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Tokyo Travelogue: A Day Of Eating!

Tokyo Travelogue: Makan Edition No Tokyo travelogue will do without food. Food is probably the most essential of a trip I would say, especially when you’re travelling in Japan! So I’ve spent a day in Tokyo eating to my heart’s fill before spending the night at Tokyo Tower enjoying the night view~ Tsukiji Fish Market […]

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Exploring Osaka In A Day

Here’s What I did in Osaka in a day! I flew to Osaka via Scoot during the end of September for 6 days and after deducting flight time and all, I essentially only have 4 days. So it’s important for me to plan my day properly to cover as many places as possible. There’s so […]

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Tokyo Luxey Meet Up

(Hiromi san from Tokyo Luxey and Candy, fellow beauty blogger) I’ve attended a meet up organized by Tokyo Luxey sometime last week and had an enjoyable time learning more about Tokyo Luxey and their mission to bring Japanese brands to all around Asia. (Maeda san from Tokyo Luxey sharing about the various products.) The lovely […]

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