Maison 21G: Create Your Own Scent

I’m a huge fan of fragrances and have my own tiny collection of perfumes on my vanity. Hence, I was really excited when I received an invitation to create my very own custom scent at Maison 21G.

Maison 21G at Duxton

A little background about Maison 21G

Maison stands for Home in French and 21g stands for 21 grams.
Why 21 grams?
According to a study done in 1907 by Duncan McDougall, he weighed people before when they were alive and after they passed and realised on average a loss of 21 grams. Hence, a deduction that 21 grams were the weight of a soul.
The tagline of Maison 21G is ‘The Scent Of Your Soul.’

Also, the normal Eau de Parfums out in the market have a perfume concentration of 20% while over at Maison 21G, they have a 21% perfume concentration, making them the highest in the industry. Which is also why their perfumes are longer lasting.

The Workshop Experience

I started off with an online ‘personality’ quiz to get my scent profile before give a plethora of scents to sniff out. With a variety of 34 ingredients, the possibilities are endless! But I do like how I was told to straight away eliminate those that I don’t like and those that’s just a maybe.

What’s Your Scent Style?

It’s also through this exercise where I finally put a name to the scent that isn’t to my liking. (Dislike is too strong a word) If you use any scent that have Orange Blossom in it, I’m afraid I won’t be keen to stand too near. It’s not you, it’s the Orange Blossom. LOL

There’s 3 notes to a scent.

  • The Top Note ( The First Impression)
  • The Heart Note ( The Body)
  • The Bottom Note ( The Soul)
My final 3 ingredients!

However, it’s not a must to mix one of each note together. It’s entirely up to us even if we want to mix all bottom notes together if that’s what we like! My scent consist of one top note and two bottom notes!

Hands on experience.

I’ve also particularly enjoy the part of the workshop where I have to meticulously drop the parfum oil into the perfume based according to the formula I’ve been given after picking my ingredients. We then tested it out and make slight changes to get the perfect ratio of each ingredient!

Their professional set up for blending unique blends for online orders.

My Own Custom Scent

Mimosa, Cedar and Amber

I must say when you’re exposed to a wide range of selection, your world to the type of scents exploded immediately and no longer limit to the scents you’re familiar with via the store ready scents.

I’m usually a fan of rose scent mainly when I shop for my perfumes in store. But after sniffing out the ingredients, I find that this is the parts and parcel of scents that I love! I’m still a fan of rose but at this age, I think that the scent I come up with represents me the best. It’s fresh and slowly switch to a deeper and more alluring scent, a little musky, a little woody and with a hint of sweetness.

Really loving my unique scent that I’ve created at Maison 21G

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