Locycare Nail Gel 

I believed many of us ladies often goes for manicure these days. With layers of varnish on our nails, we tend to neglect that our nails are actually looking unhealthy. Especially these days where we usually cover our nails for weeks with the longer lasting gel nails.

How many times do you realized that your nails tend to get thinner and thinner, breaks easily and is very yellow? I’m guess every time we remove the varnish and gel off our nails. And each time we see ugly nails, we cover it with another layer of varnish or gel.

I received the Locycare Nail Gel a week ago and decided to see how will it help my brittle nails that’s slightly yellow and is so soft that it tears easily rather than break.

Here’s how may nails looked like before I started using the nail gel.

And this is one week after using the nail gel. I must say my nails broke on the day I took the before photo so I cut them short. Thats why it seems like my nails didn’t seem to grow.

Visible results are supposed to show after two weeks of usage but even after one week, I did notice that my nails looked a little less yellow. The more obvious difference is that my nails seems to get stronger. I used to be able to bend them easily just by pressing it but now I need to use a fair amount of force for it to bend a little. My nails also feels smoother to touch.

How the Locycare Nail Gel works is to restore water content of our nails. The constant gel nails and varnish can actually strip our nails off its natural moisture which make the nails dry and brittle. Just like how we need water to hydrates ourselves and be healthy, Locycare Nail Gel is like the water for our nails. We all know hydration is the key to a healthier body, healthier skin, and of course healthier nails.

It’s very easy to use the nail gel, just put a tiny dot on each nail and massage it all over the nail bed. I prefer to put a bigger dot a quarter of the thumb and dab on other nails before massaging the remaining on my thumbnail.

The Locycare Nail Gel is retailing at $19.90 for a 15g tube as show above at selected pharmacies.

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