Genting Travelogue: Day 1

Hi all!

I’m here to blog about Day 1 of my Genting Travelogue! It’s mainly about food and the hotel!! Hehe.

So we reached Genting at around 12 pm plus if i’m not wrong? After like 5 hours plus of coach ride. Then we head to check in and have to wait awhile at the Lobby cafe while they are getting our rooms prepared. I would say the wait is worthwhile as the room is love!

Got my room card! Our rooms are located at level 27, the second highest level in Genting. Room no is 27 949 which is located at a straight walk from the lift lobby! 😛

The room we are staying at is the World Club Room at First World Hotel. It’s one of the more deluxe room over at First World and cost roughly around RM300+++ per night depending on the period. It has a lounge area with a sofa, a dressing area, 2 single beds, TV, mini fridge and an awesome bathroom with standing shower and bathtub!

The bathtub comes with an awesome view of Genting! That’s why I say the location of my room is great! Imagine taking a hot bath and looking out at the pretty awesome view of Genting. I’ve no photos of the night view, but here’s one I took in the morning.

From my room, I pretty much get an overview of the whole of Genting which is awesome to look at when you wake up early in the morning. XD

Here’s my mum taking a rest on the comfy bed while I was taking photos of the room! Mum loves the room! I would say that hotel rooms are one of the most important factors for a trip! Though we spent most of our time outside shopping, eating etc, it would be lovely to come back to a nice and comfortable room for a night’s rest after a long day out there! And I’m really happy to be able to come back to such a comfy room during the 2 nights stay in Genting!

Hence, I really highly recommend you to stay in the World Club Room at First World when you go to Genting!! I know that is definitely my first choice if I visit Genting next time!

After resting for awhile at our rooms, it’s lunch time at Ming Ren Restaurant! We were all hungry after the long coach ride and can’t wait for lunch!

Here’s the menu for lunch! It’s a eleven course meal!! Eat till you drop! 😛

Taking photos while waiting for the food to arrive!

We were served the soup first and it’s the Boiled Yam and Papaya soup! The yam and papaya are cooked till it’s really soft and easy to eat! The soup is very flavorful! It’s one of my top favorites!

Here we have the special XinJiang rice which is really good, along with the fried bean curd which is crisp on the outside and soft inside.

Ming Ren Restaurant specialized in lamb dishes and we get to try 2 of them! The Lamb Skewer and Roasted Lamb Leg. The Lamb Skewer taste a little like our satay with different spices. The Wasabi Prawns is not too spicy and actually goes well with the dragon fruit. The XinJiang Ice cream served is actually made with lamb oil and has a unique taste to it. It actually taste more like Iced cream rather than Ice cream. 😛

Eat all the lamb! I prefer the Lamb Skewer to the Roaster Lamb Leg as it’s more tender! XD

After lunch, it’s free and easy time! Shine, Miyo, me plus our mums decided to walk around Genting together. By then, it’s already quite foggy outside and the weather is superbly cooling! I seriously do miss Genting’s weather! It’s totally awesome!

The three of us taking photos while waiting for our mums to shop! We basically shopped around the mall where the Indoor theme park is. It’s quite fun to be shopping while looking at the rides passing by.

Time flies and soon it’s dinner time at the Imperial Genting Palace! What’s waiting for us was an awesome meal. This dinner was probably my best meal in Genting!

Spare Ribs, Oysters, Fish Rolls, Prawns and a special breed Dragon Tiger Grouper!

I loved the Baked Fresh Oysters with Cheese! It’s juicy and flavorful!!

Here we have is the Doubled Boiled Minced Quail Ball with Assorted Fungus. This post itself cost around Rm120! It’s a pot of soup with goodness! There’s all sorts of fungus and dried scallops. Main point is the Minced Quail Ball which is super tender and juicy!

We also had Yam Chicken Rice and a very refreshing dessert, the Moisten Snow Pear with Preserved Date. I like how it’s not too sweet and yet cooling and refreshing!

My Mum loves fish and she all she had was good praises for the Dragon Tiger Grouper! I totally agreed that the fish is awesome! It’s meat is tender and sweet, super fresh too!

Did I mentioned that the Executive Chef was with us during the dinner? Though I wasn’t sitting at the same table as him, but I did overhear him sharing about the dishes with the others! XD I’m pretty sure all our mums enjoyed the meal, look at their happy faces!

After dinner, the mum and me took a walk around before returning to our room! I had an warm bath in the bathtub, enjoying the view before heading to bed. That’s how life should be.

Look at the smile on The Mum, I’m satisfied seeing that.

Very thankful to OMY.SG and Resorts World Genting!

Look out for Day 2 and 3! XD


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