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Event: Grand Plastic Surgery 

Grand Plastic Surgery Over the weekend, I attended an event hosted for Grand Plastic Surgery at Orchard Central. Grand Plastic Surgery is one of the top leading Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea with leading surgeons in their team. They are located in Gangnam, Garosugil in Seoul as a stand alone building with 21 stories to cater to the needs and convenience of their patients. Some fun statistics told to us is that Singaporeans made up of 8% of the international patients of Grand Plastic Surgery. Nose and breast surgeries seems to be the popular procedure among this 8%. Also, there’s quite a number who flew all the way to Korea for revision procedures on areas that they might have procedures already done locally or elsewhere.   IMG_0674.JPG Blogger GollyLocks sharing her experience on her plastic surgery journey with Grand Plastic Surgery. She did quite a major procedure which is the jaw surgery. And I do find that she now has a softer look compared to before based on my memory of her.   IMG_0673.JPG One to one consultation with Dr Rhee Se Whan from Grand Plastic Surgery (Deputy Director/Specialised Plastic Surgeon). I guess this is exactly how the consultation will be done in actual. The doctor will access your features and advice you on your problem areas with a translator at the side. The doctor will also be drawing simple diagrams to show you your problems and how it should be rectify and what are the procedures recommended.   IMG_0671.JPG I took the chance for a consultation with Dr Rhee too. As you all know, my nose is always a concern for me. So according to the professional advice from Dr Rhee, I have a pretty short and wide nose. Short is probably cause I don’t even have a bridge to start with. Haha. He looked at my side profile and drew out the outline showing that my forehead is pretty protruding(No need fat grafting. LOL) which makes my nose seems more sunken into the face. I can’t remember the actual terms used for the procedures he recommended, but basically is silicone to build a bridge, lengthening the tip of my nose and also to cut of the sides of the nose to make it smaller. I also asked Dr Rhee for other recommendations on other procedures that I might need for my face. He recommended me to do fat grafting on my smile lines as they are pretty deep which I agree and also to melt the fats around my jawline.  Also, I got to know that even fats have different survival rates according to the areas. Hence, the fats from the thighs are usually used for fat grafting procedures as the fats there is of the highest quality. (Is that why it is so difficult to get rid of the fats there?)

Will I be going for these procedures some might ask? At my current age, which is soon to be 25 as of this post, I think it is still too early for me to make any permanent changes to my face. To be honest, I really would love to have a higher nose bridge (I think my wide nose is quite proportionate to my big face) but I’m still quite apprehensive against the idea of having silicone in my face for the rest of my life. Yes, we can use the cartilages either from the ribs or hips instead but that would actually leave a scar as I’m told. I also think that I’m still at the age where my features are still changing over time and it might change slightly once I stopped being lazy and start working hard to get rid of those unwanted fats. So I guess, no invasive procedures for me at this point of time but I don’t mind doing fillers again though. 🙂

XOXO, Joyce.Forensia


MTG Singapore: ReFa Carat

I believed that some of you have heard of the ReFa Carat and other devices under the same series. The main company behind this beauty device, MTG have launch in Singapore few months back, distributing the product line under their own. The ReFa is an award winning beauty device and is very popular in Japan.


The star product of the ReFa series will be the ReFa CARAT. This device got its inspiration from the kneading techniques from the professional aestheticians. It is designed to allow users to have the same feeling of being massaged by a human with the firm kneads from the 2 rollers. It is mainly for use on the face but can be also be used on the body. There’s a ReFa Body device too, specially designed to be use on the body only.


I volunteered myself for the showcase of how using the ReFa Carat can produce almost instant results. When the ReFa Carat is being used on me, I felt as if I’m massaged by hand and not the device. Using the device on the right areas can help with lymphatic drainage.


I took a photo of my face immediately after the demonstration. Did you notice any difference? If you look closely, the right side of my face(left on the photo you’re looking at) is slightly firmer and slimmer. The ReFa Carat produce results almost instantly. However, I won’t say the results are lasting. But I believed if you use the device everyday, it will definitely give you the firm and lifted look everyday. And it does feel good to be using the ReFa Carat to massage the face after a long day.


Here’s a photo with Verlyn!


Trying the ReFa Carat on my own. It’s not that difficult to use, gentle rolling motions can produce the firm kneads due to the design. Did I also mentioned that the ReFa Carat works on Solar Power? No need to worry about the battery life! As long as there is light, you can roll your way to a smaller face!


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Check out this video on the ReFa Carat!

Happy shopping!




Tokyo Luxey Meet Up

(Hiromi san from Tokyo Luxey and Candy, fellow beauty blogger)

I’ve attended a meet up organized by Tokyo Luxey sometime last week and had an enjoyable time learning more about Tokyo Luxey and their mission to bring Japanese brands to all around Asia.

(Maeda san from Tokyo Luxey sharing about the various products.)

The lovely ladies from Tokyo Luxey have been flying around Asia to share about Japanese brands and I can see that they are passionate about it. During the session, Maeda san shared with us brands and products that are highly recommended by them. We also discussed about the kind of products we would like to have in Singapore.


Of course, no sharing session is to go without testing out the products. I’m loving the casing of the 24H Cosme foundation! Cho Kawaii! (Cute packaging never fails to capture my heart.)


Here’s the products I’ve received for sampling. These are mainly the products that are recommended by Maeda san. Now I can try in depth for myself to know if these products are really as good. I’m also liking how the brands are looking for both good and bad reviews. Reviews of these products will be posted separately after I try them out! Do let me know if you want me to review any product first!

Are you interested to be part of the Tokyo Luxey community to try and learn more about Japanese brands and products?

Find out how to become a Luxey at

Like Tokyo Luxey FB page for more information about Japanese brands and products!



Kakis Bistro Bar : Where Good Friends Hang Out

Last Saturday, I’ve travelled all the way to the far east of the island for a relaunch of Kakis Bistro and Bar located next to Changi Village. The exact address is 289 Farnborough Road. You have to turn into the small road after the Indian temple.


I was greeted with an abundance of greenery when I entered Kakis. I am a nature lover and the lush of greenery made me feels at ease and very peaceful. The designer of the place is the same as the one who designed T2 and T3 of Changi Airport!


For Social Media Addicts like me, you have to take note that Kakis do not provide any WIFI as they are encouraging us to put down our phones and talk to each other. I find this notice really cute. 🙂


Live Band is on every Friday and Saturday night from 7.30 pm. We have The Passerby on for the relaunch and I must say that they are pretty good! I love the voice of the female vocalist. The Passerby plays during Friday nights!


On to the food! Kakis served tapas and mains using some ingredients that are homegrown! There’s a farm next door and that’s where some of the ingredients are harvested. First dish of the day is Prawn Alioli with Homegrown Lemongrass & Coriander. The prawns are fresh and succulent. Very appetizing dish.


Stir Fry Button Mushroom with Homegrown Kaffir Leaf, Shallots and White Wine. This dish brings out the original taste of the ingredients. Very organic and fresh and I think will be great with rice. It is tasty but not something that I will order at a Bistro Bar.


Chicken Quesadilla with Homemade Salsa. I like this dish as I find that the salsa is very refreshing and the quesadilla is not too dry.


Fries Addiction with In- House Special Seasoning. This is curry fries which is actually pretty addictive. The fries are thin and crispy, not soggy at all.


My favourite dish of the night! The Aglio Olio with a fusion taste of homegrown kaffir leaf. Big juicy fresh prawns with the pasta done just nice and it is not too oily. The taste of the Kaffir Leaf gives it an Asian twist and the whole dish is very flavourful. Thumbs Up!!


Fish & Chips is ok. The fish is fresh but I find that it is a little dry. The chips are the same fries without the seasoning.


Red Velvet Cake with coconut flakes. The cake is decent, but not one of the better ones I’ve tried.


There’s a make our own Mojito session and the mint leaves used are homegrown. Making a Mojito is pretty easy. All you need are mint leave, lime, brown sugar, soda and rum!


I will say if you are living in the East, this is a place to check out when you are looking for somewhere new to chill out! For those not living in the East, this place will be more accessible if you’re driving. If the weather is good, you get to enjoy the sunset too! Find out more information from Kakis FB page!

20140525-232833-84513969.jpg XOXO,


Protect To Tell: Cervical Cancer Awareness


Living in the modern society, I realized people tend to get complacent about cancer. You will always hear people going “Oh, I will never get cancer. It will not happen to me.” But in fact, we never know. At age 24, I already lost a couple of friends to cancer. I never knew, neither do they.

What we can do is to be aware and take precautions. Like the saying goes, “Prevention is better then cure.”

Cervical Cancer is one of the top ten cancers in Singapore and with the efforts of the Singapore Society, more people are aware of it. Yet, there’s still many people out there, especially the younger women who didn’t know.



Protect To Tell was held at Lady M and we were treated to delicious sweet treats as pictured above while learning more about Cervical Cancer from the experts.



One of the experts at the event, Prof Tay Sun Kuie who shared about the myth that most people have for Cervical Cancer. He said something which I totally agree. It is something along the lines of “I’m the one that is not at risk, as I do not have a Cervix. But all of you, are at risk.”

Cervical Cancer is caused by HPV infections which is very common. Every women will tend to get HPV infections at a certain stage of our lives. To eliminate the chances of Cervical Cancer, it is advisable to get yourself vaccinated against HPV. The Vaccines are now made payable by medisave.



Here’s a model of how the Cervix will look like at different stages. A simple Pap Smear can detect pre cancer cells and it’s the stage where the pre cancer cells can be easily treated. Going for regular Pap Smear once a year can help detect the pre cancer cells if any before it fully develops into the cancer cells.



For a clearer picture, this is how the Cervix will looks like if affected by cancer. You do not want that to happen to you right?



If you’re sexually active and is 25 and above. I strongly suggest you to start having a Pap smear once a year. It’s not expensive and Singapore Cancer Society is offering free Pap Smear at the Bishan Clinic throughout this year.



This is how a Pap Smear Kit looks like. It is a procedure that is almost painless and fuss free.



As someone who has a small presence in the blogosphere, I hope to be able to spread this message to as many women out there. We should not neglect such risks and should get ourselves protected.

I’ll definitely be getting myself vaccinated from HPV soon. You should too and also should  arrange for regular Pap Smears if you are sexually active.


Visit for more information.

Disclaimer: “Protect to Tell – Cervical Cancer Awareness” on 12th April 2014 Sat (the “Event”) was held as a lunch session, organised and sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd. I was not paid for participating in the Event. All personal views expressed here are entirely my own.”