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TFS Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special

TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots held it’s 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration at Altimate at 1 Altitude on the 27th September and I was invited along with other pretty beauty bloggers to join in the celebration for this special occasion! I’ve heard of how popular the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask is in my early beauty blogging days and I finally got my hands on the product! Will do a product review of the highly raved Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask when I tried it out enough!

thefaceshop raspberry roots event


It was a pretty chill event at an awesome venue. Altimate have got really nice view! Happening stuff like instagram contest posing with a self made props, instant prints and Raspberry Cheescake ice cream inspired by the popular Raspberry Roots range by The Face Shop.  We also played Charade and my team with newly made blogger friends won! I was the one drawing and I swear I was not a very good artist. However, I have good team mates who are on the same frequency as me! Hehe.


thefaceshop raspberry roots event 2


Bought Angie along for this event too! Poor girl had to wait for me for nearly an hour as I was late. >.<


thefaceshopraspberryroots event selfie


Fooling around with the self made prop that me and Angie anyhow came up with. We are not very artistic people as you can see. Haha.


raspberry roots with mfp girls


Here’s a wefie with Yingjie and Theresa, my lovely mfp girls and Angie!
I love events like this where I get to catch up with fellow bloggers, learn more about the brand, mingle with other bloggers, make new friends and have a little girly fun! It is also at events that we can sort of catch up as most of us are busy with our lives outside of blogging.


thefaceshop raspberry roots cute korean guys

 Here’s another group photo with a couple of *ahem* Cute Korean guys. LOL. On my left is Hui Zi, my team mate for the charade game!

Overall, I had an awesome time at the event! Thanks TheFaceShop and Incite Comms for the invitation!



Domino’s Pizza Singapore Is Hiring!


I attended the Domino’s Behind the Scene Bloggers Meet held by The Influencer Network last week. We got a chance to take a look at how the kitchen works and even got down to making our own pizzas!


I’m liking this apron with the wordings “Blogger” with Passion for Pizzas. However, if you also do have passion for pizza, you might want to consider having a career in the pizza industry!


Domino’s is looking to hire people for their management, Delivery Experts and Pizza Chefs! Great careers with good bonuses, flexible working hours, medical benefits and great incentives is waiting for you at Domino’s Pizza Singapore!


We can’t forget about the pizzas at the event when you’re at a pizza joint. I always love how Domino’s have a variety of crust choices. They now have a cheese crust which is not too overwhelming and taste just nice!


Sidetrack a little, but my favorite from Domino’s is their chocolate lava cake! Definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried in Singapore so far!


Hygiene is an important factor in the F&B sector! The staff made sure we have our aprons and hair nets on before heading into the kitchen where we witness for ourselves how fast the pizza chefs can make one pizza to keep their promise of delivering within 30 minutes!

personal pan pizza

Sadly, no cameras were allowed in the kitchen but here’s one with the pizza that I made myself from scratch except for the dough! Nice right? It’s a pepperoni, mushroom and cheese pizza with olives and red bell peppers as toppings.


A group photo with fellow bloggers and the friendly staff from Domino’s!

Dominos career

Interested in a career with Domino’s? Log on to their website or call the number above as shown in the picture to find out more!

Follow Domino’s FB page for more information and promotions!



Tokyo Luxey Meet Up

(Hiromi san from Tokyo Luxey and Candy, fellow beauty blogger)

I’ve attended a meet up organized by Tokyo Luxey sometime last week and had an enjoyable time learning more about Tokyo Luxey and their mission to bring Japanese brands to all around Asia.

(Maeda san from Tokyo Luxey sharing about the various products.)

The lovely ladies from Tokyo Luxey have been flying around Asia to share about Japanese brands and I can see that they are passionate about it. During the session, Maeda san shared with us brands and products that are highly recommended by them. We also discussed about the kind of products we would like to have in Singapore.


Of course, no sharing session is to go without testing out the products. I’m loving the casing of the 24H Cosme foundation! Cho Kawaii! (Cute packaging never fails to capture my heart.)


Here’s the products I’ve received for sampling. These are mainly the products that are recommended by Maeda san. Now I can try in depth for myself to know if these products are really as good. I’m also liking how the brands are looking for both good and bad reviews. Reviews of these products will be posted separately after I try them out! Do let me know if you want me to review any product first!

Are you interested to be part of the Tokyo Luxey community to try and learn more about Japanese brands and products?

Find out how to become a Luxey at

Like Tokyo Luxey FB page for more information about Japanese brands and products!



Pezzo Pizza: It’s Time To Dream Campaign


For this World Cup season, Pezzo Pizza have launched a special World Cup Themed Pizza! This pizza is unlike the normal savoury options as is it a dessert pizza! This is definitely my first time seeing and tasting a sweet pizza.


In the design of a soccer ball, this special pizza is made with Oreo cookie crumble, bananas, icing sugar and cheese. Now, we can have pizza for dessert.


Here’s some photos of the usual savoury pizzas. Pezzo Pizza can be purchased in slices at $4.50 each and a full pan is only $24.90. That is pretty affordable!


In collaboration with Dream Drive, 10 lucky winners picked from the Grand Lucky Draw will be able to get a chance to drive in either a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or a Maserati GranTurismo Coupe around the F1 track! You simply have to eat Pezzo Pizza and predict the winning team of the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Every purchase of 3 slices of Pizza will entitle you to one Scratch and Win Lucky Draw card! Get to win goodies worth up to $18,000.
More information here –>

The Promo Period is from 6th June to 13th July 2014!


Bloggers at the event was given a chance to ride the super cars. But for those without a licence like me, I get to be chauffeured! The acceleration of a super car is really different. Though I wished that we could go a little faster to feel the real power of the engine. 😛


Time for some photo taking! Here’s one with Joey(Iisjong) and Maybeline!


The guys who had a go at driving the Super Cars themselves.


One with Alethea, my fellow MFP blogger!


And lastly, I shall end this post with a photo of me posing in a Lamborghini. Thanks Pezzo Pizza and Dream Drive for this special experience!

Now, got get your pizzas from Pezzo to eat while watching the World Cup and who knows, you might get to drive one of these Super Cars yourselves!

Good Luck!


Kakis Bistro Bar : Where Good Friends Hang Out

Last Saturday, I’ve travelled all the way to the far east of the island for a relaunch of Kakis Bistro and Bar located next to Changi Village. The exact address is 289 Farnborough Road. You have to turn into the small road after the Indian temple.


I was greeted with an abundance of greenery when I entered Kakis. I am a nature lover and the lush of greenery made me feels at ease and very peaceful. The designer of the place is the same as the one who designed T2 and T3 of Changi Airport!


For Social Media Addicts like me, you have to take note that Kakis do not provide any WIFI as they are encouraging us to put down our phones and talk to each other. I find this notice really cute. 🙂


Live Band is on every Friday and Saturday night from 7.30 pm. We have The Passerby on for the relaunch and I must say that they are pretty good! I love the voice of the female vocalist. The Passerby plays during Friday nights!


On to the food! Kakis served tapas and mains using some ingredients that are homegrown! There’s a farm next door and that’s where some of the ingredients are harvested. First dish of the day is Prawn Alioli with Homegrown Lemongrass & Coriander. The prawns are fresh and succulent. Very appetizing dish.


Stir Fry Button Mushroom with Homegrown Kaffir Leaf, Shallots and White Wine. This dish brings out the original taste of the ingredients. Very organic and fresh and I think will be great with rice. It is tasty but not something that I will order at a Bistro Bar.


Chicken Quesadilla with Homemade Salsa. I like this dish as I find that the salsa is very refreshing and the quesadilla is not too dry.


Fries Addiction with In- House Special Seasoning. This is curry fries which is actually pretty addictive. The fries are thin and crispy, not soggy at all.


My favourite dish of the night! The Aglio Olio with a fusion taste of homegrown kaffir leaf. Big juicy fresh prawns with the pasta done just nice and it is not too oily. The taste of the Kaffir Leaf gives it an Asian twist and the whole dish is very flavourful. Thumbs Up!!


Fish & Chips is ok. The fish is fresh but I find that it is a little dry. The chips are the same fries without the seasoning.


Red Velvet Cake with coconut flakes. The cake is decent, but not one of the better ones I’ve tried.


There’s a make our own Mojito session and the mint leaves used are homegrown. Making a Mojito is pretty easy. All you need are mint leave, lime, brown sugar, soda and rum!


I will say if you are living in the East, this is a place to check out when you are looking for somewhere new to chill out! For those not living in the East, this place will be more accessible if you’re driving. If the weather is good, you get to enjoy the sunset too! Find out more information from Kakis FB page!

20140525-232833-84513969.jpg XOXO,