Things I look out in a man

Before I go on about the list, I shall first state that I’m a super superficial person.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or something along the line, does not applies to me. Don’t tell me that as long as you love the person, it does not matter tall, short, fat, skinny. Why don’t you go date any Tom, Dick, Harry then?

Friends around me would say I’ve super high expectations which I agree.

Why settle for less?

If you expect A, don’t settle for B or C just simply because everyone around you is getting attached or married.

Imagine settling down with a B or C and then you met A. Regrets, and maybe cheating will come in place. All sorts of problems come along. And the poor B or C will be hurt.

Definitely, you have to search through the many Bs and Cs to finally find your A. But that doesn’t mean you are allowed to give false hope to the other party if your feelings aren’t mutual.

Then comes the questions, do you find someone you love more or someone who loves you more? The perfect answer will be finding someone who loves you as much but to be honest how high is this possibility?

For me, I rather someone whom I love more. At least he’s someone I wanted and I will be happier. If it’s someone who loves me more, I think I will just keep picking on his flaws simply because I don’t love him as much?

Hence, rather lead a carefree single life then wasting my time and B or C’s time while I continue my search for A.

Well, I guessed I’ve made my point. So let’s move on to the actual expectations.


I’m pretty blessed to be have a height of 1.68m and I love my heels no matter how much they bite me. I’m also pretty sure no guys would actually not mind their girlfriends taller than them right? The ideal height I look out for would be 1.78m min to about 1.9m? Anything taller, I don’t think I want to look up all day, my poor neck.

I like pretty guys and manly ones of course. I just have a soft spot for pretty charming looking guys. You know those 美男子 category kind of guys?  A perfect example, would be my idol Danson Tang. Pretty handsome man whom is muscular at the same time. By muscular I mean fit, like lean muscular and not the huge muscle man type. Best is have 6 packs abs or at least some form of abs or flat tummy.

I don’t really like guys who’re too tanned. Not that I’m not attracted to tanned good looking guys. But I’m like pretty fair and taking photos beside a tanned person shows too stark a difference in skin tones.

Best is those who just happen to not get tanned no matter how long they stay under the sun. LOL.

But of course, though I prefer fair guys don’t mean I won’t fall for tanned guys. 😛


Ok, this is pretty important. He needs to be able to hold intellectual conversations. IQ and EQ should both be on the high side. I’m not a super smart person, so I would like someone smarter than me at least. I cannot handle someone that is least smart. Ask me stupid questions and I’ll say bye bye.

He must know a lot but that does not means that he can be arrogant. I’m pretty much a clumsy person and he needs to be able to look out for me. 😛


I for once, cannot stand childish guys. This does not equals to age, but rather the mindset. However, I don’t think I’m able to accept guys that are more than 7 years older than me. Maximum 7 years older and I don’t think I can accept younger unless he proves to be mature.

He needs to know what he wants in life and have a clear plan of the future. He don’t have to be super rich but he needs to know how to handle his money. He needs to be decisive. I think that guys who works hard in their career are super attractive.


I like guys to be in control but that doesn’t mean he can be possessive.

I really hope that my future partner is able to play a musical instrument. I think that guys who are talented in music are super duper attractive.

He needs to like cats. I personally love cats and if he’s someone who hate cats, I don’t think I will like him very much either. Ok, to be fair, he don’t have to like them, but he has to be ok/neutral with them.

He cannot interfere with my way of life. Meaning, trying to change me or trying to stop me from having my time with my friends. Trying to change me is definitely a no-no. I will never give up friends for a guy, but I will definitely allocated more time for my future partner.

He cannot be selfish or petty. I think it’s a major turn off.

The list can go on and on. But I’m going to be stopping here. Somehow I feel, I’m describing Mr Non-Existent/ Mr Only appear in my dreams. LOL.

Probably, many of you might say that I’ve high expectations. But if it’s a guy that I might be spending my life with, I cannot anyhow right?

To be honest, there was a point of time in my life where there’s this guy which I like a lot. He pretty much match most of the things I’ve listed down. The sad thing is, he belongs to someone else. One sided love – story of my life. The other sad thing is, he still has a small little space in my heart. And it’d been 3 years.



I keep telling myself, I deserve better. And I’ll wait for the best man for me to appear. I believe that one day, he will appear.


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One Response to Things I look out in a man

  1. Cat(Herine) November 4, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    I used to have high expectations (when I was still straight anyway) on character & qualities, not even on looks. I rem an ex bf (who isn’t even that gd looking himself) told me to “mai hiam” cos he “hiam” me more. I was glad I gave him up cos now I see his recent photos, i feel like puking. Not to mention that he used to be violent towards me.

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