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Education system in Singapore is pretty fixed. Primary and Secondary are pretty fuss free, except for the streaming part. And it takes up minimum 10 years of your life. The subjects you take in secondary depends on your stream and will affect your future choices in either polytechnics or university. Did I ever mentioned I was actually in the Special stream? That was of course based on my PSLE score but I did not do as well for my ‘O’ levels.

I pretty much decided that I’m heading for the polytechnic route while in secondary two. Others are mostly in the dilemma of JC or poly. JC very much gives most a 80% chance to get into uni. But of course being in the Science or Arts stream affects too.
For poly graduates like me, it’s a battle with the JC students and top ten percentile of the whole cohort of poly students for that limited openings that local universities provides.


“3 years in poly and you get that diploma! Now to take up a degree in the same field or different field? I would love to continue my field of study in media but I need something extra to secure my future!! ”


We all know that local universities only allows us to major in one subject. What if we are interested in two subjects? The most, we can only take one as major and the other as a minor. Or spend some extra years to take a second degree. And we all know we need at least 2-3 years or even 4 years to get that degree. Does it mean we have to spend double the time to get 2 degrees?


“What to do? If I were to change my field of study, my studies of media might not be taken into much considerations as compared to the subject of my degree!!! DILEMMA!!” =(

So many problems! So many considerations!! What should I do?

*Heads explodes!*

But no worries!

With Murdoch at Kaplan providing us with double degree programmes, all problems solved!


You have interest in both media and human resource?
No problem!
You like computing but thinks that a business management course would provide more job opportunities? Major in both and get double the opportunities!
You love the arts but it can’t feed you? Complement it with a banking degree to double up your chances for your future goals!

As a Media Diploma holder, I would love to further my studies in media and of course taking up something else to add on to my knowledge. In media, it’s about every thing. A double major would be perfect for me.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication & Media Studies (Double Major)

This seems like an awesome choice to me. Psychology would definitely be the perfect companion to communication studies! Being able to read more from the words that people say and to present it to the masses. I would be able to understand human behavior better and might come up with an awesome script for TV!

Bachelor of Communication in Communication & Media Studies and Marketing (Double Major)

Of course, we can make use of the communication skills in marketing. It’s easy to market something but not easy to communicate to target audiences. This seems like a good combination if I want to achieve a good position in the marketing/advertising industry.

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events and Marketing (Double Major)

Having the basics of media in the form of diploma, I can add on to my knowledge by taking up majors in marketing plus tourism and events. It would be the complete package and it would make it easier for me to market myself to the employers!

Of course, Murdoch at Kaplan offers a lot more double major programmes! Take a look at the choices provided and I’m sure you’re able to find the combination that would best aid you in your future endevours!


“Phew! Problems solved! Now to let the geek in me take over and concentrate on doing well to get that double degree! And I see a awesome bright and exciting future ahead of me!”

Let’s all double our major and double up our future!!

Now you can advance your life goals with Murdoch’s Double Major Degree and Masters programmes offered at Kaplan Higher Education on a full time and part time basis.

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