Treat and Trim at Salon De Choix

It’s back to Salon De Choix for some hair pampering and this time I decided not to do any colouring as the previous colours are still holding up well. The fringe part faded a little but it faded nicely so I’m leaving it as it is for now.

So I settled for treatments and a trim to maintain the shape of my bob style. 🙂

Before the usual pampering hair mask treatment with steaming, I get to enjoy a scalp treatment first! The pores on my scalp are being opened up by combing so that it can be cleanse properly.

Massaging the minty treatment essence into the scalp. This part is just shiok. Your scalp is getting treated and you’re getting a head massage too!

Check out the shape of my bob hair without any styling. Short hair is addictive I tell you. Though I miss my long hair, I still want to keep this length for awhile more before going back to long hair.

Here’s my hair after all the awesome treatments and trim! I got Ricky to trim my fringe shorter as it’s poking in my eyes. Look how smooth my hair is!

Pamper yourself by getting a treatment done for your hair! Enjoy 15% off all regular hair services when you quote “Joyce” when making your appointments! Call them at 6836 2959!

Salon De Chiox located at Winsland House(5 min away from Somerset Mrt)!

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