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All for beautiful eyes!

Eye Love You Shadow Pencil in Khaki Grey, $16.90.

Swatch of the pencil. It’s quite pigmented, you have to draw a few times to get the desired intensity.

I actually reviewed this pencil without knowing the brand in the WishTrend Pencil Blind Test.

It’s a good eyeliner for daily use. Plus you can use it as a eyeshadow too!


Star Product of the bunch.

Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black, $22.90.

Rather then say a pen tip, I would say it’s more like a felt tip. Stiff but comfortable to draw on the skin.

Swatch of this liner. Pigmentation is there, smooth and easy to apply.

Very intense black.


Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black with Mini Mascara, $25.90.

Comes in a soft brush tip.

As  the brush tip is softer as compared to the Pen, it might not be that easy to control as compared to the pen.

But you can create much thinner lines with the brush liner. Pigmentation is good but not as intense as the pen liner.


LGel Liner and Cake Eyebrow Pot in Violet, $27.90.

Comes with a dual ended brush, one for the brows and one for the liner.

The cake eyeshadow is of a very soft brown which makes it easy for you to control the intensity that you want for your brows.

As for the liner, it does not applies smoothly but color intensity is there. It’s a very nice and vibrant violet shade.


Waterproof Mascara Kill Volume, $29.90.

A quick drying mascara that will not smudge up to 10 hours.

Have not used this yet, wait for my review! XD


I would highly recommend the Pen Liner to all fans of eyeliners! It’s really very easy to use and it’s really super intense. Great for that cat eye look!

CLIO products are available exclusively at Watsons.




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