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Genting Highlands Revamped

I’m pretty sure everyone had a memory of yourself visiting Genting Highlands when you’re much younger. Lodging at probably First World Hotel, playing at the old school outdoor theme park. In fact, here’s my very own memory of visiting Genting Highlands 7 years ago. Genting Highlands V.2019 I was invited to Resorts World Genting […]

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Visiting Bangkok

Looking back at the list of countries I’ve traveled to, I realized Bangkok is a place that I’ve frequent the most. There’s just something about the Land Of Smiles that makes one wants to visit it over and over again. And its seems like I’ve made it a point to make a trip there at […]

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Tokyo Travelogue: Visiting Tokyo Tower

Visiting Tokyo Tower: A Dream Come True Being an avid manga fan when I was much younger, I have known Tokyo Tower well through the mangas. Especially in my favourite manga, Magic Knight Rayearth, where the main characters first met each other at Tokyo Tower. So even though there’s a newer Observatory which is the […]

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Tokyo Travelogue: A Day Of Eating!

Tokyo Travelogue: Makan Edition No Tokyo travelogue will do without food. Food is probably the most essential of a trip I would say, especially when you’re travelling in Japan! So I’ve spent a day in Tokyo eating to my heart’s fill before spending the night at Tokyo Tower enjoying the night view~ Tsukiji Fish Market […]

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3 Grooming Tips Before Travelling

Simple Grooming Tips to look good effortlessly while travelling! We all want to look our best in our travel photos, take the best OOTDs, and look good in our selfies with well-known landmarks in the background. But time is essential while we travel! We definitely can’t afford to spend 2 hours to make ourselves look […]

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