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Was invited down to MooJaa for a tasting for their signature Mookata last week and here’s my take on it!



Located at 25 Keong Saik Road, the only and only MooJaa outlet is easy to spot from a distance from the cute pig logo! Unlike other Mookata outlets, MooJaa is classier and have a more comfortable ambiance.



They have two versions of the Thai Iced Tea, one with milk and one without. I highly recommend this to go along with you Mookata meal as it’s refreshing and flavorful. I also like the fact that it’s not too sweet.



Before the pot is set up, we were served cheese balls and the very nice crispy fish skin! I love the fish skin, you can hear the crunch when you bite into it! Another way of eating it is to dip it into the soup for awhile to soften it a little. Both ways are good! The sauces are very appetizing adding new flavors on top on the flavor of the food itself.



Here’s how a standard set Moo/Gai set looks like. You can choose either one, Moo is pork and Gai is Chicken. It is recommended for two persons but I think it can fill up 3 persons if you all have small appetite. 😛



Over at Moojaa, they only use good quality Japanese Charcoal. I noticed that throughout the meal, I did not feel overwhelmed by the smoke neither did I smell smokey after the meal which is a good thing.



The unique point of Mookata is the dome shaped pot and also the pork lard that is used to add to the fragrant and flavor of the food to be followed.



No worries if you are unsure of how the food should be cooked on the pot, the staff over at MooJaa will show you how for the first round. Nothing too difficult! 😛 Basically, you cook the meat on the dome shaped area and slowly the juices of the meat will flow into the soup adding flavor to it as you cook. So it will get better and better. 🙂



This is how the pot should looked like with all the ingredients throw in! Are you hungry already? The soup base consists of both chicken and pork and they also have a Tom Yum version if you love spicy! One thing to note is that they do not use MSG in their soup nor food!



MooJaa also served Angus Beef and Kurobuta Pork if you are a meat lover. And look at the amount of cheese inside the cheese balls, yummy! MooJaa also served Hokkaido scallops and they are pretty good I must say. You know how some scallops shrink after being cooked for too long? These doesn’t.



Like I mentioned, the beauty of Mookata is that the more you cook, the yummier the soup will become. Enjoy BBQ food and not let the juice goes to waste by allowing it to flow into the soup.



I find that MooJaa focuses a lot on the natural flavors of the ingredients which is why you won’t find it too salty or too sweet. This is great for those who prefer healthier choices during meals. MooJaa will be able to satisfy your craving and you won’t feel guilty afterwards.


Oh, one thing I must not forget to mention is that the rice served at MooJaa is really good! They cooked it with vegetable stock and it’s nice and fragrant. For someone like me who don’t really eat rice, I love it!

Overall, I rate a 7.5/10 for MooJaa! I would recommend MooJaa if you are looking for a place with good ambiance and nice food! Or if you have never tried Mookata before, this is the place you should check out!

MooJaa is opened till 6am so if you want to satisfy your hunger pangs in the wee hours, this is a place you can go too!

For more information, check out their FB or call them for reservations!


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