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Hello 2020, You’re rather unwelcoming

The start of a new decade. The beginning of a new era, or so we thought. But who would have thought that a pandemic would happen in this year full of hopes? Especially for those who had a rather bad year in 2019. Maybe 2020 is an end instead of a beginning. I think for […]

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Hitting the Weight Loss Plateau

Having started my weight loss journey in late December 2018, the kilograms loss in the first two months have been pretty fast. Within 2.5 months I see a whopping 8 kilos loss. But soon I realized that I slowly stopped losing weight that quickly. Another 1.5 months passed and I only lost another 1.8 kilos. […]

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Entering 2019 With A Mission

Every beginning of the year, we will start seeing ‘New Year Resolutions” popping up everywhere on our socials. But often, we tend to post these resolutions for the sake of it. How many of these resolutions have we actually realized? Asking myself that question, I know my answer is no. Hence, instead of a new […]

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2018 in a nutshell

I was in the train early this morning and watching the leaves fall from the trees as the wind blows. The scene is so apt for this time of the year. 这落叶的季节就好比一年的完结。新的一年的来临,就好比萌芽的新叶子。 2018 started on a very low note for me. With me being tormented emotionally by a relationship destined to doom and it eventually […]

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First Tattoo

Inked – Rose, Star chain, ‘Have Faith’ Some might think it’s an impulse. Considering the timeline when I announced that I wanted to get inked was around the time when I ended my relationship. But have faith in me, that’s definitely not the reason. The Star I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo for a […]

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My Thoughts On Dayre

A Confession Many of you might have noticed that I’ve hardly blogged in this precious space of mine that I’m so proud of for the past year. There are many factors to my negligence to this space. I was preoccupied with a relationship that have now ended on a bad note. I deleted the post […]

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Dealing with Skin Allergy

Skin allergy, it just happened with no warning. Or maybe there was, just that I didn’t give much notice. It started with an itch, followed by the redness and the rashes. Then it started peeling and the red marks that remain during the healing process makes you look like you’re having a horrible infection. I […]

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