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Halloween have always been an occasion to dress up and go crazy with the costumes and makeup. For the past few Halloweens, I had my share of fun dressing up and doing my goth makeup. This year, I took up a new role. Instead of dressing myself up, I’m going to do Halloween Makeup for others instead as a professional artist! It was tiring but the sense of satisfaction was enough to overpower the tiredness. And I must say it is definitely a lot more fun than dressing yourself up. 🙂

halloween makeup

One of my victims. Don’t we look similar? That’s because he’s my blood brother! And I turned him into a sister, whom happened to look dead. 😛

halloween makeup scary

Let me introduce you all to two pretty ladies here. The Evil Nun and the Ghost Bride. I just realized it’s a clash of the East and the West! I must say I’m super happy with the results. They are hired to go scare people in the office for Halloween! Super cool idea by the company I must say!

halloween makeup sfx

One of my favorite types of Halloween Makeup has got to be special effects! I just love creating these gory looks burns or scars! And this lady from Airbnb is game enough to ask for her whole arm to be ‘burnt’ so I gladly obliged. She love the results and so do I! The other satisfying factor of makeup is when your client is happy with it. 🙂

halloween makeup joker

Say hi to Joker! She’s super on with her costume and even sprayed her hair green. Glad to be able to complete her Joker look for her!

halloween makeup airbnb

A trio of pretty ladies that I made up for! Check out the hole on the neck of the lady on the left!

More photos on my JFMA FB page!

What will I be dressing up for Halloween next year? I think I will still want to be ‘dressing up’ as a Makeup Artist!

Till the next Halloween!


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