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Tokyo Travelogue: A Day Of Eating!

Tokyo Travelogue: Makan Edition

No Tokyo travelogue will do without food. Food is probably the most essential of a trip I would say, especially when you’re travelling in Japan!

So I’ve spent a day in Tokyo eating to my heart’s fill before spending the night at Tokyo Tower enjoying the night view~

Tsukiji Fish Market

Need I say more about anything on Tsukiji Fish Market? It’s the place to go to for fresh sashimi and sushi! And what’s better than starting the day with an awesome Sushi breakfast? Tsukiji Fish Market was scheduled to move in Nov 2016 but plans were delayed until winter season in 2017/2018 earliest! So I say, plan your trips there soon! You never know when they might decide to bring forward the move date!

Other than fresh fish, you can find dried goods store around the market where you can get those Dried Hotate for souvenirs! Fresh fruits can be seen in the market too!

And not forgetting the Tamagoyaki! This is a must try!

Grilled Hotate! Fresh and juicy!! Need I say more?

End your Tsukiji trip with a soft serve and you can never go wrong with Matcha when in Japan! (^.^)/

Just follow the crowd from Tsukiji Train station and you find your way to the fish market! You should be safe as long as you pass by Tsukiji Hongan-ji~

Pablo Cafe Omotesando 

Other than Baked, Pablo would be the other famous Cheese tart from Japan. Since I’m in Omotesando, how can I miss the opportunity to visit the cafe right? There will be a slight queue for dining in at the cafe at level 2, so do take note of that.

Ordered their original cheese tart served warm. It comes with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream which makes it more delish! I really love how fluffy the cheese tart is. It literally melts in your mouth! Prefer this over Baked personally and can’t wait for them to have an outlet in Singapore.

1-14-21 Jingumae, Chiyoda 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture

Shibuya, 東京都 〒150-0001

Harajuku Station, Meiji Jingu-mae Station

Luke’s Lobster Omotesando 

tokyo travelogue luke lobster

I first knew of Luke’s Lobster from a friend’s Instagram post and I tell myself I need to try it out when I’m in Tokyo.

I reached Luke’s Lobster around late afternoon 4.30pm and sadly they have sold out of their famous Lobster roll!! (>~<)/ But since we’re there, I’ve decided to try out their other options which is the Shrimp and Crab roll. I love how they have half and half option so we can try out two flavours in one roll! Though I must say that I wished I have gone straight for the Crab roll option because that is so good! The bread is warm and soft and oh so fragrant! I shared one roll with my mum as we both had quite a lot to eat already but I dare say I could finish one whole roll myself!

If you want to try out their signature Lobster roll, would definitely recommend you to visit earlier in the day! And I must say, I’m so loving the peaceful and vibrant vibe of Omotesando. Just sitting by Luke’s Lobster enjoying my roll and people watch. That is a lifestyle to look forward to. (^.^)/

6-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture

Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, 渋谷区Jingumae, 6−7−1


Will be posting more of my Tokyo Travelogue this month~ Backlog for 7 months liao. Haha.



A Day in my Life: SaturDate with Claire

Well, I do have a life and this is my blog after all. So from time to time I’ll blog after some of the more interesting days in my life. 😉

So two weeks ago, Claire asked me to join the Cleo Ambassador event with her, just for fun sake and I guess why not?

Here’s us after the makeover. We were asked to choose between two looks and we both choose the bold red lip look with double liner. I must say, the liners on us could be thinner to give a sleeker look. The makeup artists we both got were a little too heavy handed.

Clio goodies we got from the goodie bag. Tried everything before except for the Twistturn liner.

Lunch at Dolce Tokyo by MOF.

Milk coffee which is too sweet for both our liking.

Salmon Ikura pasta in cream base for me. The cream is not too thick, more to the watery side which is great as it’s not too heavy.

Mushroom Indulgence all day breakfast for Claire. She commented that the mash is too buttery and it’s a bit jelat with the milk and cheese in the scrambled eggs.

Snapped a pic of Claire when she’s busy instagramming the food pics.
This is actually our first ‘date’ outside blog events after knowing each other for like 3 years plus?! We need to go out more before you become a married woman which is like soon! Hehe.

Did a little haul from Sephora. Can’t resist the pretty periwinkle liner from Stila. And we both bought the remover after using it to tone down our eye liners from the makeover. We found it pretty awesome as it can remove well with just a light touch without rubbing.

Had a good time catching up with Claire with our girly chat during lunch. Let’s go Sephora again when Vice 3 is launched. 😉



Taipei Travelogue 1.1 (台北自由行1.1 桃园机场,星辰大饭店,西门盯)

Finally, I managed to sort out and edit my photos taken during my Taipei trip in May. So here I’m jotting down my travelogue! Will be blogging in both English and Chinese for this Travelogue! Instead of blogging by days, I’ll separate it into parts as this is really a very laid back trip with impromptu itinerary.


Photo with the Mum before entering the departure hall! We are taking Scoot to Taipei, I managed to grab tickets at $180++ each with return check in luggage.


Reached Taoyuan Airport at about 6 am. However, the counter that sells data sim cards only operates from 8 am. I bought the 5 days data plan at NTD 300.


As we had some time to kill while waiting for the counter to open, we bought some drinks at snacks from the convenience store! I miss that milk tea!

charging ports

Charging ports are available at the airport! This is a huge life saver!

bus tickets

After getting the data card, we proceeded to buy tickets for the bus ride to Taipei City. Tickets are at NTD 125 each and intervals of the bus is about 15 minutes for the bus company I bought from.


The bus is pretty spacious and comfortable, I even took a short nap. The ride itself is about 45 minutes to an hour and drops at Taipei Main Station.


The metro at Taipei is pretty easy to understand though it might get confusing with the many lines. And also the fact that alternate trains ends at different places. So be sure to look at the signs before boarding! The tickets are in forms of plastic coins like in Bangkok! Those are the single trip tickets. You can buy the Easy card similar to our Ez-link. The Mum and me decided to just stick to buying single trip tickets as we are not going to that many places. The 5 days card at NTD 700 each might be more expensive that paying per trip.

citizen hotel

Reached our hotel at about 9 am plus and the kind hotel manager allowed us to have breakfast while waiting for check in at 12 pm. We grabbed a bit and went to roam around the streets nearby. Citizen Hotel is located near Dungmen Station! The room is a little dated but very comfortable and cosy and the toilet comes with a bathtub!

No.80, Sec. 1, Jinshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

電話:(02)2397-1377 傳真:(02)2394-8726


We decided to head to XiMenDing after resting awhile at the hotel. Takes us about roughly 15-20 minutes from our hotel to XMD! Here’s a shot of the Mum posing at the entrance of XMD station. It is super crowded there!


I’ve been to Taipei 9 years ago when I was 15 and stayed at XMD then. The streets remains the same like in my memory.

ximenstreets store

Spot the cute heart shaped cotton candy! And the many many street food stalls!


When at Ximending, this is a must try! The famed Ah Zhong Mian Xian! The queue is pretty long but quick. Condiments like vinegar, garlic and chilli can be added at your own preference.


Unlike the oyster mee sua we have here in Singapore, the Ah Zhong version is the pig intestine mee sua. I find the taste pretty ok, nothing fantastic. The locals don’t really eat here though, we were told when asking for directions to the stall.

ah mao

Spotted Ah Mao! The famous dog at Ximending which is also the Mascot of the Risotto restaurant. I noted that there are two outlets and there’s another golden at the other outlet too! But I’m pretty sure this is Ah Mao cause he’s huge even though shaved. So cute!


The Mum and I spotted this stall at an alley and we decided to eat here. Simply because they have two of the food items that I’ve been craving for! The prices are super affordable too!

braised meat rice

Ordered a Braised Meat Rice to fufill our carbo quota. This is not bad.


Fried Smelly Tofu! I’ve missed this most from my trip 9 years back! I’m craving for it now while typing this. It’s crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. And it’s not smelly at all, very fragrant!


Spicy Duck Blood Tofu Soup! I love this! And it’s super fresh and Q! I ate this and the smell tofu almost everyday during my trip.

yakult galore

Okay, ending my part 1 here with a photo of the huge bottles of Vitagen/Yakult drinks! The ones in Taiwan seems to taste nicer compared to the ones we have in Singapore!



Domino’s Pizza Singapore Is Hiring!


I attended the Domino’s Behind the Scene Bloggers Meet held by The Influencer Network last week. We got a chance to take a look at how the kitchen works and even got down to making our own pizzas!


I’m liking this apron with the wordings “Blogger” with Passion for Pizzas. However, if you also do have passion for pizza, you might want to consider having a career in the pizza industry!


Domino’s is looking to hire people for their management, Delivery Experts and Pizza Chefs! Great careers with good bonuses, flexible working hours, medical benefits and great incentives is waiting for you at Domino’s Pizza Singapore!


We can’t forget about the pizzas at the event when you’re at a pizza joint. I always love how Domino’s have a variety of crust choices. They now have a cheese crust which is not too overwhelming and taste just nice!


Sidetrack a little, but my favorite from Domino’s is their chocolate lava cake! Definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried in Singapore so far!


Hygiene is an important factor in the F&B sector! The staff made sure we have our aprons and hair nets on before heading into the kitchen where we witness for ourselves how fast the pizza chefs can make one pizza to keep their promise of delivering within 30 minutes!

personal pan pizza

Sadly, no cameras were allowed in the kitchen but here’s one with the pizza that I made myself from scratch except for the dough! Nice right? It’s a pepperoni, mushroom and cheese pizza with olives and red bell peppers as toppings.


A group photo with fellow bloggers and the friendly staff from Domino’s!

Dominos career

Interested in a career with Domino’s? Log on to their website or call the number above as shown in the picture to find out more!

Follow Domino’s FB page for more information and promotions!



Kakis Bistro Bar : Where Good Friends Hang Out

Last Saturday, I’ve travelled all the way to the far east of the island for a relaunch of Kakis Bistro and Bar located next to Changi Village. The exact address is 289 Farnborough Road. You have to turn into the small road after the Indian temple.


I was greeted with an abundance of greenery when I entered Kakis. I am a nature lover and the lush of greenery made me feels at ease and very peaceful. The designer of the place is the same as the one who designed T2 and T3 of Changi Airport!


For Social Media Addicts like me, you have to take note that Kakis do not provide any WIFI as they are encouraging us to put down our phones and talk to each other. I find this notice really cute. 🙂


Live Band is on every Friday and Saturday night from 7.30 pm. We have The Passerby on for the relaunch and I must say that they are pretty good! I love the voice of the female vocalist. The Passerby plays during Friday nights!


On to the food! Kakis served tapas and mains using some ingredients that are homegrown! There’s a farm next door and that’s where some of the ingredients are harvested. First dish of the day is Prawn Alioli with Homegrown Lemongrass & Coriander. The prawns are fresh and succulent. Very appetizing dish.


Stir Fry Button Mushroom with Homegrown Kaffir Leaf, Shallots and White Wine. This dish brings out the original taste of the ingredients. Very organic and fresh and I think will be great with rice. It is tasty but not something that I will order at a Bistro Bar.


Chicken Quesadilla with Homemade Salsa. I like this dish as I find that the salsa is very refreshing and the quesadilla is not too dry.


Fries Addiction with In- House Special Seasoning. This is curry fries which is actually pretty addictive. The fries are thin and crispy, not soggy at all.


My favourite dish of the night! The Aglio Olio with a fusion taste of homegrown kaffir leaf. Big juicy fresh prawns with the pasta done just nice and it is not too oily. The taste of the Kaffir Leaf gives it an Asian twist and the whole dish is very flavourful. Thumbs Up!!


Fish & Chips is ok. The fish is fresh but I find that it is a little dry. The chips are the same fries without the seasoning.


Red Velvet Cake with coconut flakes. The cake is decent, but not one of the better ones I’ve tried.


There’s a make our own Mojito session and the mint leaves used are homegrown. Making a Mojito is pretty easy. All you need are mint leave, lime, brown sugar, soda and rum!


I will say if you are living in the East, this is a place to check out when you are looking for somewhere new to chill out! For those not living in the East, this place will be more accessible if you’re driving. If the weather is good, you get to enjoy the sunset too! Find out more information from Kakis FB page! www.facebook.com/kakisbistro

20140525-232833-84513969.jpg XOXO,