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7 Tips to Prep for Your First Trip to Korea

Can you believe I have not stepped onto the land of Kimchi yet?

Planning a First Trip to Korea?

first trip to korea

Yes, I’m currently planning my very first trip to Korea! It was an impromptu decision for this trip as I wanted to go somewhere during my birthday week cause got birthday leave and PH. 😛

Korea appeals to me with its K-POP culture, K-Beauty and the street food! But one big hurdle that prevents me to plan a trip there till now was the language barrier. I mean, those phrases I learnt from watching K-dramas and variety shows like running man do not count.

So as someone who is thinking to visit Korea for the very first time, I put together some tips that I personally find useful!

Tips to your First Trip to Korea

  • Book your flight and accommodation together.

After travelling pretty regularly for a few years. (Eg. Twice a year) I find that you really do get to save quite a bit of money if you booked through sites like Expedia. To think about it, they are basically travel agencies in Digital form. Plus you get to compare all the flight prices available at one glance. And I like how I can search through the hotels in a particular area that I want.

I don’t really know Korea well but I know that Myeongdong is the place to stay for all sorts of convenience.

  • Buy Travel insurance (Especially so since I’m flying MAS)

People often neglect this but I feel that this is really important especially so when you’re flying to a Foreign land with language barriers that is more than a 4 hours flight away. Plus travel insurance is not that expensive I feel. It’s super easy to just buy online nowadays but I find that buying from an agent is better cause if touch wood anything happen, you have someone to consult and help you with all the processes.

  • Book your WiFi in advance

Once you have confirmed your travel dates and booked your flight and accommodation. It’s very important to book your WiFi in advance and locally. In advance, so you don’t have to panic and I find it a good habit to just book it right after your flight tickets are booked. Locally, so you will have WiFi the moment you landed in your holiday destination!

Also, you save a lot of time to look for local sim card or WiFi rental upon reaching. You can just march straight to your accommodation from the airport without fussing over all these.

Personally I’ve tried several local WiFi providers and I love the service by Roaming Man SG. Firstly, they courier the device to you 2-4 days before your travelling date. I prefer this as I can pack in the device with everything else and not having to queue at the airport to collect the device. Returning the device is as simple as calling the hotline to arrange the return when you are back from the trip at your own convenience.

What’s best? Roaming Man SG is currently having a $3/Day promotion on the rental of WiFi device to North East Asia which includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and of course, Korea! $3 a day is definitely one of the lowest WiFi rental I’ve seen around! Book your WiFi here now before the end of April! There’s no restriction on the travel dates as long as you booked within the promo period!

Also, apply promo code “RMY05” to enjoy a further $5 off your total bill!

  • Check the weather (You don’t want to over-pack, save room for your shopping!

Depending on the period you’re going, you might need to pack that extra jacket and heat packs. But if the weather is turning from cold to cool like air-con kind of weather, you won’t want to bring that thick jacket that takes up half your luggage space. After-all, Seoul is sort of a shopping paradise no?

  • Research hanbok rental ( Save time by doing your research beforehand so you don’t need to go shopping around for a rental place)

Photo Credits to Google

To me, it’s a must to try on the traditional costume of the country I’m visiting if possible. Especially when I know that I won’t visiting the country anytime soon after this trip. Rather then searching for a Hanbok rental that can take you in, best to research and make your booking in advance so you can save time and spend it picking that perfect Hanbok and photo-taking instead.

  • Plan your shopping (Prep shopping list!)

With the array of Korea Beauty Brands, you don’t want to particularly spend too much time at just 1 store. Do up a shopping list of the products you want to get from each brand. It saves you a lot of time if you go into a stores with a list than blindly looking and swatching etc. Well, that’s fine if you have catered all your time on shopping.

  • Bring extra cash just in case ( I read from a friend that some shops gives discount if you pay by cash)

Always bring extra cash with you. Even if it’s Singapore dollars, you can easily change in Seoul itself. The last I heard, is that the rates there, especially in Myeongdong is more attractive then the rates in Singapore.

That’s all on the tips I’ve for planning a first trip to Korea! I’m excited for my trip and hope it will be a good first trip!

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3 Grooming Tips Before Travelling

Simple Grooming Tips to look good effortlessly while travelling!

grooming tips selfie-bg

We all want to look our best in our travel photos, take the best OOTDs, and look good in our selfies with well-known landmarks in the background. But time is essential while we travel! We definitely can’t afford to spend 2 hours to make ourselves look good and waste good time that can be used to visit another tourist spot! Here are 3 simple grooming tips that can save you loads of time and still look good during your travels!

But time is essential while we travel! We definitely can’t afford to spend 2 hours to make ourselves look good and waste good time that can be used to visit another tourist spot! Here are 3 simple grooming tips that can save you loads of time and still look good during your travels!

Grooming Tips 1: Refresh Your Hair Colour and get a Treatment done!

This is very straightforward. If you dye your hair regularly, you definitely not want to be showing those ugly hair roots! So do get your roots touched up or take the chance to get a brighter colour so you will stand out in your travel photos! Getting a hair treatment is a must because our hair usually will be in tip-top condition for at least 2 to 3 weeks depending on the kind of treatment you do. I strongly recommend the Mucota ABC Hair treatment available at Headlines By Artistry as my hair always look so good and is super easy to manage after doing the treatment. Regular treatment once every 1-2 months will means that your hair will always be in pristine condition! And when your hair is easy to manage, getting it to look good is just a matter of minutes.


Getting a hair treatment is a must because our hair usually will be in tip-top condition for at least 2 to 3 weeks depending on the kind of treatment you do.I strongly recommend the Mucota ABC Hair treatment available at Headlines By Artistry as my hair always look so good and is super easy to manage after doing the treatment. Regular treatment once every 1-2 months will means that your hair will always be in pristine condition! And when your hair is easy to manage, getting it to look good is just a matter of minutes.


Not forgetting quoting my name will get you 10-30% off depending on the hair services you want to do at Headlines By Artistry! Did I also mention that they are having a $58 Haircut plus treatment promotion right now?

Make an appointment today! Remember to quote my name and look for my trusty Hair Stylist, Elein!

Headlines Hairdressing By Artistry International Plaza

Address : 10 Anson road #03-32 International plaza Tanjong Pagar. (Right above the MRT) 

Tel: 62233133

Mon-Fri: 10.30-8.30pm 

Sat : 10.30-7pm 

Sun: Close


Grooming Tips 2: Get Your Nails Done!


Getting your nails done adds a pop of style to your fingers so that you can put less emphasis on other areas. LOL. My set of Sailormoon uniform nails hand drawn by my trusty Manicurist Aini had gotten me loads of attention when I’m in Japan! People just get all excited when they recognised the iconic uniforms! Nobody cares about what I wear! LOL!


Plus, painted fingernails always looked better than plain nails. And it’s really affordable to get a set of nicely painted gel nails by Aini!

You can look through Aini’s nail art designs either on Carousell at on FB at
Best to book an appointment with her via either Carousell or FB!
One Love Nails

Orchard Plaza, #05-54 (Nearest MRT: Somerset MRT, just opposite Orchard Central)

Grooming Tips 3: Get Eyelash Extensions! Pop of Colour Optional!

This was probably the best thing ever that I did before my trip. And a disclaimer, I paid for my extensions myself!


Eye makeup usually takes as much time as I can do the rest of my face or even longer and I simply can’t afford that amount of time just to draw my eyes while travelling! After raved reviews from a friend who frequents KJ Studio for her extensions, I decided to get my extensions done there before my trip. I’ve also decided to add in purple coloured lashes as I felt that the extra pop of colour adds dimensions. Which also means I can really skip eye makeup altogether as the extensions creates a

I’ve also decided to add in purple coloured lashes as I felt that the extra pop of colour adds dimensions. Which also means I can really skip eye makeup altogether as the extensions creates a liner illusion and have that pop of colour!


I opted for the unlimited lash option as my eyes are pretty big and I wanted it to be a little more dramatic so as to omit the need for eye make. Paid a total of $150 for unlimited lash plus colour after a first visit referral discount as I quoted my friend’s name. If you are interested, you can quote my member #1929 to get 10% off your first visit too! Hehe.

And I must say the extensions are pretty long lasting! They still looked pretty good after a month! I still have about half the lashes left and it’s almost 6 weeks since I did it!

Bonus Tip: Mask Every Night While On Your Trip!

Trust me! Masking nightly will ensure you having nice supple skin the next day! So bring enough sheet masks for the number of nights you’re staying! Daiso have these one week supply mask packs that are pretty good! $2 for 7 pieces of masks in one pack. Or you can bring along different flavours of sheet masks if you prefer using something different every night.

And I hope this post is helpful to you all! Of course, these tips can be applied even if you’re not travelling! 😛

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5 Tips On Travelling With Elderly

Travelling Tips To Take Note When Travelling With Elderly

travelling with elderly

For most of my trips, I’ve been travelling with The Mum and it’s ok when it’s just her and me. We kind of give in to each other and make sure to enjoy the trip.


But on a couple of occasion, The Mum has her friends to join us on our trips.

So I think it will be quite apt for me to share some tips to take note of when travelling with Elderly. (60 and above)

Minimal Physically Strenuous Activities

As it suggests, the elderly does not have the same stamina as younger people. When planning your itinerary, it’s essential to avoid places where you have to walk too much, or even climb too much stairs. Either that, cater enough time to match their pace so that they won’t be complaining too much.

Frequent Rest Stops

It’s important to have rest stops in between locations. Plan some interesting cafes into your itinerary so that they can have a rest and you can also check out the cafes. Avoid animal’s cafes as the elderly might not find the animals as fascinating or cute as compared to us. Plus some might need caffeine if not they will turn groggy.

Regular Meals

Ensure that you plan your mealtime properly and on time as the elders get hungry easily at specific timings. Also to make sure that the food will be to their liking.

Short Attention Span/Limited Patience

To be honest, I thought most elderly people like sightseeing but I was wrong. And then I thought that shopping would suit them instead and I was wrong again. Have a mixture of activities in your itinerary so they won’t get bored easily.

Provide An Alternative Or Just No Theme parks

Coming from personal experience, theme parks is just a NO when you are travelling with elderly. If you really die die must go, either be prepared to be nagged at and see black faces or be sure to find an alternative nearby where they can spend time at. This proves difficult at countries where there is a language barrier so do be sure to plan properly. Sometimes, even you ensured to ask for opinions before the trip, the reaction during the trip can be different. Don’t say I never warn you!

Bonus Tip: Have A Stand

To avoid such troubles and headaches and any unhappiness. For an example, not being appreciated after planning everything alone and doubling up as a translator and guide. (I mean you want to be enjoying the trip too.) Have a stand and don’t allow your parents to bring their friends along the trip. For sure they can travel together, help them look for tours that are reputable and buy travel insurance. Just keep yourself out of the picture.

And if you are an older person reading this, I hope you won’t be offended and maybe have a change in perspective. Try to appreciate the younger generation more when they try to accommodate and spend time with you. Be more appreciative and less critical.

Compromise is the word to remember.

Till the next post, 



6 Tips on Travel Planning

Travel Planning can be quite fun yet stressful sometimes.

With two upcoming trip that I’m planning for, I decided to write and share some tips on Travel Planning based on my own experience.

I’ve previously planned my Gold Coast and Taipei trips as I travelled with my mum. The planning job naturally lands on me as I can’t expect my mum to do the planning.


I have also been to trips when no plans were made and it’s more like an impromptu trip. Decisions were made on the spot and as long as all agree, we go ahead.

I actually do like such spontaneous trips as it’s not so rigid that we have to follow a specific itinerary and timeline. It’s more relaxing and we have more freedom. However, an itinerary is still needed depending on the destination and nature of the trip.

Currently I’m planning for a Hong Kong trip that’s happening soon and an Osaka trip in late September. I would say Hong Kong have more space for spontaneity whereas Osaka needs proper planning. Why do I say so? The main difference  between these two destinations is the time needed to get from one place to another.

Hong Kong is pretty similar to Singapore with a pretty simple MTR system. Traveling from let’s say Tsim Sha Tsui to Mong Kok probably is similar to the time taken to travel from Bugis to Orchard. It doesn’t matter if we change our minds halfway as traveling around Hong Kong is simple and not time consuming.


Whereas in Japan, the subway system is pretty complicated. With different lines operating by different companies, till now  I still can’t make my mind on which subway pass is more economical. Which is why, I needed to plan out the places I will definitely be visiting and see which pass is more suitable for my itinerary. I definitely can’t say I want to go to Kyoto and change my mind half way and wants to go to Kobe for the next half of the day when traveling is pretty time consuming.



So here are the 6 tips that you can take into consideration when you’re the one in charge of the travel planning!

Understanding your Destination

Before you go about planning, it is important to understand the county that you’re visiting. How is the train system like there? Is it time consuming to travel from one place to another? All these factors determine if you have space for spontaneity.

Also, how’s the culture like over there? It’s always good to be able to blend into the culture so as to have a smoother trip. Is there any language barrier? You might need to look up on some simple phrases and note them down.


Accommodation is a pretty important part of the trip. Although one might feel that it’s not too important as you only sleep in it. Location of the hotel/hostel/air bnb is pretty essential. You wouldn’t want to stay somewhere which requires long traveling time to the nearest train station. A good location would be somewhere where it takes only maximum 15 to 20 minutes of walking time to the nearest train station. Of course, the nearer the better.


Unless you’re super rich, you do have to take budgeting for a trip seriously. It’s good to research on how much an average meal cost, the prices of the things you are going to buy there, tickets to attractions,transportation fees etc. From here, you will be able to calculate roughly how much you need and how much buffer you can add in to come out with a reasonable budget which allows you to still enjoy the trip even if you’re on a tight budget.

Who You Are Traveling With 

This is the most important factor if you are the only one planning. You definitely have to take into consideration of the preference of your travel buddy or buddies. Always ask for opinions and try to accommodate all as much as possible. If it’s just the two of you, always put their preference first. This is to minimize any form of unhappiness. If you’re traveling with family, especially the elderly, factor in the fact that they are not physically as well as you are. Try to minimize walking even if that means spending a bit more on transport. (Not part of the planning process, but always be patient with the elderly when traveling. It will make your life much easier.)

Always Have Your Flight Details in Consideration

I would say this is the most important part of travel planning. Always plan your route from the airport to accommodation on arrival day and vice versa on departure days. These should be the first two things to be planned as compared to the rest of the days. You do not want to get lost or miss any flights. If you have a midnight flight to catch, be sure to take note of the train timings so that you won’t miss the last train or bus to the airport. Always better to reach the airport slightly earlier than squeezing in last minute shopping elsewhere. I’m sure there are things to do at the airport too!

Travel planning  - airport to bnb

A sample route that I did up for my Osaka Trip. This is getting from the Kansai Airport to the station where my Air Bnb is located.

Planning Routes in Advance

Once you have a rough itinerary, it’s always good to plan the route ahead. Especially important if you’re traveling to places like Europe or Japan. Know which station to go and where you should change trains. Write down the route in a travel planner. It will save you a lot of time if you plan ahead. Imagine trying to ask for directions in a country where you don’t speak the language. It’s better and easier if you have a planned route to show to people to confirm that you’re going in the right direction.

Travel Planning - attraction route

Another sample route showing the Station where my Air Bnb is and getting from there to Universal City where USJ is.

That’s basically all I have to share! I hope you like this post and it really helps you in your travel planning!

And as I mentioned, I will be going to Hong Kong in July with Claire and Osaka in late September with my Mum and her friends. Do let me know if you have any recommendations for food, attractions or shopping! Would definitely appreciate that!



GoldCoast Travelogue: Moorings On Cavill

Finally, I’ve sorted out the photos for my GC trip and the very first post shall be on my accommodation! I love it very much and would probably just go back there when I visit the GoldCoast again.

moorings overview

Moorings On Cavill is approximately 30 minutes away from the GC Airport. Take bus 702 from the GC Airport and alight at the Surfers Paradise bus stop. The bus stop is somewhere between Moorings and Vibe hotel as seen in the above photo.

TIP: Get a Go Card at the Gold Coast Shuttle Counter at the airport. 10 AUD deposit is required. This card is similar to our EZ-link card. I topped up 20 AUD for my 3 days trip and there’s still remaining balance which is refundable along with the 10 AUD deposit. Bus rides are relatively cheaper using the card as compared to paying cash.

moorings addy

Checking in took less then 20 minutes and our apartment was ready when we arrived there at about 10.30 am or so. Usual check in time was 2 pm. I did inform them the rough timing of my arrival though. 🙂


We were given two keys to the apartment. These keys comes with a security censor that allows access into the main building and the lift. So you can be assured that security is tight here and only guests and residents are able to access the place.

moorings collage collage 2

Above photos are a rough collage of the two bedroom apartment with river view that I’ve booked for a three nights stay.The Master bedroom with a queen bed comes with an en-suite bathroom with bathtub! The guest room have two single beds. There’s a common toilet and a fully equipped open concept kitchen. There’s a cosy dinning area and living room area with sofas and TV. There most awesome would be the wrapped around balcony which give you a full view of the Nerang River. Sitting by the balcony and just admiring the view was one of my favorite things to do. They also have a laundry room which we did not utilized since it’s a short stay.


The Master bedroom’s mine and I loved it! It has a super nice view that I wake up to everyday while I was there and the bed is soft and comfy. Plus there’s a bathtub in the bathroom!! Happy me!


Another awesome thing about the master bedroom is that the doors of the wardrobe are all made of mirror. Say hi to nice OOTD shots! By the way, that’s my OOTD for my first day in GC! 😛


The rooms are wide and spacious and so is the rest of the apartment. We only had three person but this two bedroom apartment can definitely house more people.


Lighting was awesome so I had to camwhore a little. 😛


They have a nice outdoor area with a heated swimming pool, a sauna, jacuzzi, BBQ area etc. I would have taken a swim at the pool if it wasn’t winter. >~<


Nice area to just chill out having a BBQ or just a drink while admiring the view of the Nerang River.


This is a nice shot of the stone path that leads to the pool area from the lobby.


Inserts another photo of self as the lighting is awesome. ( This was taken on Day 2 anyways.)


The pool is very well maintained and is also covered up at night to prevent anyone from falling in and also leaves to fall in I think. Very clean! And did I mentioned that it’s a salted pool?


Another shot taken at my apartment balcony. I get a really nice view of the Nerang river and I’m really happy. There’s so much to see and it’s feel nice and serene at night.


Sunset from my balcony! Angle 1!


Angle 2!


Angle 3! I really really missed seeing this view! Can never get bored of it!


Moorings On Cavill is also only 5 minutes walk from the Surfers Paradise and the beach. About 10-15 minutes walk to the Q1 tower. There’s Coles and Woolworths within walking distances too. And you know how shopping malls in Australia closes at about 4pm right? The shops in Surfers opened till 8 -9 pm so it’s super convenient. Buses to theme parks is just at the main surfers bus stop.

Need to get tour tickets? You can just book directly from the front desk but do take note that the front desk is only opened till 5 pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends. There’s also one tour counter right outside Moorings and quite a number around Surfers. So you can just take your pick!

I would also like to thank Margaret and Erin for being so helpful and making us feel at home! They are really friendly people!! They replied to all my questions months before my trip and even before I made my booking. Which is why I was super looking forward to my trip then.

For those who are interested, I paid 555 AUD for the 3 nights stay. They also required a 200 AUD deposit upon book in. So I paid the remaining 355 AUD at check in. Another thing to note is that I’ve to check out early at about 6 am and checking out is pretty fuss free by just dropping the keys at the front desk. You just have to ensure that you throw your rubbish and done your dishes before you leave.

Margaret and Erin also helped booked a limousine transfer for us to get to the airport and the driver who’s actually staying at the Moorings even made a call to our apartment to inform us that he’s ready whenever we are ready to make a move. Which I think is really good. He was a very jovial person and even pointed out different places for us to take a look on the trip back to the airport.

I highly recommend Moorings On Cavill if you’re heading to the GC! They are ranked no 1 on Trip Advisor and they are really worthy of that title.