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Incognito Bar: The Hidden Gem For Craft Beers

Chye Seng Huat Turned Incognito At Sunset

I’m sure many of you are pretty familiar with Chye Seng Huat Hardware located at 150 Tyrwhitt Road near Lavendar Mrt for it’s coffee. But I’m pretty sure that many of you are not aware that Chye Seng Huat transformed into Incognito Bar at night from 6pm onwards. Yes, you can still can get coffee after 6pm but the star from 6pm onwards is the range of curated craft beers available at Incognito.

beerista-incognito bar

“Beerista” Casey who’s the man who curated the Craft Beer list over at Incognito Bar. Ask him anything about the craft beers and he will be your google for the night. (Beer related questions only!)

Craft Beers

incognito bar-craft-beers

In Clockwise Direction: Wu Gang Chops The Tree Wheat Beer ($14), Orval Trappist Beer ($16), Founder’s Breakfast Stout ($20), Red Chair NWPA Beer ($14)

I was invited to a cosy Beer Tasting with a couple of bloggers and we have had a pretty good time trying out and learning more about the different craft beers and how it can pair with different type of food. Yes, you read me right. Pairing BEER with food, not wine. 😉

For those who really enjoy beers, you’re definitely in for a treat over at Incognito. Find out the what kind of beer person you really are with Casey’s help and with his recommendation, you will surely enjoy your drink.

Gunnamatta-Beer-incognito bar

My Favourite of the 5: Gunnamatta Yeastie Boys Beer ($18)

I would say I’m quite the alcoholic having worked at a wine bar for nearly 2 years and am quite the drinker. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the Gunnamatta Beer which is a fusion between tea and beer. It’s very refreshing and I was confused at first sip because it really do smells like a cup of good quality Earl Grey tea, in an alcoholic version. If you’re tea lover, now you can have the best of both worlds! Fret not, they have something called the Coffee Milk Stout if you prefer coffee instead.

The Food

bangers-incognito bar

Bangers & Fries ($16)

Bangers & Fries is recommended to paired with Wu Gang Chops the Tree Wheat Beer which is a very smooth and light beer. Very easy to drink, a little dry with a little fruity notes. There’s 3 kinds of sausage served and as I’m not a food expert I can’t tell them apart, but they are nice and juicy.

pizza-incognito bar

Roasted Sriracha Chicken Pizza with Bechamel Sauce base (New Menu)

This is a Sriracha Chicken Pizza with a white cream base that is not on the menu yet, and is recommended to pair with the Orval Trappist Beer which a little heavy on the taste. Definitely not for the light drinker but it’s an interesting drink with a wine like scent.

pan-grilled-pork-burger-incognito bar

Granny Smith’s Pan- Grilled Pork Burger with Bacon-Onion Marmalade & Fries ($16)

I’m craving for this burger as I’m typing right now. The bread is nice and soft with a very juicy and flavourful patty. It’s paired with the Red Chair NWPA beer. It’s an ale, very easy to drink, smooth with hints of citrus and floral.

fishchips-incognito bar

Fresh Battered Fish with Buffalo Spice Rub & Fries (New Menu)

Unlike the usual fish & chips, this is done with a mild spicy batter which is elevated with the Gunnamatta beer. Really nice combination.

cakes-incognito bar

Earl Grey Cheese Cake & Lemon  Tart ($7 Each)

Desserts is paired with the Founders Breakfast Stout which is a fusion between coffee and beer. If you ate those coffee candy in the black packaging before you will get what I mean. The scent is intense but very easy and light on the throat.

iNCOGNiTO Bar (Chye Seng Huat Hardware)
150 Tyrwhitt Road 

Opening Hours: 
Tuesdays – Sundays
6pm – 10pm

Phone: 6299 4321

P.S: They are having a live band (local indie band: Laid Comers) playing on the 23rd of April so if you’re interesting in trying out the craft beers at Incognito bar, that is a good date to visit! Reservations are recommended!



Halloween Makeup Artist

Halloween Makeup Galore

Halloween have always been an occasion to dress up and go crazy with the costumes and makeup. For the past few Halloweens, I had my share of fun dressing up and doing my goth makeup. This year, I took up a new role. Instead of dressing myself up, I’m going to do Halloween Makeup for others instead as a professional artist! It was tiring but the sense of satisfaction was enough to overpower the tiredness. And I must say it is definitely a lot more fun than dressing yourself up. 🙂

halloween makeup

One of my victims. Don’t we look similar? That’s because he’s my blood brother! And I turned him into a sister, whom happened to look dead. 😛

halloween makeup scary

Let me introduce you all to two pretty ladies here. The Evil Nun and the Ghost Bride. I just realized it’s a clash of the East and the West! I must say I’m super happy with the results. They are hired to go scare people in the office for Halloween! Super cool idea by the company I must say!

halloween makeup sfx

One of my favorite types of Halloween Makeup has got to be special effects! I just love creating these gory looks burns or scars! And this lady from Airbnb is game enough to ask for her whole arm to be ‘burnt’ so I gladly obliged. She love the results and so do I! The other satisfying factor of makeup is when your client is happy with it. 🙂

halloween makeup joker

Say hi to Joker! She’s super on with her costume and even sprayed her hair green. Glad to be able to complete her Joker look for her!

halloween makeup airbnb

A trio of pretty ladies that I made up for! Check out the hole on the neck of the lady on the left!

More photos on my JFMA FB page!

What will I be dressing up for Halloween next year? I think I will still want to be ‘dressing up’ as a Makeup Artist!

Till the next Halloween!



Christmas at Gardens By The Bay

Happy Boxing Day!!
I don’t usually have the habit of celebrating Christmas but ever since I knew Cousins*, we have been celebrating it yearly during our annual Staycation. This year, we will be having our Staycation on New Year Eve to celebrate new year and belated Christmas. So during Christmas itself last night, a couple of us decided to head to Gardens By The Bay to enjoy the festive lights.

Christmas lights at the flower dome! It’s like entering fairy tale land, mini version. Lol.
Check out the adorable teddy bear Santa Claus!! Super cute!!
How could I not take a selfie with the pretty lights!
Christmas tree filled with teddy bears!! I was thinking people could just grab the bears as they seem to be simply hooked onto the trees. Hahaha.
Mad love this photo of us. I guess sometimes we are too engrossed with taking photos that we forgot to enjoy the beautiful sights around us. This time round, we didn’t take much photos and did managed to enjoy the pretty lights and the whole festive atmosphere. It’s mainly because Angie and Andy forgot to charge their camera. A blessing in disguise I would say.
This has got to be my favorite light piece. Doesn’t it give you the fairy tale sort of feeling? It would be better if it’s a real carousel. Hahaha. One day, I would like to spent the festive season with a love one. Well, one can always dream…

Wish everyone loads of love and happiness during this festive season and the coming new year!



Cat Cafe SG: The Company Of Cats

Cat cafe first got popular in countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea. And this trend have hit Singapore shores late last year and now we have 5 cat cafes in Singapore. I would say that operating a cat cafe or pets cafe in general is pretty controversial in the case of the welfare of the cats. Would being a stray be better as compared to a life confined to a cat cafe? Or is life in a cat cafe be better for those who are unable to get a forever home?

As a cat lover, cat cafe is like a dream come true to me. Due to family reasons, I’m unable to adopt a cat. With cat cafes, I can get close to the cats and get to play with them! I think if the cafe is run properly with the welfare of the cats as first priority, it will still be a good home for the kitties.

I’ve been to 3 of the cat cafes in Singapore so far and today I’m going to write about The Company Of Cats which is located at Chinatown.

cat cafe company of cats

The Company Of Cats is located on the 2nd level of one of the shop-houses at Mosque Street. I would say out of the 3 cat cafes I’ve been, it is one of the smallest cafe with just 8 cats.

The cats at The Company Of Cats are all rescues, either strays or abandoned. I’ve spoken with the staff and was horrified by the face that the pretty pedigrees at the cat cafe are all abandoned! One of the reasons for abandoning them are high maintenance for the fur. If you can’t handle it, don’t buy them in the first place only to throw them away!! Luckily these cats have a shelter over their heads now.

cat cafe company of cats chinatown

Food and drinks are served at The Company Of Cats and they provide free Wi-Fi too!! You can choose to dine at the cafe without entering the cat room which requires an entrance fee of $14 for the first hour and $5 for the next subsequent hour. But that defeats the purpose of visiting a cat cafe right?


They have interesting little knick knacks of cute kitties for sale too! The Company Of Cats will donate a portion of their profits to the Animal Lovers League.


I’m greeted by the photos of the cats when I entered the cat room. This is great as it helps us to identify the felines. Though I would say that the cats there all have a unique look and characteristic, it’s not difficult to know which kitty is which.


There’s this little door at a corner of the cat room which leads upstairs where all the litter boxes are. I love this concept as the cats can have a space of their own when they get tired of us humans.


The cat room can probably fit about 15 pax max at one go, so it will be best to make a reservation before heading down. I like how the place is design with comfort as the key. Books are available readily for customers to enjoy some quality time with the company of the cats. I noticed that the patrons of The Company Of Cats are more matured in a sense. They don’t disturb the cats while they sleep or stalk the cats. It’s really just enjoying the company of the cats at the cafe while chatting with friends. It’s definitely a more friendly and less stressful environment for the cats.


You will be given an access pass before you enter the Cat room, this is what they use to track the time you have spent at the cafe. I love how each pass feature a different cat.


To be honest, if they don’t charge by hour, I would love to stay there longer. The atmosphere over there is just very cosy relaxing.


The entrance fee comes with a free drink, and I ordered a Bakkwa and Cheese Toastie which comes with chips too. I forgot how much the Toastie cost, should be around $6-7.



 Meet Skippy! He’s super fat and adorable!


Meringue and Elliot who are sleeping throughout my visit there. Super cute sleeping poses they have!


Lenin, with the grumpy look as he probably don’t really like photos. He and Sasha are siblings who are abandoned together by their previous owners. I didn’t managed to capture a photo of Sasha as she’s really shy.


LuLu, who is also pretty shy. Her face is absolutely gorgeous and unique.


Belle, who I managed to captured a shot of when she wakes up for a little stretch before going back to sleep. Such a beauty, isn’t she?


Mags, who’s really sweet and not shy at all with human interaction. Couldn’t resist and gave her a good chin scratch.


Skippy must be thinking what is this human doing when I’m trying to get a selfie with him. Haha.

I really like how The Company Of Cats is being run. It’s a place where one can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with the company of the cute cats. Will definitely visit this cat cafe again. Plus they have a loyalty card program where you can earn stamps with your spending and in return get a free hour in the cat room and such.


The Company Of Cats
6B Mosque Street
Singapore 059486
Tel:+65 6220 3835

Operating Hours:  
Closed on Mondays
Tue-Fri 12pm – 10pm
Sat-Sun 11am – 10pm


Sentosa Spooktacular 2014: Laddaland

Sentosa Spooktacular is back!

After my very first experience at the first Sentosa Spooktacular held at Fort Siloso in 2012. I’m back to visit the place again for Sentosa Spooktacular: Laddaland. Read on for my thoughts of the event!

Sentosa Spooktacular Laddaland entrance

This year at Sentosa Spooktacular, there is no Fort Siloso, instead the whole place have been transformed into Laddaland. This year is the second year that GTH, the movie  studio who’s responsible for creating Thai hit horror movies like Shutter, Alone, Pee Mark and more to come together to produce Spooktacular. Last year’s first collaboration have seen a great success that this year is the beginning of a three year partnership between Sentosa and GTH. So we can expect more horrifying Thai ghost at Sentosa Spooktacular for the next two years.


Sentosa Spooktacular laddaland dark alley

Entering Fort Siloso/ Laddaland and you will find yourself transported into a horror village (literally). Beware of dark alleys and corners as you do not know what is waiting for you in the darkness.


sentosa spooktacular laddaland alone twins


Instead of 5 haunted trails, you will only have to brave through 3 trials this year at spooktacular. It’s good in a way that even if the queuing time is long, you will still be able to experience all three trials. Or you can speed up facing death by getting the fast pass at and additional $32 on top of the $66.60 of the standard ticket. But fret not, your experience will not be affected with lesser trails as the trails are a lot longer this time round. Based on the movies Alone, Countdown and The Swimmers, expect yourself to be transported into the movies from the beginning to end. I would rate the scare factor of each trail with Countdown being the least horrifying, followed by The  Swimmers and than Alone.

If you’re really the kind that is very brave, take the time to enjoy the whole set up of the trails and the village of Laddaland itself. The producers literally transformed Fort Siloso exactly like what’s in the movies. Trailers of each movie are being played at the entrance of each trail, watch it and after you go through the trail, you will get what I mean. The set is very well done I must say.


sentosa spooktacular 2014 pretty ghoul

If you’re the kind that can’t really take scares in narrow spaces with no where to escape but still wants to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere at Spooktacular, you can get a Kia Gui Pass at $16.60 to roam around Laddaland. But although there’s more space in a way to run, there’s space for you to be followed too. Don’t say I never warn you.


sentosa spooktacular ghoul props

This thing gave me a good scare when I turn back and sees it. And this is not the only place where it lurks. 😉

Here’s a short video that will give you a sneak peak of what is to expect at Sentosa Spooktacular: Laddaland this year. No footage or photos of the trails as I do not want to spoil it for you guys or rather I was too busy clinging on to my brother during the trails to take any photos. LOL.

sentosa spooktacular ghoul 2

Sentosa Spooktacular: Laddaland is open for visits officially tonight, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th,31st Oct and 1st Nov. The villagers are waiting for you. So get your tickets now!