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Sinar Eco Resort: A Tranquil Escape From The City

sinar eco resort

Covering over 8 acres of land, Sinar Eco Resort has got two main areas, one side being the farm/camping area near to the river and the other side is where the lodging area is along with the main reception.

Located in the small town of Pekan Nanas, the resort is just an hour drive away from JB Sentral Customs. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by Palm trees during the drive into the resort!

Sinar Eco Resort: Modern Lodging in a Farm

There are two kinds of room option at the resort, one being the container rooms which as the name suggests, built using those shipping containers. The other option is the apartment rooms which is in the same building as the main reception area. Apartment rooms are suitable for families or bigger groups.

Standard Apartment Common Living Area

Standard Apartment Room

Standard Apartment Room

Apartment rooms are suitable for families or bigger groups. Each apartment room requires a minimum of 4 to stay and they share a common living room within the apartment.

Nautical Theme Apartment

Nautical Theme Apartment Room

The furniture in the apartment were all built by the staff at the resort. They have a workshop by the farm area where the staff are able to create furniture etc based on their own creativity! There’s one apartment which is a Nautical theme and the idea came from the staff!

Inside the container room

Container Room Washroom

Container rooms are more suited for couples and fit maximum up to three persons. I stayed at the ground level container room and love how easily accessible I can get back to my room. The full-length window in the room allows for good lighting in the room and I love it! The room comes with all the amenities you will find in a standard hotel room.

The rooms are of a modern design and are very clean and comfortable. And yes, the bed is really comfortable! The rooms definitely exceeded the expectations of one would have from an Eco Resort.

The wallpaper is a perfect backdrop for selfies~ 😀

Food @ Sinar Eco

Yummy fried rice served during lunch.

Meals are served at the cafe right next to the reception area. I must say that I’m very well fed with the delicious home-cooked meals served up by the resort! There’s Fried Rice for lunch, Fried Chicken Chop for dinner, Nasi Lemak for Breakfast! You can opt for BBQ dinner at the poolside too!

Farm Experience & Activities At Sinar Eco Resort

Getting Up close with the Farm Animals!

Being a city girl, I hardly ever got close to farm animals even as a kid. Sure, there’s the zoo but there’s a barricade in between so you don’t really get to touch the animals. So when I saw all the animals, I was squealing like a kid. I must say I was a little scared too but you can’t blame me when you have baby goats running up to you and trying to play with you. But the baby animals are so adorable!!!

Tell me, where can you get to carry a one-day old baby sheep? Such a darling!

Getting to meet and touch the animals are not the only thing you can do! You can get your hands wet while having a go at milking the cows, and ride the horses too!

It was my first time seeing horses in real life and I was overwhelmed with excitement! I had a go at riding the horse and it was so tall!! I must admit it’s a little scary while I’m riding the horse but I was at ease because the groom was holding and leading the horse all the while.

Adventure at Sinar Eco

Other than having fun with the farm animals, one can have a go at activities like ATV rides, Kayaking, Eco-Rafting and Archery etc. You can also take either a day or night cruise down the river.

I had a go at Archery and I must say it’s not as easy as it seems. Air pistol or the real deal for me anytime! Lol. The ATV ride was fun and filled with adrenaline rush and be sure to expect mud flying all over if it’s wet!

Went for the river cruise at night and had a lovely time enjoying the night sky filled with stars! I even spotted a couple of fireflies on the ride! I definitely recommend the cruise at night! For the more adventurous type, you can even camp at the riverside for the ultimate experience!

Fun Fact: All the rafts were built by the staff at the resort! And while I was there, they are in the midst of building a 2 story raft! How cool is that?

Relax and Chill At the Resort

After all the fun and adventure at the resort, you can also opt to chill by the poolside at night and have a BBQ dinner.

Spacious Pool Room to accommodate large groups.

Karaoke room with large screen and great sound system!

They also have a very well equipped Karaoke room for you to sing to your heart’s fill. No worries about noise pollution since the only one who might complain are the chickens and goose near to the Karaoke room. If you are not a fan of singing, there’s always the pool room. 🙂

An overview of the resort from the rooftop.

They are also building a Sky Bar at the rooftop of the apartment block. I went up there and the view is awesome. You get a great overview of the whole resort! Imagine relaxing at the bar in the evening with the awesome view. Can’t wait to see how the bar looks like once it’s completed.

Thoughts on Sinar Eco Resort:

Just officially opened in October 2016, the resort is pretty new and they are adding new things every now and then! I highly recommend this place for a short getaway from the bustling city life! The resort is great for families and also suitable for young adults like me! There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

I enjoyed myself during the 2 Days 1 Night stay over at the resort and it’s a really nice break away from the fast paced city! Would love to return when their sky bar is completed!

Here’s a video to sum up my 2D1N stay at the resort! 😀

Sinar Eco Resort

Address: 81500 Pekan Nanas, Johor, Malaysia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinarEcoResort/



Taipei Travelogue 1.4 (台北自由行1.4饶河夜市,新驿旅店)

Finally I’m have the time to blog about the last part of my Taipei Travelogue. It’s going to be just a short post on the 2nd hotel I stayed on my trip and on Raohe Night Market.

To be honest, my trip was not well planned. I have in mind a few places which I wanted to visit and the rest is just up to where my mum wanted to go. I wanted to head up to Jiufen but sadly the weather is not great so my mum decided against the idea. Oh wells, at least it was not like I’ve not been there so it’s not that bad.

So I stayed at City Inn Taipei Station III for the last two days of my trip. I initially planned to travel to Taichung for the first two days of my trip but end up cancelling those plans and hence ended up staying at two different hotels in Taipei as City Inn was already fully booked when I checked the availability to extend my stay.


I would say City Inn is small in terms of room size but more modern in terms of design. I love the full length mirror in the room! I stayed at City Inn III which is about 15 minutes walk to Taipei Main station.



My mum and me settled our lunches there at the food court which is slightly expensive compared to the night markets but generous servings!



Spotted this Iguana/Chameleon which apparently is a pet of one of the locals. Caused quite a bit of commotion among the diners. Haha.



I also went to WuFenPu but didn’t take much photos as it was drizzling and there’s just too much to see. Nearest train station to get to WuFenPu and Raohe Night Market would be HouShanPi station. Getting to Raohe Night Market to WuFenPu is about 15-20 minutes walk.


Raohe Night Market is not really huge but it’s one of the best one. Loads of yummy local delicacy and other random things to see. This is a stall selling mini Doriyaki! Super cute!


You can see pets for sale and I can’t resist checking out these cuties!


The look on this French Bulldog is so cute and grumpy!!


No kittens spotted but there’s this beautiful Scottish Fold. Hopefully it found a forever home already.


For beef lovers, you must try this flamming beef cubes at Raohe! Good quality beef at night market price!! Melts in your mouth I swear!


I super regret getting the small sized one, gone in a few mouthfuls. But it’s really so good that I’m salivating while typing this. Haha.


I love seafood and clams is one of my favorite. So though it’s quite expensive at NTD150 if I’m not wrong for 6 clams, I still wanted to try it out. And I must say it’s really worth to pay that amount for the fresh juicy clams!

meeatingclamsCheck out the size of the clam! It’s definitely bigger than any average clams you find in Singapore.


And I’m going to end my travelogue here pretty abruptly with a selfie I took at the hotel lobby before heading to the airport. The hotel helped us arranged a private driver to the airport at only NTD450 I think which is pretty reasonable. We had to take the car because we bought way too much stuff and gain one new huge luggage. Haha.

Read my previous post on Kiko’s Diner here!

Joyce Forensia


Taipei Travelogue 1.1 (台北自由行1.1 桃园机场,星辰大饭店,西门盯)

Finally, I managed to sort out and edit my photos taken during my Taipei trip in May. So here I’m jotting down my travelogue! Will be blogging in both English and Chinese for this Travelogue! Instead of blogging by days, I’ll separate it into parts as this is really a very laid back trip with impromptu itinerary.


Photo with the Mum before entering the departure hall! We are taking Scoot to Taipei, I managed to grab tickets at $180++ each with return check in luggage.


Reached Taoyuan Airport at about 6 am. However, the counter that sells data sim cards only operates from 8 am. I bought the 5 days data plan at NTD 300.


As we had some time to kill while waiting for the counter to open, we bought some drinks at snacks from the convenience store! I miss that milk tea!

charging ports

Charging ports are available at the airport! This is a huge life saver!

bus tickets

After getting the data card, we proceeded to buy tickets for the bus ride to Taipei City. Tickets are at NTD 125 each and intervals of the bus is about 15 minutes for the bus company I bought from.


The bus is pretty spacious and comfortable, I even took a short nap. The ride itself is about 45 minutes to an hour and drops at Taipei Main Station.


The metro at Taipei is pretty easy to understand though it might get confusing with the many lines. And also the fact that alternate trains ends at different places. So be sure to look at the signs before boarding! The tickets are in forms of plastic coins like in Bangkok! Those are the single trip tickets. You can buy the Easy card similar to our Ez-link. The Mum and me decided to just stick to buying single trip tickets as we are not going to that many places. The 5 days card at NTD 700 each might be more expensive that paying per trip.

citizen hotel

Reached our hotel at about 9 am plus and the kind hotel manager allowed us to have breakfast while waiting for check in at 12 pm. We grabbed a bit and went to roam around the streets nearby. Citizen Hotel is located near Dungmen Station! The room is a little dated but very comfortable and cosy and the toilet comes with a bathtub!

No.80, Sec. 1, Jinshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

電話:(02)2397-1377 傳真:(02)2394-8726


We decided to head to XiMenDing after resting awhile at the hotel. Takes us about roughly 15-20 minutes from our hotel to XMD! Here’s a shot of the Mum posing at the entrance of XMD station. It is super crowded there!


I’ve been to Taipei 9 years ago when I was 15 and stayed at XMD then. The streets remains the same like in my memory.

ximenstreets store

Spot the cute heart shaped cotton candy! And the many many street food stalls!


When at Ximending, this is a must try! The famed Ah Zhong Mian Xian! The queue is pretty long but quick. Condiments like vinegar, garlic and chilli can be added at your own preference.


Unlike the oyster mee sua we have here in Singapore, the Ah Zhong version is the pig intestine mee sua. I find the taste pretty ok, nothing fantastic. The locals don’t really eat here though, we were told when asking for directions to the stall.

ah mao

Spotted Ah Mao! The famous dog at Ximending which is also the Mascot of the Risotto restaurant. I noted that there are two outlets and there’s another golden at the other outlet too! But I’m pretty sure this is Ah Mao cause he’s huge even though shaved. So cute!


The Mum and I spotted this stall at an alley and we decided to eat here. Simply because they have two of the food items that I’ve been craving for! The prices are super affordable too!

braised meat rice

Ordered a Braised Meat Rice to fufill our carbo quota. This is not bad.


Fried Smelly Tofu! I’ve missed this most from my trip 9 years back! I’m craving for it now while typing this. It’s crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. And it’s not smelly at all, very fragrant!


Spicy Duck Blood Tofu Soup! I love this! And it’s super fresh and Q! I ate this and the smell tofu almost everyday during my trip.

yakult galore

Okay, ending my part 1 here with a photo of the huge bottles of Vitagen/Yakult drinks! The ones in Taiwan seems to taste nicer compared to the ones we have in Singapore!



Genting Travelogue: Day 3

Day 3 was our last day in Genting. Or rather last half a day left.

We were up at around 7 am plus and got ready for our breakfast at around 8.30 am. This time, Breakfast is at Level 28 at the World Club Lounge. Just one level up from where our rooms were.

When we enter the lounge, what greeted us was a great view of Genting. We could see the whole of the outdoor theme park and the other hotels from Level 28. Did I mentioned that Level 28 is the highest floor in Genting?

Although it’s not as a wide variety as compared to the breakfast at the Coffee Terrace, there still many things to choose from! There’s french breads with different type of cheese, pratas, eggs in the way you like it, pancakes, seafood salad to porridge and noodles! There’s curry chicken too!

After breakfast, we bid farewell to Casey who was our guide for the whole of the trip! He’s a really nice and friendly guide who ensured that we have fun and was comfortable throughout the trip. My mum actually click quite well with him! XD The trip would not be as fun without him!

We then head back to our rooms and we decided to all move our luggage to my room as it’s the room most accessible to the lift lobby. Us bloggers then decided to leave our mums in the room while we made our way to the Visitor’s Gallery to take a look at Genting’s History. Genting will not have existed if not for it’s founder Dr Lim Goh Tong. He had the idea of building a highland resort while working at Cameron Highlands many years back and went forward with his idea to build Genting. It was quite an eye opener to look through the exhibits and see the revolution of Genting.

After visiting the Gallery, we decided to do some last minute exploring the shops that we passed by the day before. We also get our Baskin Robbins ice cream fix before heading back to the hotel to “collect” our mums! 😛 We were actually thinking that our mums would have went shopping themselves or came down to the lobby to meet us as we are supposed to head down to the coach waiting area at 12 plus.

Ended up our mums were still at the hotel room and the 4 of us, Shine, Miyo, Grace and me decided to play a little prank on our mums. Miyo rang the door bell and then we all ran to hide when one of our mums came to answer the door. Just nice it was Miyo’s Mummy who came to answer the door. It was super funny to hear their remarks on why there’s no on outside from our hiding area. It was also mad hilarious as we were all running with ice cream cones in our hands! 😛

We were caught red handed when an uncle who walked pass reveal to our mums that there were a few girls outside laughing. LOL. It was actually quite a sight when we enter the room though. Our mums were lying/sitting on the bed chit chatting and all. It seem that they had a really good time!

So we rest for a little while before checking out and headed to the coach area to book our seats for the coach. Our coach were actually delayed for one and a half hours. We sat there chatting to pass time while waiting before my mum get attracted to the Char Kuey Tiao smell and went to buy a plate to share. It was quite a sight to see all our mums sharing one plate of Char Kuey Tiao and it’s really cute!

Soon, our coach arrived and it’s a long way back to Singapore!

I really enjoyed myself during this 3D2N trip in Genting with the rest of the bloggers and all our mums! It’s great to be able to know the other bloggers better during this trip! 😛

(Candid of Miyo)

Really super thankful to Resorts World Genting and OMY.SG for such a wonderful experience and memories!

Do consider heading up to Genting if you’re looking for a short getaway from Singapore. There you will enjoy awesome cooling weather and there’s many yummy food! Have a whole day of fun at the theme park and head to the spa to relax! And if you’re interested, you can always try your luck at the Casino! Not forgetting there’s actually the Strawberry and Mushroom farm which you can visit!



Genting Travelogue: Day 2

Day 2 of Genting was the most happening day for us all!

(Before heading out to meet the rest!)

Call time was 7.45 am for all of us as breakfast is at 8am. It was really nice to wake up to nice weather, nice view and all!

Breakfast was at Coffee Terrace and it’s buffet style. And I must add on, international buffet style. You have the traditional Chinese style porridge, Western Style Bacon and Eggs to Japanese style Soba! So I took the chance to try a little of everything! The mum was happily choosing her choice of breakfast too. Till now, she still say she misses the waffle fries she had during the breakfasts at Genting!

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So we had our fill before heading to the one of the main attraction of Genting, no not the casino but to the THEME PARK!!

I love theme parks! Though I actually only been to like 1 theme park? So the theme park in Genting is my 2nd theme park! What’s so special about the theme park in Genting you may ask? Genting actually have an Outdoor and an Indoor Theme Park! Imagine taking a roller coaster zooming around in the mall. That’s what Melissa and me tried. 😛 It’s quite cool to zoom across the shops and screaming our lungs out! 😛

There are like those Tik Gum stalls at the theme park and they bring back memories of the fun fair we used to have here in Singapore last time. In fact, Genting Theme Park actually gives one the nostalgic feeling as it have been there for quite some time. It still remains the style of theme park last time as compared to the new ones.

I managed to try out a few rides and it’s fun! Though I failed to convince my mum to take the more exciting rides, she did take the monorail with us all. The monorail is a ride that will take you one round the theme park through the indoor theme park too. You get to see awesome view of the hills and clouds too! I think it’s a ride that’s suitable for the whole family! Especially our mums who are all a little high in age and can’t take those exciting rides like the roller coasters etc.

After walking around and having loads of fun in the theme park, it’s time for lunch! Lunch is at Hainan Express which is located at the Theme Park Hotel. And as you can guess from the name of the eatery, it’s Hainan Style food for lunch! Other than Hainan Chicken Rice, they actually have like Prawn Noodles, Asam Laksa, Curry Noodles etc. Not forgetting the thick toast too!

After a good lunch, we took a walk back to the Maxim Hotel where we are going to have our Spa Massage at the M Spa! On our way, we passed by Coffee Terrace where we had our breakfast and met this Clown! He’s really humorous and made us all laugh! Maybe you can try catching him around the area while you’re in Genting!

Did I mentioned that we have got access to Wifi at M Spa? All of us bloggers were busy updating twitter etc while waiting at the lobby area of M Spa for them to prepare the things for our massage! We literally had the whole spa place to ourselves and that is really nice. All our mums were really looking forward to the massage too! My mum was super excited about it as she kept hurrying me to stop taking photos and just go ahead with the massage! LOL!

So for the massage, most of us did the Balinese style massage and a body scrub using an Orange salt which is good for whitening! The whole process lasted for about 2 hours and I must say it’s really awesome. All of us looked more refreshed after the massage and scrub. Our skin were all smooth and brighten up!

Not forgetting the staff at M Spa were really friendly and helpful. I was asking one of the therapist about something but she did not really understand English so she immediately went to get someone who does to attend to me. That is something really nice and I really appreciate that.

After the awesome massage, it’s time for dinner! Seafood dinner to be exact at Happy Valley Seafood! Ok la, it’s not entirely seafood but still. 😛 They have a wide variety of seafood available and all are fresh from the tank! 😛

After our seafood dinner, we walked around exploring the little shops around Genting before heading to the highlight of the day! Sam Hui’s concert! Those who do not know who Sam Hui is, his Chinese name is 许冠杰, a very famous Hong Kong singer/actor. Not really our generation kind of star but definitely suit the taste of our mums!

I do actually recognized some of the songs he sang from the old Hong Kong movies that I’ve watched when I was really young. I was actually quite amazed at how he actually left the stage and walked into the audience and interact with them. That’s quite cool ain’t it?

The 5 of us bloggers actually get to take a photo with Sam Hui with 4 other of his lucky fans! So we left our mums at the audience after the concert ended to take the photo with Sam Hui. It was quite a fun sight seeing all our mum sitting at the audience from below the stage.

It was around 11pm plus nearly 12am after everything ended at the concert. It was a super long but fulfilling day for all of us! I’m really glad to see my mum had fun! And of course it was back to the hotel room to rest for the night. And I took an extra long bath in the bath tub that night since it’s going to be our last night in Genting. I really do like the hotel room we stayed in! It’s so comfortable!!

And that’s the end of Day 2 at Genting! Stay tune to Day 3 which is our final day at Genting!

Once again, thanks Resorts World Genting and OMY.SG for this awesome 3D2N at Genting!