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Brunch out at Wimbly Lu

Happy Labour Day!!!

How did you spent yours?

It’s brunch day out with Andy, Jq and Ben today!

Cafe that we visited today is Wimbly Lu that is famed for its chocolate desserts~


Located at Jalan Riang, a short walking distance from Lorong Chuan Mrt station, Wimbly Lu is pretty easy to find as it is easily recognizable by the cute red Volkswagen beetle just outside. My dream car! 🙂


Be prepared to wait before getting a table. I was late but I think the rest waited at least 20-30 minutes before getting the table. But of course, it’s public holiday after all so it might be not as long waiting time on normal days.

The menu is placed under the glass on the table which saves time and we could immediately refer to it.


Andy did some research beforehand on what to avoid and what are the must try’s , making the ordering process a pretty quick one.

I ordered an iced chocolate drink since the cafe is known for its chocolate dishes. It’s thick and smooth! Very chocolaty*!


There’s also the Hot Chocolate version which looks really delish with marshmallows!


The Root Beer Cake is one of the must try and it is pretty good indeed! Imagine chocolate moist cake with vanilla ice cream dipped in root beer.


Next must try is the Waffles with Ice Cream! We decided to have it with the Salted Caramel ice cream as we wanted to compare it with one of Andy’s fav at another place. According to Andy, it’s on par. To me, it’s nice and fluffy and its pretty crispy. It wasn’t as warm as it’s supposed to be as we spent some time taking photos of the food. Based on that, it still retain its crisp!


Ben ordered the Carrot Cake and I loved carrot cakes! But it’s pretty hard to find good ones as a lot out there are either too dry or too sweet. This is moist and not too sweet!


I also ordered the Mushroom Soup served with Garlic bread as I have not eaten anything yet. So before digging into the desserts, must eat something proper first! This is pretty normal and goes well with the bread.


I would recommend to order some savory dishes too along with the desserts as it can get too sweet if you order as much as us. Check out the spread we have among the four of us.


Nice cafe, nice car. Of course must take the opportunity to take photos.


For example, taking outfit of the day with the Beetle. 😛 That’s a simple outfit I put on for Brunch.
Pink top from F21.
Bag from Scape Underground.
White lace skorts.
Pink Jelly flats from KissJane.
Owl necklace from flea.


Photo with Ben! Haven seen him for very long since he MIA for a year!!!! Meet up more often for more brunches! Haha!


With dearest Meowmy, JQ! I like this photo a lot, both of us look good today. ;D


With Andy! 🙂


Wimbly Lu was pretty good! Definitely be back for their waffles again! And also return on a weekend to try their all day breakfast next time!


Hope you had a great Labour Day today too!


Genting Travelogue: Day 2

Day 2 of Genting was the most happening day for us all!

(Before heading out to meet the rest!)

Call time was 7.45 am for all of us as breakfast is at 8am. It was really nice to wake up to nice weather, nice view and all!

Breakfast was at Coffee Terrace and it’s buffet style. And I must add on, international buffet style. You have the traditional Chinese style porridge, Western Style Bacon and Eggs to Japanese style Soba! So I took the chance to try a little of everything! The mum was happily choosing her choice of breakfast too. Till now, she still say she misses the waffle fries she had during the breakfasts at Genting!

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So we had our fill before heading to the one of the main attraction of Genting, no not the casino but to the THEME PARK!!

I love theme parks! Though I actually only been to like 1 theme park? So the theme park in Genting is my 2nd theme park! What’s so special about the theme park in Genting you may ask? Genting actually have an Outdoor and an Indoor Theme Park! Imagine taking a roller coaster zooming around in the mall. That’s what Melissa and me tried. 😛 It’s quite cool to zoom across the shops and screaming our lungs out! 😛

There are like those Tik Gum stalls at the theme park and they bring back memories of the fun fair we used to have here in Singapore last time. In fact, Genting Theme Park actually gives one the nostalgic feeling as it have been there for quite some time. It still remains the style of theme park last time as compared to the new ones.

I managed to try out a few rides and it’s fun! Though I failed to convince my mum to take the more exciting rides, she did take the monorail with us all. The monorail is a ride that will take you one round the theme park through the indoor theme park too. You get to see awesome view of the hills and clouds too! I think it’s a ride that’s suitable for the whole family! Especially our mums who are all a little high in age and can’t take those exciting rides like the roller coasters etc.

After walking around and having loads of fun in the theme park, it’s time for lunch! Lunch is at Hainan Express which is located at the Theme Park Hotel. And as you can guess from the name of the eatery, it’s Hainan Style food for lunch! Other than Hainan Chicken Rice, they actually have like Prawn Noodles, Asam Laksa, Curry Noodles etc. Not forgetting the thick toast too!

After a good lunch, we took a walk back to the Maxim Hotel where we are going to have our Spa Massage at the M Spa! On our way, we passed by Coffee Terrace where we had our breakfast and met this Clown! He’s really humorous and made us all laugh! Maybe you can try catching him around the area while you’re in Genting!

Did I mentioned that we have got access to Wifi at M Spa? All of us bloggers were busy updating twitter etc while waiting at the lobby area of M Spa for them to prepare the things for our massage! We literally had the whole spa place to ourselves and that is really nice. All our mums were really looking forward to the massage too! My mum was super excited about it as she kept hurrying me to stop taking photos and just go ahead with the massage! LOL!

So for the massage, most of us did the Balinese style massage and a body scrub using an Orange salt which is good for whitening! The whole process lasted for about 2 hours and I must say it’s really awesome. All of us looked more refreshed after the massage and scrub. Our skin were all smooth and brighten up!

Not forgetting the staff at M Spa were really friendly and helpful. I was asking one of the therapist about something but she did not really understand English so she immediately went to get someone who does to attend to me. That is something really nice and I really appreciate that.

After the awesome massage, it’s time for dinner! Seafood dinner to be exact at Happy Valley Seafood! Ok la, it’s not entirely seafood but still. 😛 They have a wide variety of seafood available and all are fresh from the tank! 😛

After our seafood dinner, we walked around exploring the little shops around Genting before heading to the highlight of the day! Sam Hui’s concert! Those who do not know who Sam Hui is, his Chinese name is 许冠杰, a very famous Hong Kong singer/actor. Not really our generation kind of star but definitely suit the taste of our mums!

I do actually recognized some of the songs he sang from the old Hong Kong movies that I’ve watched when I was really young. I was actually quite amazed at how he actually left the stage and walked into the audience and interact with them. That’s quite cool ain’t it?

The 5 of us bloggers actually get to take a photo with Sam Hui with 4 other of his lucky fans! So we left our mums at the audience after the concert ended to take the photo with Sam Hui. It was quite a fun sight seeing all our mum sitting at the audience from below the stage.

It was around 11pm plus nearly 12am after everything ended at the concert. It was a super long but fulfilling day for all of us! I’m really glad to see my mum had fun! And of course it was back to the hotel room to rest for the night. And I took an extra long bath in the bath tub that night since it’s going to be our last night in Genting. I really do like the hotel room we stayed in! It’s so comfortable!!

And that’s the end of Day 2 at Genting! Stay tune to Day 3 which is our final day at Genting!

Once again, thanks Resorts World Genting and OMY.SG for this awesome 3D2N at Genting!


Genting Travelogue: Day 1

Hi all!

I’m here to blog about Day 1 of my Genting Travelogue! It’s mainly about food and the hotel!! Hehe.

So we reached Genting at around 12 pm plus if i’m not wrong? After like 5 hours plus of coach ride. Then we head to check in and have to wait awhile at the Lobby cafe while they are getting our rooms prepared. I would say the wait is worthwhile as the room is love!

Got my room card! Our rooms are located at level 27, the second highest level in Genting. Room no is 27 949 which is located at a straight walk from the lift lobby! 😛

The room we are staying at is the World Club Room at First World Hotel. It’s one of the more deluxe room over at First World and cost roughly around RM300+++ per night depending on the period. It has a lounge area with a sofa, a dressing area, 2 single beds, TV, mini fridge and an awesome bathroom with standing shower and bathtub!

The bathtub comes with an awesome view of Genting! That’s why I say the location of my room is great! Imagine taking a hot bath and looking out at the pretty awesome view of Genting. I’ve no photos of the night view, but here’s one I took in the morning.

From my room, I pretty much get an overview of the whole of Genting which is awesome to look at when you wake up early in the morning. XD

Here’s my mum taking a rest on the comfy bed while I was taking photos of the room! Mum loves the room! I would say that hotel rooms are one of the most important factors for a trip! Though we spent most of our time outside shopping, eating etc, it would be lovely to come back to a nice and comfortable room for a night’s rest after a long day out there! And I’m really happy to be able to come back to such a comfy room during the 2 nights stay in Genting!

Hence, I really highly recommend you to stay in the World Club Room at First World when you go to Genting!! I know that is definitely my first choice if I visit Genting next time!

After resting for awhile at our rooms, it’s lunch time at Ming Ren Restaurant! We were all hungry after the long coach ride and can’t wait for lunch!

Here’s the menu for lunch! It’s a eleven course meal!! Eat till you drop! 😛

Taking photos while waiting for the food to arrive!

We were served the soup first and it’s the Boiled Yam and Papaya soup! The yam and papaya are cooked till it’s really soft and easy to eat! The soup is very flavorful! It’s one of my top favorites!

Here we have the special XinJiang rice which is really good, along with the fried bean curd which is crisp on the outside and soft inside.

Ming Ren Restaurant specialized in lamb dishes and we get to try 2 of them! The Lamb Skewer and Roasted Lamb Leg. The Lamb Skewer taste a little like our satay with different spices. The Wasabi Prawns is not too spicy and actually goes well with the dragon fruit. The XinJiang Ice cream served is actually made with lamb oil and has a unique taste to it. It actually taste more like Iced cream rather than Ice cream. 😛

Eat all the lamb! I prefer the Lamb Skewer to the Roaster Lamb Leg as it’s more tender! XD

After lunch, it’s free and easy time! Shine, Miyo, me plus our mums decided to walk around Genting together. By then, it’s already quite foggy outside and the weather is superbly cooling! I seriously do miss Genting’s weather! It’s totally awesome!

The three of us taking photos while waiting for our mums to shop! We basically shopped around the mall where the Indoor theme park is. It’s quite fun to be shopping while looking at the rides passing by.

Time flies and soon it’s dinner time at the Imperial Genting Palace! What’s waiting for us was an awesome meal. This dinner was probably my best meal in Genting!

Spare Ribs, Oysters, Fish Rolls, Prawns and a special breed Dragon Tiger Grouper!

I loved the Baked Fresh Oysters with Cheese! It’s juicy and flavorful!!

Here we have is the Doubled Boiled Minced Quail Ball with Assorted Fungus. This post itself cost around Rm120! It’s a pot of soup with goodness! There’s all sorts of fungus and dried scallops. Main point is the Minced Quail Ball which is super tender and juicy!

We also had Yam Chicken Rice and a very refreshing dessert, the Moisten Snow Pear with Preserved Date. I like how it’s not too sweet and yet cooling and refreshing!

My Mum loves fish and she all she had was good praises for the Dragon Tiger Grouper! I totally agreed that the fish is awesome! It’s meat is tender and sweet, super fresh too!

Did I mentioned that the Executive Chef was with us during the dinner? Though I wasn’t sitting at the same table as him, but I did overhear him sharing about the dishes with the others! XD I’m pretty sure all our mums enjoyed the meal, look at their happy faces!

After dinner, the mum and me took a walk around before returning to our room! I had an warm bath in the bathtub, enjoying the view before heading to bed. That’s how life should be.

Look at the smile on The Mum, I’m satisfied seeing that.

Very thankful to OMY.SG and Resorts World Genting!

Look out for Day 2 and 3! XD



JayBee with the Cousins

It’s JayBee with the Cousins!! This is like our very first out of Singapore trip together even though it’s only to JayBee!! So dear Meldric is going to be enlisting very soon on the 12th June! And this trip is like a gathering before he enlist! He signed on for 5 years with the Police Force and I definitely wish him all the best. I’m pretty sure he’ll do fine. The army boys in our gang, Weijie have just recently ORD and Andy is going to get promoted soon I think. LOL.


So basically, all we did is to eat, shop, watch movie, shop, eat! Most of the time we were eating or munching on snacks while shopping. Haha!


Here’s our Brunch!! We had roasted chicken, roasted duck, char siew and roasted pork, kailan with oyster sauce. Whole meal cost us RM102.40 for the 9 of us. 😛


It’s also the first time for me to take a bus while in JB! I used to always just take the taxi when I went with The Mum. RM1.50 only for the bus ride to KSL where we watched the movie Piranha 3DD. It’s a lame movie, don’t waste your money to watch it. Lucky the ticket is only RM11. 😛


Dinner was Zhi Char!! WeiJie lead us to this alley where there are many stalls! Hygiene were not the best but the food is good! I think dinner cost us around RM160? We each forked out RM20 and got back RM2. Lol.


Cousins photo at the bus interchange. LOL! <3


Here’s a photo of Meldric and his girlfriend, Amanda! Don’t they look alike?


Best photo I’ve taken on the day. There’s no need for hug and kisses, just simple holding of hands shows all the love. =)

I love the cousins and it warms my heart to see them all happy. XD



Bangkok Travelogue: FOOD

In this post, I’m just going to spam photos of food that I’ve eaten or spotted in BKK! XD

Alright, here goes!

First meal in BKK!


This is some Rice with Chicken.

This is my absolute favorite food that I’ve had in BKK!


Only 89 Baht for the meal!!



Some Sour soup which I forgot the name.

Green Curry Fried Rice which is not bad too.

I just love anything Green Curry!

Fried Rice with Pork.

I must say Rice in BKK taste awesome!

I’m not a rice person but then I keep eating rice there!

Went to this Chinese Sukiyaki shop which is quite famous.

All the goodness in the pot!


Had this snack which taste quite good. Savory sweet taste!

Looks good too and the skin is crispy.

Fresh pomegranate juice!

Look at the yummy fruit!

Thai Mangoes! YUMMY!

One of the things that I’ve missed most.

Fried oyster omelette alike snack. Instead of oyster, it’s actually cuttlefish in it!

All the BBQ food!

This is another good stuff! QUAIL EGGS with the fish sauce and pepper!!

Thai Style Ice Blended Bubble Tea!

Just nice to quench thirst in the hot weather!

Dried Shrimps! My mum bought like 2 KGs.

Smells great and taste good too!

Raw seafood sold by the roadside.

Coconut snack.

Thai Style Noodles! YUMMY!

Beef Noodles!

I had both bowl of noodles within the same meal. Both taste damn nice!

Bean Paste snacks.

Old school soft drinks.

Fried Rice!

Tom Yum Soup again!

Egg Omelette!

Fried Vegetables and pork.

Dessert store where you can mix and match your own ingredients.

Steam Corn!! I never tried them though, stomach is already full when I spotted the corn!

This is some egg pastry snack. Smells real good.

The Mum with some random snack!

A&W in BKK!!

How can I not get their Root Beer Float!

Oh boy, this post is making me miss all the good food I had in BKK!