! You can choose to have it with Pork Sausage or Hamburg at $11.80 or just add an egg at additional $1. There’s also a Japanese Curry Rosti at $8.80. I had a bite and it was very nice and crisp. Not too dry with just the right amount of moisture.

We also ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Chesse Pizza at $10.80 to share! The pizza is those thin crust type and this pizza is very crispy! The crust do not have a thick flour taste like some and it tasted more like biscuits. You can hear the breaking sound when you bite into the pizza. I like how the pizza is sliced into 8 bite sized portions with a slice of chicken on each portion. The crust is still crispy even when it’s cold! I will be sure to go back again for the pizzas and I want to try out the Hotate Mentaiko Pizza at $12.80 next!

I ordered the Hotate Mentaiko Spaghetti at $16.80. I was actually deciding between this or the Chicken Chop with Wasabi Mayonnaise. But I could not resist Mentaiko and I wanted something that’s filling also.

The spaghetti comes with generous portions of succulent scallops hidden inside and the spaghetti is literally coated with Mentaiko which is actually spicy cod roe. I did not bother to add any cheese powder or chili powder like I usually do when I’m eating pasta. Reason being is that the dish is really flavorful with the spicy cod roe and wafu sauce! I highly recommend this dish!

How can a meal goes without dessert right? We ordered the Mango Kakigori at $6.80. Its a really huge portion so it’s best for sharing! The ice is actually mango flavored shaved ice and not just drizzled with mango sauce. It comes with fresh mango cubes and konnyaku jelly! They have other dessert like waffles and thick toast served with ice cream too!

I was happily eating my pizza and Andy caught me on camera. (>.<) I am actually glad that we chose to dined at Shokudo as we now found another place serving good and affordable thin crust pizzas! Plus Cineleisure Orchard is so conveniently located in town!

Located at level 2, you can’t possibly missed it! It’s right at the top of the escalator! You can even get a view of orchard road if you happen to get window seats! 😛

Oh and their operate till quite late! You can have Pizzas before your midnight movie!!

Opening Hours:

Sunday To Thursday: 11.30 am to 2.00 am (Last Orders at 1.15 am)

Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday: 11.30 am to 3.00 am (Last Orders at 2.15 am)

Ending this post with a team photo! SHUTTER FTW!! xD

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And of course, the adventures of Team Shutter is to be continued…

Stay tune!



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