Another year older

Last year I welcomed the beginning of my 30s in the midst of the Circuit Breaker and with the news of my mum’s cancer spreading.

This year ain’t that bad. I decided that I will spend some time away from family as I kinda wanted some time to myself. Away from the noise and usual routine. It’s not like my family celebrate birthdays anyways.

Coming to this world, no one taught you how to live a life. You learn how to talk and how to walk, then off to the school to learn knowledge, and then you get thrown into adulting and you have to learn how to “walk” again in the society and how to survive. There will be people telling you how you should live your life but we all know that some of us are rebellious at heart and will not follow the route well tread.

Insert a recent new fav photo of myself to break up the chunk of words I’m gonna be typing in this post.

To be very honest, I think in terms of looks, I aged pretty well. And I’m gonna keep up that good work. If keeping that youthful look means I’ll not be skinny, then so be it. I will aim to be 65kg instead of my ideal weight at 58kg. Lol. I really do not understand why my weight is the other number increasing along with the age. That has got to change! And I’m proud to say I’m taking baby steps to fit in fitness into my lifestyle. Also because I love food too much to go into another diet. But I’ll probably try IF again and cut my portions.

Is there any change? From 20s to 30s?

I guess the most welcoming change I had was to be able to change my IC. Like finally, I can update my IC photo to a better looking one! Now I’m not afraid of anyone sneaking a peek at my IC photo because it’s chio de. Other than that, there isn’t really much of a difference. Maybe just some physical changes like you feel tired easily etc. You know all the old age issues. Which is also why I decided to start on supplements. Health is wealth. So I better start taking care of it right now. If not I think it will be too late to start during my 40s. And I would say I have had enough of neglecting my body in my 20s. Time for a change!

Me and my new found fav activity

I fell in love with the beach the past year. I mean I’ve always love the beach. I’m a water person! but chilling at the beach club and just do your own thing while sipping on a cocktail. Sign me up! It’s liberating. It’s also a good break from the concrete wall that we are surrounded by due to a lack of nature in Singapore. I probably would be to restless to enjoy an activity like this few years back but I love it now.

Life is short. But health is also very important. We laugh, we cry. And that’s another year gone. We meet new people and some of our paths interlaced and went back on our own individual ways. I’m closing this chapter of my year of 30 with a lot of things that I’ve learned of myself. I embarked on a new spiritual journey. I got closer to family. I finally cut off contact with some toxic connections. I’ve learnt who’s good for me and who’s not. I also learnt that I deserve better. And that I’m capable of many things that even I do not know.

And now, we begin this new chapter 31.

Happy Birthday, Joyce.

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