SBA2011: Adonis Greek Thank You Party

Was invited down to Adonis @ NEX for a Thank You Party organize by Adonis for all of the finalists for the beauty blog category. XD The theme for the party is “Greek” and everyone was dress up and all were gorgeous! XD

Here’s Sara being interviewed by the OMY.SG team! XD

Kozo Enzyme, a health drink that Adonis carries. This drink is specially mix for the event. It’s quite sweet and I think it will taste better chilled. ­čśŤ

Of course must show my face right? Haha~ XD

Toasting with the health drink! This marks the end of the “competition” and now it’s just waiting for the results! XD

Now to show you the gorgeous ladies! Here’s the sisters! They actually look like twins with the similar dressing! ­čśŤ

With lovely Sara~

With Kelly! I’m envious of her complexion!!

Lovely Vivian~ She’s the elder sister~

And here’s Valerie, the younger sister~

With Juann~ Fellow MFP Blogger~ XD

With Clara dear~~ She won the best dress of the day! I did not get a picture of her headpiece but she used real dries roses and leaves and it’s really pretty!!

Group photo of us beautiful ladies! Shoppers who passed by Adonis kept looking inside, wondering what’s going on! Haha~ It’s also great to be able to interact with all the ladies during the party and we did have fun! XD

Another group photo! The next time that all ten of us will gather together will be on 23 July, SBA results night~ XD

I will be doing up another post to conclude my “SBA2011: Adonis Best Beauty Blog” journey soon! XD

Meanwhile you can read all about it here!

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