Gold Coast Travelogue: Day 3

I guess I’m one blogger who procrastinate a lot. Finally, I’m here blogging about the last day of my GC trip.


Starting of with an OOTD of that day. This was taken near the pool area of Moorings.


We booked a morning cruise at the reception of our Apartment for AUD20 per pax. (Which is pretty cheap in my opinion.) They have three cruises per day, Morning cruise which they served coffee and pastries, Afternoon which they served delicious smelling sausages and also an Evening cruise which I forgot what they serve. This wharf where we waited for the cruise is just right behind our apartment, super convenient.


While waiting, of course must take photo so I grabbed the Mum for a photo. Haha.


After awhile, the cruise arrived. It’s a double decked cruise ship where the top is open and where most of us sat.

cruisingmegreenary bg

The above selca is just to show how nice my hair was then, the color and all. Haha.


The day was sunny with a very comfortable breeze blowing. So we start the cruise from the Nerang River down and will eventually reach where Sea World Resort is and then come all the way back.


Down the cruise, we get to see the cityscape on one side and landscape on the other. It’s really nice.


The post will be too long if I post individual photos, so here’s a collage. We past by many properties on the way and most of them have a berth for their yacht. Which is quite common if you stay by the river I guessed. There’s even one with a helipad though, that’s what I called extravagant.


This photo was taken when we are near Sea World and there’s loads of sea gulls flying. I only resize this shot, did not edit the colors at all. See that tiny piece of ‘beach’ area on the right? Apparently it will be bigger as the tide goes down and you will see a huge group of sea gulls perched there.


Another obligatory shot with the Mum with the beautiful scenery behind.


One more of myself. Haha.


After the cruise, we took a bus and headed straight to Robina Town Center which is one of the newer malls in GC. As you know, shopping malls in Australia closes as early as 4pm and our cruise ended at 12pm. So we waste no time and headed straight there. The bus ride took about 30 mins or so.


Gumball machine I spotted!

I would say the malls in Australia are somewhat similar to what we have here in Singapore. Except they have places like Target and Price line which have a huge selection of everything. But then prices in Australia ain’t that cheap.


We passed by this fruit shop and my Mum got all excited. I must say I was pretty amazed as these are all local produce and they do smell great of nice fresh fruits! The colors are so vibrant too!


So my Mum’s name is Apple, and she requested this shot of her holding an Apple. Ok can.


Last place of the day was the Beachfront Markets held every Wed, Fri and Sun at the Surfer Paradise Foreshore. We were supposed to go on Friday but it was cancelled due to bad weather. I would say it’s best to check their FB when you head there during bad weather days to check if it is cancelled or not.

beach markets

The Beachfront market is pretty similar to the flea markets we have here in Singapore. But there, you can find many handmade goods and interesting things that you can only find there. There’s weren’t many stalls when I was there which I believe it’s the start of Winter that’s why. From their FB, I see that they have a lot more stores now that it is Spring.


And that marks the end of my 3 Days trip in GC. It was a nice relaxing trip for me though there’s some hiccups here and there. I mean, I’m travelling with my Mum and her friend, of course there will be problems. I could have went Hot Air Ballooning or to one of the theme parks.

I kind of regretted picking this period (end of May, start of Winter) to visit GC though I love the weather. Next time, I shall go during September/October period where it’s Spring time and the weather is still cooling.

I hope my short travelogue here can help you all out there if you happened to be planning a trip to GC. It’s an alternative guide if you’re not interested in the theme parks etc. I’m definitely going back there again to try out the more adventurous stuff though!

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