Makeup Brushes: How Often Do You Wash Them?

Importance Of Washing Your Makeup Brushes

It’s not difficult to guess that the process of washing our makeup brushes is a chore that no one likes. ¬†And how tempting it is to just keep using the makeup brushes without washing them for an extended period of time.

Imagine the amount of product built up in the brushes and the amount of bacteria accumulated in the brushes. Now, imagine that amount of bacteria being transferred back to your skin each and every single time you use it.

I would say that washing our brushes is part of a skincare routine! Having clean brushes means no bacteria which also means minimizing the chance of infection and getting breakouts. And this ultimately leads to better skin!

Having clean brushes also makes the application of makeup smoother! Plus you don’t want to have murky colours just because you didn’t clean the brushes properly!

makeup brushes washed

Cleansing Agents For Your Makeup Brushes

daiso detergent for makeup brushesThe highly raved $2 Daiso Sponge Detergent! Always out of stock at the stores. I’ve previously stocked up to 5 bottles and is left with 2 now! This is hands down the best cleanser out there for your sponges and puffs and beauty blenders! I used to use this for brushes and it cleans them out just as well.

MUFE instant makeup brushes cleanser

MUFE Instant Brush Cleanser which I swear by! I used this to cleanse my brushes after every client I made up while on a job. Personally, I used this once every 2 days of makeup application to clean my brushes. This cleanser takes off the most stubborn stains!

makeup store soap

Probably one of my best buys ever. The Makeup Store Brush Cleansing Soap. I bought it at $26 around 2 years ago and used it once every two months for a deep cleansing session. It’s probably left with 30% of the product as the middle part is going to hit “pan’ soon. Highly recommended as it’s just so convenient! You just have to swirl your brushes on the soap and see all the makeup runs out!

Bonus Tool For Getting Those Makeup Brushes “Squeaky” Clean

brush egg

I’ve gotten this BrushEgg Dupe sometime back from a flea and it has since up my brush cleaning regime by a notch! Instead of just swirling my brushes in the soap, I’ll swirl it on the ridges of the BrushEgg to get the stubborn makeup, especially foundation off the bristles of the brushes. The friction definitely gave my brushes a deeper cleansing!

So How Often Do You Wash Your Brushes?

I gave my brushes a quick cleanse with the instant cleanser every 2 days and I do a deep cleanse every 2 months. Used to have a monthly deep cleanse before I started using an instant cleanser.

How about you? How often do you cleanse your brushes? If you are not doing so for more than 2 months, you better start washing those brushes before you use them again!


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