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Today I’m doing a review on Tanda Zap! Tanda Zap uses blue light technology and sonic vibrations to fight against zits! The blue light actually kills the bacteria that causes acne and clear them up!



Standing at only 3 inches, it’s easy to bring out especially for travel! Imagine a zit popping out when you’re travelling and you won’t feel like taking photos cause of that tiny zit! But if you have the Tanda Zap with you, there’s no need to worry much!


The Tanda Zap works on 3 AA size batteries! Tanda Zap provides 2 minutes treatments each time and each set of batteries can last for about 40 treatments. The lifespan of the device is 1000 treatments. This device is retailing at $98. So 10 treatments is equal to $1 which I find it’s quite worth it!


Promise a fuss free treatment to get rid of your zits!


Be careful not to look into the blue light directly with your eyes!


Super easy to use! Just need to put the device over your zits for 2 minutes and you’re done! 2 to 3 times a day, and you can see significant changes to your zits the next day!


Just like this! Put it over your zit and wait for 2 minutes!


Here’s a little comparison picture after 3 treatments in 1 and a half days.


Have been using the device for about a month and it does help me clear up my acne! Works well on those bigger acne for me though! Now my brother is using it everyday and his acne is clearing up quite quickly too!

I personally think that this is great for emergency treatments for individual acne but of course you need a different product for the scarrings left behind.

I would definitely recommend this to those who wants fast solutions to getting rid of their acne! Also this is better then topical treatments as there will be no irritation nor allergies to blue light! 😛

Hopefully this review helps! XD

Tanda Zap is being distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by

To find out more about the devices and purchase information, check out their FB page!

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