Visiting Bangkok

Looking back at the list of countries I’ve traveled to, I realized Bangkok is a place that I’ve frequent the most.

There’s just something about the Land Of Smiles that makes one wants to visit it over and over again. And its seems like I’ve made it a point to make a trip there at least once a year. And it’s really a no brainer trip when flights and accomadation to Bangkok is so affordable! When there’s Cheap Flight Tickets, there isnt really much to think about except planning your leaves for the trip. Thats how I plan my travels anyways. 😛

Things to do in Bangkok

Eating authentic local thai food, cheap and affordable massages, visits to temples for good luck, shopping in Platinum mall, the list goes on! There are tons to do in Bangkok regardless how many times you visit the place!

On my most recent trip, my travel mates and I have decided to go on a Cafe and Night Market hop in our short 3D2N trip! Ambitious but anything for the gram! 😛

Unicorn, Mermaids and Huskies!

Some of the cafes we managed to visit on our trip are the Unicorn Cafe, Mermaid Cafe and TrueLove @ Neverland where we are surrounded by a hoard of Huskies! We also visited B-Story cafe which all of us decided serves the best food while being whisical and instagrammable.

Do note that both the unicorn and mermaid cafe do serve some very instagrammable sweets and drinks but I would also say they are highly diabetic as it’s really very sweet! So don’t over order!

Having a hot latte with pastel coloured whipped cream at the Unicorn Cafe!

Highly instagrammable but overly sweetened cupcake and drink at the mermaid cafe! (Just being real here ;D)

Surrounded by huge Huskies at Truelove @ Neverland!

Good food at B-Story Cafe! Love the food there and I highly recommend the Tom Yum Pasta! It’s really a nice fusion between Thai and Western! And did you spot that cute bear latte art? That’s a specialty at B-Story!

Absolutely love the interior of B – Story Cafe! Every corner of the cafe is so pretty and every spot is a photo spot!

Of Abandoned Airplane and hipster food.

The night market scene in Bangkok is very vibrant these days. Once can never miss a trip to a night market while visiting Bangkok these days. And we make sure to visit some night markets that are not your usual tourist spots.

Chang Chui night market is one of those hidden gems that is pretty far from the city center but worth every minute of your time travelling over to catch the sunset with the huge aircraft in the background.

Chill by the plane with some beers or grab some local thai food from the stalls and enjoy the ambience. It’s a quaint artsy night market that I highly recommend to visit!

If ArtBox is happening during your travelling dates, add it to your list! What’s better than visiting Artbox in it’s original country? Try out the various hipster food at a fraction of the price as compared to visiting Artbox in Sg. 😛

I also recommend visiting Talad Neon, it’s a pretty decent night market right in the Platinum area!

Flying to Bangkok?

One way to fly to Bangkok with affordable tickets is budget airlines! One of my preferred budget airlines is AirAsia!

Check out AirAsia Booking Online for the best priced tickets for your prefered travel dates!

AirAsia flies to Don Mueang Airport which I prefer over the new airport as it’s smaller and less busy. Plus the real shopping happens in the heart of Bangkok so duty free shopping don’t really matters to me in this case.

Hope this post is helpful for your next Bangkok trip!



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