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ESYORO Eye Shadow Variation Palette Swatches

I’ve received this ESYORO eye shadow palette from HKC Plaza some time ago and here’s a swatch post! It’s a small and handy compact palette which consists of 8 very pretty and wearable shades.


I would say this is a very versatile palette that allows you to create both day and night looks. It has 4 neutral shades and 4 dark smokey shades to intensify a look.


Here’s a closer look at the colors. All of them are of a shimmer finish for that bright look.
From top left, we have a nice pearl white, a light golden beige, a sweet peach, a shimmery taupe.
From bottom left, a deep royal purple, royal blue, khaki green and a dark metallic grey.


These swatches are a one swipe, dry without any primers. The 4 light shades swatches very smooth and have a soft buttery texture. The darker colors pales in terms of pigmentation and felt a little chalky.


Here’s a closer look at the lighter shades. They all very smooth but I find the glitter a litter chunky. Out of the 4, I find the peach color and the taupe to have the better texture with just enough shimmer.


As for the darker shades, you can see that they are not as smooth and does not swatch as well. I feel that they will fare better when applied over a primer or wet. The purple is a tad disappointing out of the 4. The metallic grey is the smoothest out of the 4. There will definitely be fall out when using these colors so it’s best to powder up the under eye area first or do your base make after.


For 1.5g per pan, this palette retails at $88 at HKC plaza which means each color works out to be $11. It’s not that expensive but you can find better quality shadows palettes at a similar price point.
I rate this a 3/5.



K-Palette: Sweet As Chocolate Campaign

I believe that many of you are used to using black eyeliners. Personally, I try to avoid black eyeliners for normal day looks as I was once told that black is too harsh for me. Which is why I’m a big fan of brown liners and is very excited to see K-Palette launching their famed liners in brown tones!

With Jacelyn, Maybeline <3, YiJing at the Photo Booth!

We had a mini contest using the new brown liners to draw a face chart. And that’s me busy coloring. Haha.


Try spotting my face chart!



The range of K-Palette products other than their famous 1 day Tattoo eyeliner, also includes the Kuma concealer which is available in three tones for different flaws.


Here’s a swatch of the pencil liner, liquid liners in two different shades of brown and the two way eyebrow make.

Now you can have long lasting soft looks with these brown 1 Day Tattoo liners! And I’m happy to have more brown liners in my stash!

Check out K-Palette’s FB for more!



Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

It’s back to my favorite kind of post! Here’s a makeup review!!!

These Balm Stains from Revlon have been out from the market for sometime but it’s only till recently that I have actually buy to try it out as I’m in a lip stain frenzy now.

And I’m in love after using it!!!

I’ve always prefer bright lips over nudes hence I got these two. The pink is 025 SweetHeart Valentine and the orange is 040 Rendezvous Rendez-vous.

Here’s a swatch on the hand. The colors are pretty sheer to start with but you can layer it on to intensify it.

Now the actual lips swatches!! As I’ve used my mini front cam to take the photos, I edited the lighting a little so as to make the swatch more true to color.
I really love how bright they are on my lips yet not too loud. I noticed that lip stains looks really nice on my lips and hence the current stain frenzy I’m in now. 😛

Lasting power of these stains is a good 4-6 hours. It will eventually wear off and the color will be less intense. Yet, there will be still a light layer left over time as its a stain after all. It’s easy to bring around so reapplying is not a problem.

I feel that it is moisturizing and don’t dry out the lips. But I still do recommend to wear a balm before this. I also like how the fact that its in a crayon form, which makes application so much easier. You can draw the corners of the lips better as compared to normal lipsticks.

Definitely a 4.5/5 rating from me!!!

I want more colors!! Especially the red!!



Swatch: HyperCosmos Eyeshadow Duo from Maybelline

New in by Maybelline, we have the HyperCosmos Baked Eyeshadow duo available in 7 gorgeous choices. The duos comes in two complimentary colors so you do not have to think too much about matching the colors! Well other than matching it to the color of your clothes. XD

First up, we have blues and the green. From left to right, we have BU-1,  LG-1 and CH-1.

I’m pretty sure that you have noticed that one side is of a solid color and the other, a lovely blend/swirl of pigments.

Here’s the swatches. Pigmentation of these colors are ok, not too bad. I believe the colors would be more intense if applied wet. My favorite out of the 3, will definitely be LG-1 in the center. I’m loving the combination of the blue and that shimmery green,

Now here we have 2 of the most earthly tones out of the 7. WN-1 on the left and CP-1 on the right. Neutrals are the best colors that all skin tones can bring off.

And the pigmentation of these 2 are definitely better than the blue and greens somehow. I would say WN-1 the one on top is a lovely combination but I love the browns of CP-1 as they are really nice and soft.

The last 2 we have are the pinks and peach. LV-1 on the left and PC-1 on the right. These are for those who prefer light shades on their lids.

Pigmentation wise is as good as the earth colors. Very smooth and buttery texture. I would say these 2 are my top favorites out of the 7 colors! LV-1 on top and PC-1 on the bottom.

I would recommend the earthly and the pinkish ones for this range. Simply because I find that the blue and greens lack in pigmentation and is slightly too shimmery for my liking. I love my greens and blues but the ones here kind of disappoint me. Luckily, the other 4 make it up for the range. I really like PC-1, it’s great for everyday use!

If I were to rate it, a 2.5/5 for the blues and greens and a 3.5/5 for the other 4 colors.

These HyperCosmos Eyeshadow Duos are priced at $17.90 each and can be found in major departmental stores, Watsons and Guardian etc.



MakeUp Collection: SLEEK MakeUP

So I’m going to be featuring my makeup collection in terms of brands and categories. I will be also doing an overview of the brand itself for those that I’ve categorized by brands.

And first up will be featuring my mini Sleek MakeUP collection which consists of 3 eyeshadow palettes and 2 powder blushes.

Featured Products:

  • Sunset Palette (Check out the swatches here)
  • Curacao Palette L.E (Palette on the left in the last photo)
  • Aruba Blush (Orange)
  • Mediterranean Palette L.E (Palette on the right in the last photo)
  • Santorini Blush (Hot Pink)

Swatches of the 2 palettes can be easily found on the net, let me know if you want me to do the swatches. 😛

Sleek MakeUP have quite a wide variety of eyeshadow palettes and I would say most of them are really pigmented. At least for the 3 that I’ve owned. The palettes are compact and easy to bring around. I don’t recommend you to bring along these palettes for travel as they are quite fragile. (Unless you hand carry them.)

Each palette comes with 10 colors in different textures. Most of the palettes comes with a matte black shade. Meaning if you have 5 palettes, maybe you will the same matte black in all of them. I’ve 3 of the palettes and 2 of them came with the matte black shade. This can be a good or bad thing. What do we do with so many of the same black color? We can always use one wet and the other dry. Black shadow can always doubled up as an eyeliner too.

Sleek Blushes are awesome. Pigmented and great color payoff. Just one swipe of the brush and it’s enough. Don’t be scared of by the vibrancy of the blushes, they are one of the more natural blushes that I’ve owned. If you’re fair like me, you just have to brush on the blush lightly. If you’re of a darker skin tone, you just have to use a little bit more product. I rate a 5 star for the pigmentation of Sleek blushes. Also, the color lasted for a good 5 – 6 hours on oily skin like mine.

The price for Sleek MakeUP is very affordable too! The palettes are priced at $10USD and blushes at $7.80USD. So it’s roughly around $15/16 for the palettes and $10/11 for the blushes depending on where you spree them from and the exchange rate.

Alright on to the photos!