Mini Bangkok Adventure 2014

This is not my first time to Bangkok but I’m actually nervous when I set out to the airport. Simply because I’ll be flying solo for the very first time in my life.

bkksolo1Anxious feelings while waiting to board the plane and when I’m taking the airport railway to Bangkok central.


It cost 40 baht to get to the city by taking the train! And this token can be scanned! Like a cool only! (It was taxi all the way for me during my previous BKK trip. So this is new for me!)


The TukTuk driver who saved my life. I was wandering around Pratunum market area and even passed by Platinum Mall while looking for the hotel. All I had was the address in English and despite me asking several people including the police, I can’t find the hotel at all! I was walking for about half an hour when it’s supposed to be a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the train station. (I didn’t have data so I can’t Google it.) ┬áSo in the end, I gave up and stopped this TukTuk who happened to drive past me. He even called the hotel to check the location before picking me up to send me to the hotel. Luckily I wrote down the hotel contact.

I reached the hotel and checked myself in. Angie left a note at the counter saying they are all at Platinum Mall. Imagine the fact that I passed by there earlier! We are staying at the 93 hotel which is in a way convenient but it’s in one small alley so quite hard to find. I put my bags down in the room and rest a bit before making my way to Platinum Mall. This time I didn’t lost my way. And this is the end to my solo adventure as I met up with the Cousins* soon after. Actually, I met with Andy and Jiaqi first and proceeded right into shopping. We soon spilt up and I was left alone again. LOL.

Don blogged about Day 2 which is the day I joined them in Bkk. Read it here!


After Platinum Mall and lunch at A&W, we are headed to Siam area. Can’t resist taking photos with the cute Harrods bear! Siam is pretty much the same as the previous time I was there in 2011, with the additions of many new cafes.


We decided to have sweet treats at Mr Jones Orphanage. The menu ranges from 50 baht to about 250 baht. Shared two cakes among 4 of us and had a drink each. Its a nice cafe but I must say that the seats are a tad too narrow. And we have to bend down most of the time while moving around due to the decorations.

After that, we braved through the night market along Siam Square for more shopping! And then we had an awesome TukTuk ride back to our hotel area for massage at this place called Number One! 200 Baht massage, I missed it!

Dinner was takeaways from the streets! Street food at Bangkok was awesome! I was harping on the fact that I haven get to eat any thai food yet. First meal when I reached was A&W, then Mr Jones. So I am super happy to have street food dinner! I chanced upon this auntie selling Tom Yum and it was the best I had in my life!!


Fast forward to the next day morning. Can’t help but to take a selfie while waiting for the rest to prepare. If you realized, I didn’t have any room photos. I was too tired to take one when I reached and then it gets too messy for me to want to take any photos. Hahaha.


Street Food for breakfast! Yummy porridge and this seafood sukiyaki thing I ordered. Thai Milk Tea in Bangkok is just super nice and not too sweet. I don’t understand why the ones we have in Singapore is so sweet?


Inserts a random photo of Andy, Meldric and VVeijie who happens to have the same singlet. Only Andy was wearing the singlet at first then the two others was saying they have the same top. So end up they changed and we have our triplets! LOL.


Then we walked to take the train to Mo Chit station where Chatuchuk or JJ Market is! We spilt into groups and set a meet up time and off we went. I shopped with Angie, RX and Amanda. Didn’t buy much there but I bought loads of drinks and ate two servings of Coconut Ice Cream! We even ventured to the animal market side where we witnessed all sorts of exotic animals being sold. There are cute bunnies for 200 baht, but sadly I cannot buy back.


Inserts selfie with the Hello Kitty train. RX, Angie and me went crazy when we alight and realized that we were on a Hello Kitty train. LOL.


Ending this post with a shot of the awesome Coconut Ice Cream!

I did not take much photos on the last day as we were having last minute shopping and rushing to the airport.

But I must say, I had fun with the Cousins* for this trip! It’s also in a way a semi solo trip for me since I’m on a separate flight. Many more trips to come!!

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