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Trick Eye Museum Singapore

I received an invitation to visit the Trick Eye Museum located at RWS two weeks ago so off I went with Angie, Fenny, Maybeline and James to visit the place!

If you’re are going there on a weekend, I will recommend you to take the boardwalk into Sentosa instead of the skytrain. Not only you get to save $4 (boardwalk is currently free for weekends for a period of time, if not it’s only $1), but you get to reach Trick Eye faster as it’s located near the boardwalk.

When you have a couple in the group, you make them pose for all the artwork suitable for lovey dovey themes. 😛

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Care for a cup of tea before you go?

No, we are not eating Fenny for dinner.

Now now, how did I even get into the cage in the first place!

This elephant is pretty strong to hold me up with just the trunk. No chance to ride an elephant in Thailand? You can do so here!

Help!! I’m getting eaten by a monster fish!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’m pretty sure I can pull off walking a pole in real life, provided I’m hooked onto something. Haha.


And James tried to levitate.

Angie, do you miss being a baby?

No, you come over to my side!

I met my favorite friend, Puss In Boots! Meow!

They are on the moon, I’m floating in the air. Hahahha!

Would you like to buy a matchstick from me?


The new in couple thing to do, fly on a broomstick.


I’ve a secret ballerina dream. Don’t the tutu look good on me?

What you mean I can’t rest on the side of the wall?

Starry Starry night. This happens to be my favorite artwork. I remembered working on a project involves this art piece and the song on it. It was pretty much a nightmare but I do like the art. I even recreated it before in art class!

Because Maybeline molested this giant baby. (See Below)

I got caught instead. See what a good friend I’m. (LOL)

There’s a total of 6 zones in Trick Eye with 7-10 art pieces in each zone.

I find that there is more space for photo taking as each art work have got their own space. They don’t actually share or eat into the space of other art works. This I find a more conducive environment for a illusion art Museum. Although it seems that there is lesser art work here but I kind of prefer it as I hardly get people cutting into my photos. I don’t have to crop as much.

However, I note that the spot lights used at Trick Eye will cause over exposure to some of the photos. It will be better if the whole place is brightly lit instead of using spotlights. I heard from Andy who visited Trick Eye in Korea that the whole Museum is brightly lit there which makes it easy to produce nice photos.

Trick Eye Singapore is opened from Mondays to Sundays from 10am to 9pm. Tickets are at $25 for adults and $20 for children and senior citizens. Purchase your tickets online to enjoy 10% off! Tickets purchased online have a 6 months validity.



Alive Museum SG

Thanks to the invitation from OMY.SG, I got to visit Alive Museum located at Suntec City level 3!
Hailing from Korea, Alive Museum is where we can interact with the artwork! Touch all you want and take many photos! It’s is the original 3D Vision Illusion Museum and Alive Museum Singapore is the 15th outlet!


I was with Andy who also got the invites and we brought along Don and Angie to explore Alive Museum!


You can spot the Museum quite easily when you head up to Level 3 of Suntec. There you can purchase your tickets and proceed inside! Left side is the entrance and you will eventually exit from the right.


Here’s the ticket prices! They have promotion from time to time so check their website for more information on promos!


Mandatory shot of posing with the tickets. 😛

halfnaked lady

One of the very first artwork when you entered. I would say this shot is quite fail. Haha. There’s instructions and photo point stickers all around to guide you to take the photos. But I must say, camera angle is very important also!


So how do I look with my new Bikini Body or the one on my blog banner looks better? Hahhaha!


Help me! There’s a dragon chasing after me!!


“Ahdugen!” “Eh, wait! I not here to fight!!”


Do I looked convincing as a doll? Hahaha!

tabletennis throne teeth pulling

A little acting is useful while taking the photos. Haha. Make things more convincing. LOL!


I like this one a lot! Think it’s fun that the sizing are different with just angles. HAHA.


This is a challenging one! Haha! And I must say quite tiring but it’s fun!


Your next circus star! *claps*

mirror1manymemirror mirrorselfie

This mirror room is one of my favorite! They have disco lighting, club music and many mirrors to camwhore from all angles! I managed to capture 3 of me in one shot! Haha!


“Woah! Where did that come from!”


It’s good to know that Alive Museum will actually change 30% of their artwork annually. giving you reasons to visit the Museum again even if you’ve been there.

save me polar off work upflying paperboat

I like the boat one, pretty pretty! Haha! And I would say my acting not bad ah. Hahahaha.

riding a bird

For ladies, best to be wear pants or shorts as you will be climbing over things and lie on the floor and stuff. Or you can be like me, wear skorts and still look pretty without worrying about getting exposed.


I can be an angel too! Hehehe.


And lastly, my favorite photo of the day! Being a Mermaid! “Under the sea….”

I think it’s worth to go visit Alive Museum at least once to take these fun photos with the artwork! Best to go during weekdays to avoid crowd! Also note that you do have to crop the photos or rotate them to get the actual illusion!

Alive Museum Singapore
Location: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)
(Free WiFi access inside the museum.)

The last I check, you can book tickets online at 20% off with the promotion code ” aliveopen“. I’m not sure when this will end so book your tickets now!



2 Degree Ice Art

I made a trip down to the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition along with Andy and Limei last Saturday before I start on my new job. It’s actually located outside Exit A of Bayfront Mrt rather then in MBS itself.

Tickets are at $32 which are inclusive of a pair of gloves. Andy booked the tickets online and got us a 10% off. Rental of jackets are at $5.

With Limei and Andy~

I must say it’s not a huge exhibition but it’s pretty interesting and surreal to see large ice sculptures of various world landmarks.



Singapore Landmarks~





They have 3 snow fall timings at 11am, 4.30pm and 7pm. We caught the 4.30 pm one but it’s actually just scooping the snow on the floor into this machine and blast it out. Still quite surreal though as this is the closest we can get to real snow!




Personally I think this is my favourite ice sculpture at the exhibition. This is the Nine Dragon Wall or something from Beijing if I’m not wrong.

They have an Ice Bar at a separate area where they serve drinks in a Ice Mug at additional $3. You can throw this ice mug on the ice wall as show for a cheap thrill I guess. Haha.

For me, it’s an interesting exhibition and I get to experience how does it feels like to be in -15 degrees temperature. (I was wearing shorts some more, cold die me.)

Group Photos and Ice Bar Photo Credits to Andy~

Find out more at their FB page!



Annual Cousins* X’mas Partycation

Third year in the running. I’m so glad I had the idea of having a staycation for X’mas back in 2010 and now it’s our tradition. XD

This time round, we decided we want to move away from mainland and head to Sentosa! I booked a Deluxe Queen Room at the Siloso Beach Resort. The location is pretty good as it’s just a short walk from the Beach Station.

Here’s a photo of the room after our invasion. 😛 The room is pretty nice and I think it would be perfect for a couple’s retreat.

Making use of the strategic location that we are in, we decided to have our very own Running Man games, Singapore edition!

I’m very sure that you fans out there will understand the games we are playing by seeing the photo above! Couple race!! Each couple will need to go to 3 different locations in Sentosa and take specific photos. And of course, breaking of the bands means you’re out!

With 4 of us wearing the Running Man shirts with the name tags, we definitely caught loads of eyeballs while running around the island. It was one whole lot of fun! And I’m thinking we need one of these shirts for all Cousins*.

Oh look! Animals lurking! Haha! We decided to have something like a Pajamas Party and some of us decided to buy these cute Pjs. Mine is just the head scarf though. Haha~ This is taken after we came back from swimming/floating in the Hotel landscape Spring water pool! The pool is super awesome, so glad that we make use of it!

Gift exchange time!! That’s Angie getting the present I prepared! One of the best presents ok! It’s a craftholic! 😛

Cousins* photo!! Dawn was super sweet by preparing a small gift for everyone. Every year there will be someone who will prepare something for everyone. First year was Jiaqi, second year was Andy, third year is Dawn~ Who will do that for the fourth year? Hehe. XD

And as tradition goes, when the drinking game starts whatever happens, stays in the hotel room. But honestly the 2nd year and 3rd year was never as happening as the 1st. 😛 Don’t worry, no one puke rainbow.

Now, maybe it’s time to start keeping a lookout for a hotel for our 4th party this year.


P.S: Photo credits to ANdyStorm and Conan! XD


USS with JQ and KX!

I’ve been to USS twice in 2010 and I’ve never blogged about it. This 3rd trip, I tell myself I die die must blog! And so here’s the post!

This trip is meant as a Birthday celebration for KaiXin. Thanks Jiaqi Meowmy for getting me involved in this ultra fun plan!

We did not take a lot of photos this trip as our aim is to conquer all the rides. We managed to except for the Enchanted Airways as it was close due to rain.

The time we had to take photos was during the short waiting time before the WaterWorld show starts. We are in THE LOST WORLD!!

With the Happyygolucky Birthday girl! XD

Group photo! With dino and blue sky as back drop~

Lovely weather in the morning! Sadly, it began raining in the afternoon! ><

The Rapids Adventure ride. This ride was close in the afternoon due to lightning, but we manged to take it in the end. Was actually given express tickets for the ride as we queued pretty long while the ride is close. But when the ride was opened, waiting time was only 10 mins so we just queued. And we used the express tickets for a 2nd round, more on that in awhile.

USS OOTD. 😛 Top from JRunway!!

“Look who just hatched!”

“Haha! You’re ancient, you can’t eat me!”

We met Dr Rooney and Diane the baby Triceratops! Diane can actually react to your touch! It tried to bite me when I tried to pat it! Mad realistic!

When we went into USS, our route goes Transformers –> Cylon –> Human –> Revenge of The Mummy. By that time we are a little hungry and so I suggested getting a Turkey Leg to share! And it’s so yummy, I’m craving for it as I type this.

WaterWorld Showtime!! This is the 3rd time I’m watching it and it never fail to amaze me! There’s a little difference each time I watched it and this time round, I find it slightly more humorous. They even included a short segment of Oppa Gangnam Style!

Mad in love with the effects and explosion and all!

Next stop is Far Far Away! As you can see, the sky turned dark and umbrellas are popping out! ><

The magnificent castle where we enjoyed the Shrek 4D show~

After that, we went to try out Crate Adventure at Madagascar, which turned out to be quite interesting. We got a shock at the end! Haha! We also went to Lights!Camera!Action! which was amazing. That’s why I say, if you want to do film, go to the real Hollywood!


As I mentioned earlier, we went for a 2nd round on the Rapids Adventure ride. And guess what happened? We got stuck in the dark building at the part where you can see T-REX!! It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience getting stuck on a ride! So I could not reach for my camera safely tucked in my bag under my poncho, but I manged to dig out my iPhone for some photos. Haha.


It’s really dark in there and oxygen seems to thin down as time goes by and it gets warmer. There’s a total of 4 to 5 boats stuck and we kind of self entertained by shouting for help joking. It goes something like this : ” Help! The T-REX is coming for us! ” Haha! We are not worried as we see technicians coming in to check on the rides and we just nice got stuck near the emergency exit.

Ended some of the rangers, including a really cute one came to our rescue! It was like a real mini adventure of the day. And once again, we were given express tickets for another ride so we went for the Canopy Flyer!

It was 7 plus by then and the rides were close for the day. So we went around taking some more photos~

Tired us by the end of the day.

We decided to settled down at the Celebrity Cafe and Bakery for dinner of cakes, ice cream and breakfast! 😛

Birthday girl with her mini birthday cake! 😛

Me got her a Snoopy Plush and Cardholder. I’m glad she likes it!! Makes me happy~

One last group photo in USS! Yes, I brought Cookie Monster home!!

Do you know USS Annual Pass is only at $188 now? I’m super tempted!!

Ending this post with a photo of all 4 Sisters!! Wj was at RWS too so he came to meet us for awhile and bought us treats from Candylicious! Hee~~

P.S: It’s Legoland with the Cousins* tomorrow!! Super excited!!