Taipei Travelogue 1.4 (台北自由行1.4饶河夜市,新驿旅店)

Finally I’m have the time to blog about the last part of my Taipei Travelogue. It’s going to be just a short post on the 2nd hotel I stayed on my trip and on Raohe Night Market.

To be honest, my trip was not well planned. I have in mind a few places which I wanted to visit and the rest is just up to where my mum wanted to go. I wanted to head up to Jiufen but sadly the weather is not great so my mum decided against the idea. Oh wells, at least it was not like I’ve not been there so it’s not that bad.

So I stayed at City Inn Taipei Station III for the last two days of my trip. I initially planned to travel to Taichung for the first two days of my trip but end up cancelling those plans and hence ended up staying at two different hotels in Taipei as City Inn was already fully booked when I checked the availability to extend my stay.


I would say City Inn is small in terms of room size but more modern in terms of design. I love the full length mirror in the room! I stayed at City Inn III which is about 15 minutes walk to Taipei Main station.



My mum and me settled our lunches there at the food court which is slightly expensive compared to the night markets but generous servings!



Spotted this Iguana/Chameleon which apparently is a pet of one of the locals. Caused quite a bit of commotion among the diners. Haha.



I also went to WuFenPu but didn’t take much photos as it was drizzling and there’s just too much to see. Nearest train station to get to WuFenPu and Raohe Night Market would be HouShanPi station. Getting to Raohe Night Market to WuFenPu is about 15-20 minutes walk.


Raohe Night Market is not really huge but it’s one of the best one. Loads of yummy local delicacy and other random things to see. This is a stall selling mini Doriyaki! Super cute!


You can see pets for sale and I can’t resist checking out these cuties!


The look on this French Bulldog is so cute and grumpy!!


No kittens spotted but there’s this beautiful Scottish Fold. Hopefully it found a forever home already.


For beef lovers, you must try this flamming beef cubes at Raohe! Good quality beef at night market price!! Melts in your mouth I swear!


I super regret getting the small sized one, gone in a few mouthfuls. But it’s really so good that I’m salivating while typing this. Haha.


I love seafood and clams is one of my favorite. So though it’s quite expensive at NTD150 if I’m not wrong for 6 clams, I still wanted to try it out. And I must say it’s really worth to pay that amount for the fresh juicy clams!

meeatingclamsCheck out the size of the clam! It’s definitely bigger than any average clams you find in Singapore.


And I’m going to end my travelogue here pretty abruptly with a selfie I took at the hotel lobby before heading to the airport. The hotel helped us arranged a private driver to the airport at only NTD450 I think which is pretty reasonable. We had to take the car because we bought way too much stuff and gain one new huge luggage. Haha.

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